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Paul Andersen explains the niche. He gives three different pronunciations and two different definitions. He then discusses the competitive exclusion principle ...


niche competitive exclusion ecology species Hutchinson ap biology bozemanbiology gray wolf coyote red fox slot alcove recess nook hollow cranny corner hole closure solid anteroom bay bower compartment cubbyhole cubicle niche study bow window opening oriel area berth booth carrel carriage category cell chamber department division locker part piece pigeonhole place portion stall breach byplace chink cleft crack crevice fissure gap interstice activity administration assignment avocation bailiwick bureau business capacity class classification domain dominion duty field function incumbency jurisdiction line occupation office province realm responsibility specialty sphere spot station vocation walk of life wing abode bar clubhouse den dwelling gathering place habitat hangout headquarters home lair living quarters locality meeting place purlieu range rendezvous resort retreat site stomping ground trysting place watering hole haunt Niche slot alcove recess nook hollow cranny corner hole closure solid anteroom bay bower compartment cubbyhole cubicle niche study bow window opening oriel area berth booth carrel carriage category cell chamber department division locker part piece pigeonhole place portion stall breach byplace chink cleft crack crevice fissure gap interstice activity administration assignment avocation bailiwick bureau business capacity class classification domain dominion duty field function incumbency jurisdiction line occupation office province realm responsibility specialty sphere spot station vocation walk of life wing abode bar clubhouse den dwelling gathering place habitat hangout headquarters home lair living quarters locality meeting place purlieu range rendezvous resort retreat site stomping ground trysting place watering hole haunt Niche killer opposing rival emulous vying at odds unambitious competitive contesting exercise-related recreational sporting team at a bargain bargain bargain-basement bargain-counter bought for a song budget buy cheapo cost next to nothing cut-price cut-rate depreciated dime a dozen easy on the pocketbook economical half-priced irregular low tariff low-cost low-priced lowered marked down moderate nominal on sale popularly priced real buy reasonable reduced sale slashed standard steal uncostly undear utility worth the money aggressive brutal cutthroat fierce merciless ruthless unmerciful vicious voracious without mercy adverse alien allergic anti argumentative bellicose belligerent bitter catty chill cold contentious contrary disapproving dour hateful ill-disposed inhospitable inimical malevolent malicious malignant militant nasty opposed opposite oppugnant ornery pugnacious rancorous scrappy sour spiteful surly unfavorable unfriendly unkind unpropitious unsociable unsympathetic unwelcoming viperous virulent vitriolic warlike battling combatant combating competing conflicting contending disputing emulating equal striving acrimonious against aloof antagonistic antisocial censorious chilly combative disaffected disagreeable distant estranged grouchy grudging gruff inauspicious misanthropic not on speaking terms quarrelsome uncharitable uncongenial unneighborly vengeful athletic cheap dog-eat-dog hostile embargo veto refusal removal boycott cut bar ban lockout ousting awkwardness clumsiness debarment disenablement disentitlement elimination exclusion incapacitation incapacity incompetence incompetency ineligibility ineptitude lack unfitness unproficiency destruction discard displacement dropping ejection eradication expulsion extermination omission rejection riddance taking away weeding out withdrawal barring disallowment excepting excusing noninclusion passing over repudiation reservation banishment diaspora dispersion expatriation extradition migration ostracism proscription relegation scattering separation boot bounce deportment discharge dislodgment dismissal dispossession driving out eviction exile extrusion forcing out ouster purge rush suspension blank breach break cancellation carelessness chasm cutting out default disregard disregardance elision excluding failing failure forgetfulness gap hiatus ignoring inadvertence inadvertency lacuna lapse leaving out missing neglect overlook overlooking oversight preclusion preterition pretermission prohibition skip slighting slip withholding disqualification exception Exclusion bionomics destruction anatomy cytology dendrology ecology floristics genetics horticulture morphology natural history paleo-botany pathology physiology phytogeography phytology pomology study of flora study of vegetation taxonomy environmental control environmental management environmental monitoring environmental policy environmental science environmentology animal biology anthropology biological science biology bioscience botany medicine natural science science of life study of living things zoology environmental protection life science sort kind group breed lot type order likes whole cast character class description grade make quality species variety brand extraction family feather genus ilk line lineage nature number pedigree progeny race stamp stock strain stripe cultural level degree estate position rank social order sphere standing station status stratum branch caste classification collection color denomination department designation distinction division domain frame genre grain grouping hierarchy humor kidney league mold name origin