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News: Wisconsin's Voter-ID Law Suppressed The Votes Of More Than 200,000, Mainly African American

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new new New New New-new The News news wisconsin Wisconsin citizen resident taxpayer suffragist balloter John\u002FJane Q. Public aborigine burgess burgher civilian commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller freeman\u002Fwoman householder inhabitant member of body politic member of community national native naturalized person occupant settler subject townsperson urbanite villager voter immigrant foreigner alien citizens John\u002Fjane q. publics aborigines burgesses burghers civilians commoners cosmopolites denizens dwellers freeman\u002Fwomans householders inhabitants member of body politics member of communities nationals natives naturalized persons occupants residents settlers subjects taxpayers townspersons urbanites villagers voters immigrants foreigners aliens elector constituent electorate body politic constituency registered voters suicide voter Voter Suppression act case charge charter code constitution decision decree legislation mandate measure order precedent regulation requirement ruling statute assize behest bidding bylaw canon caveat command commandment covenant demand dictate divestiture edict enactment equity garnishment injunction institute instruction jurisprudence notice ordinance precept prescript prescription subpoena summons warrant writ decretum due process reg disorganization lawlessness breaking transgression violation proposal rule origin maxim proposition ground source assumption criterion theorem usage formula postulate cause axiom foundation fundamental exigency reason base truth guide generalization principium end outgrowth effect consequence result outcome amendment announcement bill clause commitment judgment law resolution verdict rest suspension stoppage repose quiet inertia inactivity idleness cessation authorities Bibles CEOS arbiters aristocrats big cheeses big shots big wigs bosses brains brasses buffs city halls connoisseurs czars eggheads establishments execs executives experts feds front offices governors gurus ivory domes judges kingfishes kingpins laws power elites professionals professors pros pundits scholars specialists textbooks top brasses 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tense histrionical the ballot choice majority poll referendum tally franchise nay plebiscite suffrage ticket will wish yea aye secret ballot show of hands yes or no elect grant propose choose determine recommend return establish declare enact opt suggest pronounce effect confer second enfranchise judge cast ballot cast vote go to the polls put in office abstain veto refuse deny condemn affirmative always continually okay vote negative alternative appraisal choosing cull cup of tea decision determination discretion discrimination distinction druthers election evaluation extract favorite finding free will judgment opportunity option pick preference rating say substitute variety verdict volition weakness rejection hate indecision choices alternatives appraisals choosings culls cup of teas decisions determinations discriminations distinctions elections evaluations extracts favorites findings free wills judgments opportunities options picks preferences ratings substitutes varieties verdicts votes weaknesses rejections decide adjudge adjudicate agree arrive at conclusion award call shots cast the die cinch clinch come to agreement come to conclusion come to decision commit oneself conclude conjecture decree draw a conclusion end figure fix upon form opinion gather go down line guess have final word make a decision make up mind mediate purpose reach decision resolve rule select set surmise take a stand tap defer plant start begin wait put off procrastinate postpone hesitate delay grow unsettle commence waver decides adjudges adjudicates agrees arrives at conclusion awards calls shots casts the die chooses cinches clinches comes to agreement comes to conclusion comes to decision commits oneself concludes conjectures decrees determines draws a conclusion elects ends establishes figures gathers goes down line guesses has final word judges makes a decision makes up mind mediates opts polls purposes reaches decision resolves rules selects sets surmises takes a stand taps wills 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