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Newport Beach to Huntington Beach, California Bike Ride | Awesomely Fun!

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Newport cumpadre newport newports N-E-W-P-O-R-T coast shore waterfront bank lakeshore lakeside littoral margin oceanfront seaboard seafront seashore seaside shingle strand beach cay cliff edge embankment lakefront ledge levee reef riverfront riverside seabank streamside coastline seacoast shoreline desert abscond apostatize bail out betray bolt check out chuck cop out crawl out decamp depart duck escape flee fly forsake give up go AWOL go back on go over the hill go west jilt leave leave high and dry leave in the lurch leave stranded light maroon opt out play truant pull out quit relinquish renounce resign run out on sneak off split take a hike take off tergiversate throw over vacate violate oath walk support help maintain care stop keep hold face continue stay come come back assist aid wait remain deserting absconding apostatizing bailing out beaching betraying bolting checking out chucking copping out decamping departing ducking escaping fleeing flying forsaking giving up going going AWOL going back on going over the hill going west jilting leaving leaving high and dry leaving in the lurch leaving stranding lighting marooning opting out playing truant pulling out quitting relinquishing renouncing resigning running out on sneaking off splitting stranding taking a hike taking off tergiversating throwing over vacating violating oath walking supporting helping maintaining caring stopping keeping holding facing continuing staying coming coming back assisting aiding waiting remaining ground acquainted bottomed coached disciplined established familiarized fit fixed found indoctrinated informed initiated instructed introduced predicated prepared primed qualified rested settled stayed taught trained tutored let went freed left finished ended closed forgot neglected confused moved learned liberated ignored unsettled destroyed hid concealed grounded cumpadre Beach Huntington cumpadre Bear Flag State Cal El Dorado Gold Coast Gold Rush State Golden Bear State Golden Poppy State Golden State La La Land Sunkist State california cumpadre California pedal cycle bicycle bike tandem two-wheeler velocipede wheels drive actuate advance bear down burn rubber burn up the road coast cruise dash direct drag fire up floor it fly guide handle impel lean on it make sparks fly manage mobilize motor operate pour it on propel push ride roll run send speed spin start steer step on it step on the gas tailgate tool transport travel turn vehiculate wheel discourage check neglect mismanage keep hold stop halt stand stay retard repress dissuade curb remain walk drives acts upon actuates animates arouses bulldozes chases coerces compels constrains dogs egg on encourages forces goads gooses harasses hastens herds hounds hurls hurries hustles impels induces inspires instigates kicks lean on makes motivates nags obliges overburdens overworks pounds presses pressures prods prompts propels provokes pushes puts up to railroads rides herd on rouses rushes sends shepherds shoves spirits up spurs steamrolls stimulates works on worries checks let goes rests pulls pleases leaves alone depresses stops halts discourages retards represses curbs waits slows procrastinates dallies hinders delays calms impedes prevents dissuades cumpadre Bike drive excursion expedition jaunt outing tour transportation airing commute hitch joyride lift run spin turn whirl Sunday drive pick up float sit travel move drift cruise guide control handle restrain manage hitchhike direct journey curb motor progress post roll go with be supported hitch a ride sit on thumb a ride tool around free neglect mismanage discourage stop stay release dissuade remain bait afflict haunt rate torment hound badger tyrannize scold hector persecute override enslave grip torture upbraid reproach domineer annoy revile berate harass harry disparage be arbitrary be autocratic support approve let go commend flatter please make happy help assist soothe praise compliment comfort aid abuse backbite bad-mouth bash belittle blow off calumniate cap castigate cuss out cut down cut to the quick decry defame derogate discount do a number on dump on give a black eye hurl brickbat insult knock minimize nag offend oppress pick on put down rag on ride rip up run down signify slam slap sling mud smear sound swear at tear apart trash vilify vituperate zing esteem care for defend treasure honor adulate acclaim revere prize benefit respect protect preserve cherish exalt laud abused backbit bad-mouthed bashed belittled berated blew off calumniated capped castigated decried defamed derogated did a number on discounted dumped on gave a black eye hurled brickbat insulted knocked minimized nagged offended oppressed persecuted picked on ragged on ran down reproached reviled ripped up rode scolded signified slammed slapped slung mud smeared sounded swore at trashed upbraided vilified vituperated zinged commended esteemed cared for helped defended approved flattered treasured honored adulated acclaimed revered prized benefited respected protected preserved cherished exalted lauded praised complimented abusing backbiting bad-mouthing bashing belittling berating blowing off calumniating capping castigating cutting down cutting to the quick decrying defaming derogating discounting doing a number on dumping on giving a black eye hurling brickbat insulting knocking minimizing nagging offending oppressing persecuting picking on putting down ragging on reproaching reviling riding ripping up running down scolding signifying slamming slapping slinging mud smearing sounding swearing at trashing upbraiding vilifying vituperating zinging commending esteeming caring for helping defending approving flattering treasuring honoring adulating acclaiming revering prizing benefiting respecting protecting preserving cherishing exalting lauding praising complimenting T-off abrade agitate ask for it be at be on the back of bedevil beleaguer bore bother break bug burn up chafe displease distress disturb egg on exasperate fire up gall get gnaw heat up henpeck hit where one lives irk madden make waves miff needle nettle nudge peeve perturb pester plague provoke push button rile ruffle tease tick off trouble turn off vex work on worry cheer gratify mollify charm enchant delight reassure quiet calm appease annoys T-offs abrades agitates asks for it badgers bears bedevils beleaguers bothers breaks bugs burns up chafes displeases distresses disturbs exasperates fires up galls gets gnaws harasses harries heats up henpecks hits where one lives irks is at is on the back of maddens makes waves miffs nags needles nettles nudges peeves perturbs pesters plagues provokes pushes button rides riles ruffles teases ticks off troubles turns off vexes works on worries supports makes happy helps pleases cheers gratifies mollifies assists aids charms enchants delights soothes reassures quiets comforts calms appeases automobile auto bucket of bolts buggy bus clunker compact convertible crate four-wheeler gas guzzler go-cart hardtop hatchback heap jalopy junker lemon limousine motor car oil burner passenger car pickup truck sedan sports car station wagon subcompact taxi truck tub van wheels wreck Ride cumpadre Rides awesomely Fun fun F.U.N
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