property province range rate school sect section selection set source style suit temperament value category arrangement design guise manifestation manner method mode practice semblance system way form Species Hutchinson AP Biology Ap biology bio biology dumb kjosness ap bio ap slut college mitochondria fuck insomnia school test science ap biology ap classes ap exams ap class hard easy division medicine analysis diagnosis inquiry cytology genetics etiology zoology histology connection ecology botany bioscience physics chemistry biology dissection embryology examination investigation morphology physiology animal biology anthropology biological science environmental science natural science science of life study of living things life sciences pure science science of matter anatomy life science Biology Gray Wolf drab lead iron sere grey ash Dove age-old ancient antediluvian antiquated antique been around creaky elderly getting on gray moth-eaten oldie over the hill passé rusty senescent senior citizen shot timeworn venerable worn worse for wear anemic blanched cadaverous colorless ghastly leaden pale pallid pasty sallow wan white becloud bedim blacken cloud over cloud up deepen dim eclipse fog haze make dim murk obfuscate obscure overcast overshadow shade shadow tone down blah bleary blurred caliginous cloudy dark dingy dreary dull dusk dusky faded faint flat fuzzy gloomy ill-defined indistinct lackluster lightless mat monotone monotonous murky muted obscured opaque poorly lit shadowy sullied tarnished tenebrous unclear unilluminated vague weak arid bleak boring brown characterless cheerless desolate dismal dry dull as dishwater grungy lusterless muddy run-down same shabby somber subfuse unchanging uninspired vapid zero aged aging declining hoary long in tooth lot of mileage no spring chicken old olden on last leg retired tired ashen darken Gray Grays G Ray gulp gobble devour stuff slosh slop guzzle bolt cram gorge pack open consume englut ingurgitate inhale scarf swallow whole wolf Hoover absorb chow down down eat up feed ingest meal mow nibble partake polish off punish put away put down snack stuff one's face swallow swill take toss down charge chock choke compact crowd crush drive force heap jam jam-pack load overcrowd overeat overfill pack 'em in pack in pack it in pack like sardines press ram sardine satiate shove squash squeeze stive tamp thrust wedge annihilate appreciate be engrossed by be preoccupied bolt down delight in destroy dispatch do compulsively do voraciously drink in eat enjoy exhaust feast on feed on gloat over go through imbibe partake of pig out ravage rejoice in relish revel in scarf down spend take in use up waste wipe out wolf down Casanova Lothario Prince Charming Romeo charmer heartbreaker ladies' man lady-killer libertine lover philanderer playboy rake roué seducer skirt chaser smooth operator stud woman chaser attack banquet bite break bread breakfast chew digest dine dispose of fall to feast upon gobble up gormandize graze have a bite have a meal have for lunch make pig of oneself masticate munch nosh peck at pick pork out ruminate scoff sup take food take nourishment Don Juan Wolf wolves cur pup fox chow coyote dingo hound hyena lobo mutt pooch wolf canine Coyote C.O.Y.O.T.E. redfox Red Fox red fox Redfox rose maroon pink cherry brick blush rust florid rosy ruddy coral wine copper russet puce garnet claret cerise salmon dahlia ruby titian ablaze afire aflame alight blazing brilliant conflagrant fiery flaring glowing ignited in flames raging red red-hot animated aroused blushing burning crimson elated embarrassed enthused exhilarated feverish full-blooded high hot inspired intoxicated rubicund rutilant rutilous sanguine thrilled aglow beaming flaming flush flushed gleaming lambent luminous lustrous phosphorescent rich suffused vibrant vivid warm baking blistering boiling broiling calescent close decalescent febrile fevered feverous heated humid igneous incandescent like an oven on fire ovenlike parching piping recalescent roasting scalding scorching searing sizzling smoking steaming stuffy sultry summery sweltering sweltry thermogenic torrid tropic tropical very warm white bloody half-cooked half-raw moderately done nearly raw not done rarely done undercooked underdone aflush blooming colored deep pink fresh healthy-looking high-colored incarnadine pale red peach red-complexioned red-faced rose-colored roseate rare Reds Red color read morgan shawshank babe angel doll broad honey chick tomato peach pin-up cupcake bunny cutie dollface hot dish sex pot dish sexpot cheat pretend dupe deceive delude trifle scam diddle gull snow hoax outfox bluff spoof con kid put on take in chicane juke jive lead on suck in be honest baffle beat bewilder cap confuse defeat defraud finagle have hoodwink mislead outdo swindle top trick worst outthink end-run fake out goose outguess exceed total eclipse outstrip excel best better outshine overrun clobber bash shut out be first fail lose drop fall lower add mutt cur wolf chow pup lobo gyp jip aid guard abet help give fly rat snake ant flea lice foxes mice bathing beauty beauty queen centerfold cover girl cutie-pie dream girl dreamboat fox glamor girl good-looking woman hot number raving beauty sex bunny sex kitten glamour girl bamboozle flimflam make believe play a trick on play-act put one over on circumvent lead astray make a fool of make a monkey of outgeneral outjockey outmaneuver overreach pull a fast one on run circles around blow away go beyond transcend coyote dingo hound hyena pooch fool outwit canine 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