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Newsbusters Fails to Grasp Chris Hayes ‘Girl Talk’ Reference

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chris hayes girl talk Newsbusters decline fall founder flounder flop blunder fold abort fizzle slip miscarry miss go down go wrong lose out gain merit rise go up build earn reach win ignore neglect omit forget slight fault overlook blink discount desert funk back out let down overpass obtain attend regard finish break close drop end crash default terminate dishonor repudiate go under defalcate overdraw be ruined close down go broke go bust lose big begin start bear arrest break off call it quits call off check cut off fail halt interrupt knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch scrub backlash boomerang bounce back disappoint rebound recoil ricochet spring back bypass condone connive cushion disregard pass by turn a blind eye goof become insolvent fold up go bankrupt go into Chapter 11 pauperize back off bring to an end call it a day close out come to an end culminate cut it out desist die discontinue give over intermit knock off leave off pack in quit quit cold turkey refrain shut down stay surcease wind up backfire blow bust cease Fail flail fale phail fial wrong success douche bag annoying useless failure failbox douchebag asshole overused arpgme forum slang stupid bad situation failed butt cinch clamp lug clasp avoidance ignorance release ken grip clutch corral land hook clinch snatch bag take seize catch hold collar glom let go fail lose give receive free offer stop not get pick up accept fathom realize get make dig see have compass follow know take in cognize refuse avoid neglect miss assimilate comprehend digest get into grasp incorporate latch onto learn sense soak up understand awareness cognizance conversance familiarity fellowship intimacy relationship understanding acuity acuteness astuteness brains brilliance cleverness comprehension cunning discernment discrimination farsightedness good taste guile ingenuity insight intellect intelligence intuition judgment keenness perception percipience perspicacity perspicuity refinement sagacity sensitivity sharpness shrewdness smartness smarts vision wisdom wit acknowledge apprehend be aware of be cognizant of be conscious of catch the drift perceive read recognize savvy see daylight sympathize with take account of admiration aesthetic sense affection appraisal assessment attraction commendation enjoyment esteem estimation high regard knowledge liking love realization recognition regard relish respect responsivenesss sensibility sensitiveness sympathy valuation absorb appreciate believe conceive get the picture imagine think acquaintance acumen appreciation Chris chris chill cool bitchin chillax friggin sweet magnum trogan wow sexy hottie dayum loving caring forgiving perfect amazing hilarious perfect. awesome shit best cock skill bad-ass eyes cut up muscle kick-ass huge cock sex god driver drifter fight god name cris kris Hayes hayes Haye sexy cabo swimmer dream hayez haze hazel hay hey hays haighs family kind special good charitable rare haye fuck me fuck you cum hot carl taint choad photograph bad merit copied badly photoshopped gay fruity bunny fag homo chauncey hint note plug source tribute character good word disapproval writing evidence archives accredit attribute charge credit hang on impute lay pin on refer reference set down allow appoint ascribe attach authorize cast choice commission commit delegate deputize designate downlink download draft elect empower enroll entrust hire hold responsible name nominate ordain select slot tab tag account for apply associate blame connect fix upon trace application connection import meaning pertinence relation relevance weight example illustration mention passage quotation quote quoting saying adduce advance allege allude to appeal to enumerate excerpt exemplify extract get down to brass tacks give as example illustrate with indicate instance number offer point out present recite recount refer to rehearse remember reminisce repeat specify spell out tell assign bearing citation cite Reference Chris chris chill cool bitchin chillax friggin sweet magnum trogan wow sexy hottie dayum loving caring forgiving perfect amazing hilarious perfect. awesome shit best cock skill bad-ass eyes cut up muscle kick-ass huge cock sex god driver drifter fight god name cris kris Hayes hayes Haye sexy cabo swimmer dream hayez haze hazel hay hey hays haighs family kind special good charitable rare haye fuck me fuck you cum hot carl taint choad photograph bad merit copied badly photoshopped gay fruity bunny fag homo chauncey Girl Talk girltalk Girl Talk girl talk mashup club stage dive biomedical engineer awesome conversation emotion honest truth friends bastard pop techno greg gillis talk girl words woman mash ups ipod douche deaf lady she boy babe bimbo chick dame dish doll doxy female floozy gal girl honey lassie miss moll skirt sweet thing tootsie female offspring offspring woman daughter femme gentlewoman grandmother madam matron mother mrs sister adolescent child infant kid minor youngster youth baby bairn 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seemliness social graces style tact taste tenue tone way way of life ways what's done blowing bluff bluster boasting bombast braggadocio bragging bullying crowing fancy talk fanfaronade fuming gasconade grandiosity guts hot air pomposity pretension raging railing rant selfglorification storming swaggering swelling tall talk admit articulate behavior bravado Talk blabber conversate tlk shut up be quiet stop your a faggot talking talked make out sex fornicate get it on thin thick
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