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Negative Xp - Mkultra Support Group (doomerwave)

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adverse gloomy pessimistic unfavorable weak abrogating anti con contrary denying disavowing dissenting gainsaying invalidating jaundiced naysaying neutralizing nullifying opposing recusant refusing rejecting removed resisting against antagonistic balky colorless counteractive cynical detrimental dissentient nugatory privative repugnant resistive unaffirmative unenthusiastic uninterested unwilling confident favorable good positive denial disavowal nay refusal refutation approval allergic to conflicting disadvantageous down on down side have no use for inimical injurious inopportune negative opposed opposite ornery reluctant stuffy unfortunate unfriendly unlucky unpropitious advantageous assisting beneficial friendly helpful kind nice aiding auspicious fortunate lucky propitious averse hesitant immovable indisposed inflexible intractable loath negativistic obstinate perverse stubborn unbending unmanageable unpredictable unruly cooperative belie confute contradict contravene controvert deny disaffirm disagree explode gainsay negate oppose repudiate approve affirm agree aid allow assist concur consent endorse go along harmonize help prove attest belies belying compensate abrogate annul atone for balance better cancel out counteract counterbalance counterpoise countervail fix improve invalidate make amends neutralize nullify outweigh redress repair set off break damage destroy hurt injure permit support validate worsen deprive fine forfeit lose penalize backing abutment agency back base bed bedding block brace buttress collar column cornerstone device flotation foothold footing foundation fulcrum groundwork guide hold lining means medium pillar platform pole post prop rampart reinforcement rest rib rod shore stake stanchion stave stay stiffener stilt substratum substructure sustentation timber underpinning disapproval discouragement frustration opposition stop aid assistance encouragement loyalty protection relief assist blessing championship comfort friendship furtherance hand lift patronage succor sustenance moral support hindrance hurt injury ill will stoppage care payment responsibility subsidy alimentation alimony allowance keep livelihood living maintenance necessities nutriment provision stock stores subsistence upkeep victuals entertainment fun neglect bolster reinforce uphold bear bottom carry cradle crutch embed found ground mainstay poise shoulder stand strut sustain undergird be a foundation for keep from falling keep up shore up upbear undermine weaken drop fall let go refuse contradict disapprove let down oppose reject release encourage finance fund maintain raise set up sponsor strengthen subsidize angel bankroll chaperon cherish feed fortify foster guard nourish nurse stiffen stroke underwrite attend to be a source of strength bring up buoy up care for earn one's keep give a leg up keep an eye on look after make a living pay expenses of pay for pick up the check put up money for conclude depress discourage dissuade finish ignore take abandon starve approve boost endorse establish help justify promote side with abet advance champion cheer countenance forward second substantiate verify agree with bear out boost morale get behind go along with go to bat for plead for pull for put forward rally round stand behind stand up for stick by stick up for take one's side take the part of throw in one's lot with throw in with condemn decrease desert halt hinder injure invalidate obstruct prevent disprove impede abide continue tolerate brook handle stomach submit suffer swallow undergo bear with carry on go through live with put up with stand for stay the course stick it out sweat out wait out disallow discontinue disagree fight advocate condone egg on goad incite instigate prod provoke sanction spur support urge protest counter deter frustrate resist abetment endorsement obstruction arch end bridge end end piece jutting piece vault end accommodate afford arrange avail benefit bow convenience defer favor furnish gratify humor indulge oblige pamper please provide serve settle suit supply yield annoy conceal confuse deny disappoint displease distress disturb hide mix up thwart trouble upset withhold worry bar disarrange limit turn away turn out accommodates accords accustoms adapts adjusts agrees attunes bends over backwards complies composes conforms coordinates corresponds don't makes waves don't rocks the boat fits goes by the book goes with the flow harmonizes integrates makes consistent modifies plays the game proportions reconciles settles shapes up suits tailor-makes tailors tunes unsuits stops bars turns out turns away declines upsets disagrees opposes mismatches fights differs unfits prevents obstructs limits impedes hinders frustrates blocks rejects denies refuses disorders disarranges acknowledge accede accept acquiesce agree allow attest to certify defend defer to grant own ratify recognize subscribe to take an oath decline dispute renounce disavow veto abjure disregard forswear repudiate association band body class club company crowd faction gang organization party society troop accumulation aggregation assemblage assembly assortment batch battery bevy bunch bundle cartel category chain circle clique clot clump cluster clutch collection combination combine conglomerate congregation coterie covey crew formation gathering grade league lot mess pack parcel passel platoon pool posse set sort suite syndicate trust shooting match individual one whole arrange gather meet organize assemble associate bracket collect congregate consort corral harmonize huddle link poke punch systematize band together bunch up gang around gang up get-together hang out make the scene round up scare up disarrange disorder disorganize disperse divide scatter separate disagree disconnect jumble mix up spread categorize assort dispose file marshal order pigeonhole range rank put together all aggregate ensemble entirety everyone everything gross group integer jackpot lock stock and barrel mass quantity sum sum total total unit utmost whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show works none zero zilch zip align array classify clear the decks fix up form line up methodize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights regulate spruce spruce up tidy whip into shape destroy displace mismanage confuse derange disturb arranges adapts adjusts agrees to blueprints charts comes to terms compromises concerts constructs contrives decides designs determines devises directs drafts establishes frames gets acts together gets ready hammers out a deal harmonizes irons out lies out makes a connection makes ready manages maps out negotiates organizes prepares projects promotes provides pulls a wire pulls things together quarterbacks resolves schedules schemes sets stage settles shapes up tailors works out works out a deal not plans disturbs disagrees unfits upsets confuses neglects scatters mixes up disperses deranges disarranges ruins wavers hesitates disorganizes disorders destroys display exhibit parade show conceal cover hide arrays attires bedecks clothes decks decks out decorates dogs out drapes dudes up duds fits fits out garbs outfits suits up togs tries on turns out wraps unclothes uncovers disrobes convergence throng dispersal scattering
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