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Nike In Flap At Skimpy Wimbledon kit As Sportswear Giant Recalls Tennis Dresses...

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Nike In Flap At Skimpy Wimbledon kit As Sportswear Giant Recalls Tennis Dresses... Nike have recalled the tennis dresses due to be used by their female ...


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KIT Kit kitkat kittens christopher equipment battle rattle lbv vest keep touch k i t smarter funnier charming delightful insight companion activewear athletic clothes casual wear leisure wear leisurewear playwear sport clothes sports apparel sports wear attire baggage bedclothes casual clothing costume dress duds formal garb garments gear outfit rags raiment regalia sportswear suit togs vesture wardrobe wear work Sunday best accouterment apparel array caparison civvies covering drag drapery ensemble equipment finery frippery frock full feather get-up habiliment habit hand-me-downs livery mufti overclothes panoply rigging sack tailleur tatters things threads toggery tout ensemble trappings trousseau underclothes vestment vines weeds zoot suit clothes feathers glad rags tog clothes\u002Fclothing clothings big colossal enormous gargantuan gigantic huge hulking humongous immense jumbo mammoth monstrous vast blimp gross brobdingnagian cyclopean elephantine herculean mountainous prodigious super-duper titanic whale of a whaling little miniature miniscule minute small teeny tiny dwarf minor giant tremendous barn door behemothic mondo super Gargantua Godzilla Hercules Samson behemoth cyclops goliath leviathan titan extensive grand great large massive monumental towering heavyweight super-colossal whopping Moby monster stupendous Brobdingnagian Herculean mountain whopper ogre colossus hulk bulk elephant whale Goliath cetacean polypheme runt midget dwarfed ordinary common unimportant insignificant giants Giant godly not baseball tall short gaint eats sleeps whatever new york football amazing nfl nfc anamnesis memory recollection reminiscence forgetfulness restoration abate abolish abrogate annihilate blot out call off cancel countermand declare delete discharge dissolve efface erase expunge get off the hook invalidate kill negate neutralize nix nullify obliterate quash recall render null and void repeal rescind retract reverse revoke scrub undo vacate vitiate wipe out abatement abolition abrogation annihilation breakup cancellation dedomiciling deletion dissolution going phfft invalidation negation neutralization nullification obliteration rescindment rescission retraction reversal revocation split split up undoing vitiation deliberate devise mind recollect reflect remember reminisce bear in mind conjure up dig into the past have memories look back refresh memory summon up to remember withdrawal annulment recision enactment validation summon remind evoke cite awaken waken retrospect renew extract flash revive educe elicit arouse reintroduce retain bethink rouse stir reestablish reinstate call to mind think back think of call up bring to mind come to one flash on nail it down ring a bell strike a note restore fire let go forget calm repress suspend dismiss withdraw annul disqualify abjure dismantle recant lift forswear call back take back palinode unsay call in pass approve keep allow emphasize sanction enforce validate permit save help support establish enact continue create set up schedule uphold ratify legalize institute annulled retention approval establishment confirmation annuls ignore disregard tennis Tennis sport intense fun travel sweat training ennis baseball basketball tenis awesome racket ball court net strokes opponent
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