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No reverse gear. Donbass defeat, as another Afghanistan debacle looms

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reversal about-face antipode antithesis back bottom contra contradiction contradictory contrary converse counter flip-flop inverse overturning rear regression retrogression retroversion reversion switch turn turnabout turning underside verso volte-face antipole change of mind counterpole flip side other side reversement turnaround wrong side front same identical adversity affliction bath blow catastrophe check defeat disappointment hardship misadventure misfortune mishap repulse setback trial vicissitude vanquishment aid assistance benefit blessing boost encouragement favor good fortune good luck help miracle success triumph progress overturn shift backpedal backtrack capsize evert exchange interchange invert rearrange retreat revert transfer transpose upend upset back up double back evaginate go back go backwards move backwards transplace turn around turn back turn over hold keep go ahead reserve alter annul dismantle invalidate lift modify nullify overrule quash repeal rescind revoke set aside undo convert countermand negate overthrow recall renege retract declare null and void overset turn the tables allow approve pass permit retain sanction validate enforce meet 180 degree turn U-turn change change in direction changeabout double doubleback policy change retraction reverse stagnation adversities afflictions bad breaks bummers calamities can of worms catastrophes clutches contretemps crunches difficulties disasters distress downers drags evil eyes hard knocks hard times hardships hurtings ill fortunes jams jinxes kiss of deaths miseries misfortunes mishaps on the skids pain in the necks poisons reverses sorrows sufferings the worsts tough lucks trials troubles helps fortunes comforts pleasures peace ease benefits wonders good fortunes blessings prosperity encouragements aids health boons contentment joys happiness profits favors advantages successes miracles good lucks bad break bad thing bummer calamity clutch crunch difficulty disaster downer drag evil eye hurting ill fortune jam jinx kiss of death misery pain in the neck poison sorrow suffering the worst tough luck trouble advantage boon joy pleasure profit wonder comfort fortune abate abolish abrogate annihilate blot out call off cancel declare delete discharge dissolve efface erase expunge get off the hook kill neutralize nix obliterate render null and void scrub vacate vitiate wipe out continue enact establish institute legalize ratify support uphold create revive save schedule set up restore annuls abates abolishes abrogates annihilates calls off cancels countermands declares deletes discharges dissolves effaces erases expunges gets off the hook invalidates kills negates neutralizes nixes nullifies obliterates quashes recalls renders null and void repeals rescinds retracts revokes scrubs undoes vacates vitiates wipes out revalidates retains restores keeps saves allows passes supports establishes enacts continues does approves creates revives sets up schedules sanctions upholds 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bear down mow down prevail over roll back wipe out fail lose yield advance aid allow assist attract build clear construct create encourage facilitate fix float forward free grow help increase let go liberate open permit promote push release save strengthen support abet give up inspirit clobber drub edge knock out outplay take thrash trounce bust cream deck drop flax flog floor lambaste outrun pommel pound powder pulverize skin steamroll tan total wallop whack whomp zap outhit outjump plow under run roughshod over take it all take to cleaners work over forfeit blank outwit thwart baffle balk bury checkmate circumvent confound contravene cook counterplot cross disappoint disconcert disprove invalidate neutralize nonplus nullify overturn puzzle refute scuttle shave shellac skunk spoil squash stump undo victimize beat down beat the system cast down cause setback edge out nose out put end to throw for loop approve clarify clear up endorse enlighten explain prove validate dash defeat frustrate prevent delight make happy please relieve counteract cramp cramp one's style forestall stall stop throw a curve throw monkey wrench in upset the apple cart make easier bashing cheat deprive conquer corner gain comedown anticlimax comeuppance crash cropper decline deflation demotion descent dive down flop humiliation pratfall undoing wreck ascent building creation elevation good fortune improvement rise fortune promotion other that a distinct a further a separate added else farther fresh further more new one more some other addition a different person someone else something else alternative another back up different flipside other side second substitute surrogate alternate stand-in another story atypical bizarre discrete diverse especial express extraordinary individual novel original out of the ordinary particular peculiar rare several singular special specialized specific startling strange uncommon unconventional unique unusual various common commonplace familiar general indefinite like normal ordinary regular same similar standard uniform unimportant usual alike conventional correspondent harmonious homogeneous resembling unified united extra additional ancillary auxiliary beyond button extraneous fuss gingerbread gravy ice in addition in reserve in store inessential lagniappe leftover needless optional over and above perk plus redundant reserve spare superfluous supernumerary supplemental supplementary surplus tip unnecessary unneeded unused main necessary needed old used worn basic elementary essential fundamental integral increased renewed exhausted experienced gentle kind lifeless fresher unenergetic stale polite tired beating breakdown collapse crash defeat devastation disaster downfall drubbing failure fiasco reversal rout wreck crack-up dissolution havoc licking overthrow ruin ruination smash trouncing washout blue ruin defeasance shellacking smash-up vanquishment accomplishment attainment blessing creation miracle rise success triumph victory win wonder construction boon blow affliction balk bolt from the blue bombshell calamity casualty chagrin comedown debacle disappointment disgruntlement frustration jolt letdown misadventure misfortune mishap reverse setback shock tragedy upset advantage good fortune good luck luck catastrophe chance contingency happiness certainty cataclysm bad thing cataract convulsion crunch curtains deluge disturbance double trouble flood flooding holy mess inundation torrent unholy mess upheaval waterloo woe accident adversity alluvion bad luck bad news contretemps culmination denouement desolation emergency end fatality finale grief hardship ill infliction meltdown mischance misery scourge stroke termination the worst trial trouble upshot aid assistance benefit favor fortune gain help joy peace profit prosperity beginning birth cause comfort commencement delight opening origin start bankruptcy basket case cave-in destruction disintegration disorganization disruption exhaustion faint flop prostration ruining subsidence undoing buildup increase crack up brew come on dominate emerge hover mount overshadow portend soar stand out threaten approach await bulk dawn emanate figure gather impend impress issue lower menace near overhang overtop rear rise show top tower be at hand be coming be forthcoming be imminent be in the cards be in the wind be near become visible break through come forth come into view come on the scene hang over make up seem huge seem large take shape decline fall leave abandon descend drop neglect appear arise arrive attend be present be within view blow in bob up breeze in check in clock in come come out come to light crop up develop drop in expose loom make the scene materialize occur pop in pop up present punch in punch the clock recur ring in roll in show up spring surface time in turn out turn up conceal depart disappear hide miss appears arises arrives attends blows in breaks through breezes in checks in clocks in comes comes forth comes into view comes out comes to light develops drops in emerges exposes is present is within view issues looms makes the scene materializes occurs pops in pops up presents punches in punches the clock recurs rings in rises rolls in shows shows up springs surfaces turns out turns up is real departs misses goes abandons leaves hides conceals disappears breed compound concoct contrive excite foment form hatch mull plot project scheme start stir up weave ignore begin glimmer initiate lighten open originate show itself unfold close conclude decrease end finish lessen terminate set dawned appeared began developed emerged glimmered initiated lightened loomed opened originated rose showed itself unfolded closed finished ended concluded terminated hid lessened decreased disappeared become apparent become known come up derive egress flow gush make appearance proceed spring up spurt steam stem transpire trickle fade go away
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