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Netherlands: Ukraine deems ICJ partial grant of provisional measures 'very positive'

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Head of the Ukrainian delegation Olena Zerkal said that the court's decision of partially impose provisional measures against Russia for discriminating and limiting Crimean Tartars is "very positive", in The Hague on Wednesday.SOT, Olena Zerkal, Head of the Ukrainian delegation (Ukrainian): "We consider the court’s decision to be very positive for us. Firstly, the court recognised the violations of Ukrainian citizens living in Crimea, by Russia, as well as racial discrimination in Crimea. Secondly, the court recognised that it had jurisdiction, that the court could hear the case on terrorism financing and race discrimination. Thus we have already gone through the whole phase and we are coming to the second stage now - the second stage of hearings on merits. We practically already know what our weaknesses are and where we should work harder concerning the collection of evidence and proving the intentions [behind the shooting down of MH17]. Today the court declared that they hadn’t found an element of intent in our materials and in our position. So we are going to focus on this while preparing the case on merits."SOT, Olena Zerkal, Head of the Ukrainian delegation (Ukrainian): "When we were preparing for the previous case, we assumed that we should prove the jurisdiction and provide the proofs of the violation of the conventions. The court decided that it was not enough for delivering a verdict. That’s why we will focus on proving the guilt now and proving the intentions behind the shooting down of MH17. And if you look at the comments, written by the judges, you will see that there are also some disagreements with the position of the majority of judges, for example in regard to the Boing."Video ID: 20170419-042Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tvContact: [email protected]: http://twitter.com/RuptlyFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly


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