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Nicaragua Villagers Succumb to Exhaustion in Doomed Bid to Push Giant 60ft Beached Whale...

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Nicaragua Villagers Succumb to Exhaustion in Doomed Bid to Push Giant 60ft Beached Whale... A huge whale was stranded Friday on a white sand beach on ...


Nicaragua bonerjams nicaragua civilian inhabitant national resident settler taxpayer voter aborigine burgess burgher commoner cosmopolite denizen dweller householder native occupant subject John\u002FJane Q. Public freeman\u002Fwoman member of body politic member of community naturalized person townsperson urbanite alien foreigner immigrant citizen villager citizens bow break down buckle capitulate cave in cease defer give in give way go down pass away perish quit wilt yield accede cave collapse croak decease demise depart drop expire fall fold knuckle pass submit eat crow fall victim to flake out give in to give out give up the ghost go under knuckle under meet waterloo pack it in show white flag take the count throw in the towel continue defend fight ascend be born bear deny refuse rise stay conquer create overcome win bite the dust buy the farm cash in one's chips cease living die kick off kick the bucket meet one's maker pass on push up daisies succumb bought the farm buy it buy the ranch farm accept acquiesce be servile bend comply kowtow relent surrender oppose decline disagree overpower disallow reject bowing buckle under cede come across come to terms concede give away the store give up put out succumbs collapse consumption debilitation debility enervation expenditure fatigue feebleness lassitude prostration weariness burnout ability health strength vigor energy liveliness readiness absorption digestion drinking in exhaustion fusion imbibing impregnation ingestion inhalation intake osmosis penetration reception retention saturation soaking up suction taking in distraction boredom attenuation depletion devitalization enfeeblement fading impoverishment weakening weakness bankruptcy Chapter 11 defalcation default destituteness destitution disaster failure indebtedness indigence insolvency lack liquidation loss nonpayment overdraft pauperism privation repudiation ruin ruination wealth solvency richness win success achievement accomplishment basket case cataclysm catastrophe cave-in conk out crackup crash debacle destruction disintegration disorganization disruption faint flop ruining smash smashup subsidence undoing wreck rise build-up good fortune creation wonder increase miracle burning consuming damage decay decrease desolation devastation diminution dispersion dissipation drinking eating misuse swallowing using up utilization waste wear and tear fasting construction growth development starvation expansion enlargement building improvement infirmity bonerjams ill-fated wrecked bedeviled bewitched convicted cursed damned destroyed done fated foreordained lost menaced overthrown overwhelmed predestined reprobate ruined sentenced sunk suppressed threatened undone unfortunate cut down dead duck done for fey ill-omened in the cards kiss of death luckless que sera sera star-crossed thrown down unredeemed blessed intact nice protected restored saved successful hopeful lucky accursed condemned doomed hexed bound apprenticed articled bent bounden certain coerced compelled constrained contracted driven duty-bound enslaved firm forced having no alternative impelled indentured intent made necessitated obligated obliged pledged pressed required restrained sure under compulsion under necessity urged unbounded free allowed unrestricted permitted irresolute damndest all-fired anathematized bad blankety-blank blasted bloody blooming confounded cussed damnable dang darn darned despicable detestable doggone dratted execrable gone to blazes infamous infernal loathsome lousy revolting unhappy voodooed likeable cherished good welcome praiseworthy favored destined at hand brewing closed coming compulsory designed directed forthcoming hanging over impending in prospect in store in the wind ineluctable inescapable inevitable inexorable instant intended looming meant menacing near ordained overhanging predesigned predetermined sealed settled stated that is to be that will be threatening to come unavoidable way the ball bounces unsettled remote distant avoidable bonerjams Doomed DOOMED advance offer price proposal request suggestion amount declaration feeler hit invitation pass proffer proposition submission sum summons tender withdrawal denial refusal attempt effort venture try essay crack laziness propose submit render present take wish call tell greet listen invite solicit desire warn require demand instruct direct charge enjoin summon order make a pass at make a pitch make a play for answer reply reject appeal address adjuration application bid claim entreaty imploration importunity invocation overture petition plea prayer question recourse requisition solicitation suit supplication ugliness retraction disavowal revocation disclaimer adjure apply ask beg beseech call upon contest crave entreat hit on implore importune plead pray refer resort to strike sue supplicate urge turn off turn away recall give disgust revoke retract renounce refuse disclaim ignore conceal deny dissuade appealed appeals suggest command repudiate insist bonerjams Bid bids advance assault attack drive effort offensive thrust bearing blow butt charge driving energy exerting exertion forcing impact jolt lean mass nudge onset poke prod propulsion shove straining thrusting weight hesitation idleness laziness discouragement disinterest pull initiative vigor spunk guts get-up-and-go gumption enterprise pep punch vitality ambition snap starch dynamism apathy cowardice lethargy inactivity depress force propel launch bump shift move pressure accelerate crowd exert ram strain bulldoze jostle impel jam stir hustle squash gore railroad squeeze shoulder squish dig budge elbow strong-arm muscle bear down steamroll crush against high pressure lie on pour it on put the arm on rest on make one's way leave alone rest discourage stop keep hold hide conceal suppress repress wait slow delay calm laze retard dissuade remain hinder press encourage spur speed inspire influence coerce persuade hurry motivate goad jolly oblige browbeat constrain expedite kid egg on turn on goose dragoon exert influence fire up go to town on key up lean on overpress push around put the screws to put up to sell on speed up boost plug puff publicize hype propagandize cry up make known secret halt decrease acclaim applaud approve blow horn celebrate cheer clap commend compliment eulogize exalt extol give a bouquet give a posy give kudos hail hand it to hear it for honor laud praise puff up push rave recommend root salute stroke criticize vituperate dishonor damn berate reproach denounce refuse disapprove censure condemn blame adduce allege ballyhoo beat the drum for benefit cite foster further get ink for introduce lay forward make a pitch for offer present proffer put forward put on the map serve set forth splash spot submit suggest throw spotlight on urge yield withdraw turn take hurt take back retrogress retreat recede hesitate back down refrain withhold prevent block advances advancing advertise acquaint advise announce apprise bill blazon build up circularize communicate declare disclose display divulge drum endorse exhibit expose flaunt get on soapbox for hard sell herald inform make a pitch notify pitch press agent proclaim promote promulgate reveal show soft sell sponsor tout uncover unmask keep secret cover secrete deceive deny bottle up advertises P.U.S.H Push P.U.S.H. big colossal enormous gargantuan gigantic huge hulking humongous immense jumbo mammoth monstrous vast blimp gross Brobdingnagian cyclopean elephantine Herculean mountainous prodigious super-duper titanic whale of a whaling little miniature miniscule minute small teeny tiny dwarf minor titan behemoth mountain whopper ogre colossus hulk bulk elephant whale Goliath cetacean monster leviathan Hercules cyclops polypheme runt midget giant tremendous barn door behemothic mondo super Gargantua Godzilla Samson extensive grand great large massive monumental towering heavyweight super-colossal whopping dwarfed ordinary common unimportant insignificant Moby stupendous giants bonerjams Giant abandoned deserted marooned stranded wrecked aground ashore high and dry at sea beached disabled foundered grounded reefed shipwrecked stuck swamped afloat on dry land on land on shore shorewards asea cast away godforsaken helpless homeless left at the altar left in the lurch on the rocks out in left field passed up penniless run aground sidelined sidetracked found bonerjams Beached
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