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National Television Awards 2008

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Red carpet action from the NTA's 2008 http://thesun.co.uk/video.


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Barbara barbara windsor Windsor Peggy peggy eastenders eastender Eastenders Atkinson wood forest web zoo bush maze tangle morass boscage order backcountry backwoods bramble briar brush chaparral creeper hedge hinterland jungle outback plant scrub scrubland shrubbery the wild thicket vine wilderness aggregation assemblage assembly association band body circle clan clique club collection community concourse congregation convention corps cortege coterie crew ensemble gang gathering group horde league mob muster outfit pack party retinue ring ruck set team throng troop troupe turnout antagonism athletic event bout candidacy championship clash concours contention controversy counteraction do or die dog eat dog emulation encounter engagement event fight game go for it go for the gold horse race match matchup meeting one on one one-upping opposition pairing off puzzle quiz race racing rat race rivalry run sport strife striving struggle tilt tournament trial tug-of-war warfare affair burden care charge company corporation deportment entanglement enterprise establishment field firm house interest involvement job matter megacorp mission multinational occupation organization shooting match task thing transaction worry bunch business corporate body crowd hookup legal entity octopus partnership shell society syndicate ambiance aura backdrop background circumstances climate conditions context domain element encompassment entourage habitat hood locale medium milieu neck of the woods neighborhood purlieus scene scenery setting situation status stomping ground surroundings terrain territory turf competition concern environment Jungle Jungles jungles hollyoaks Hollyoaks
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