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No, "Salty Cracker" Telling Kids That LGBT People Exist Isn't "Grooming"

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nay nix never not negative absolutely not by no means no way not at all not by any means negation antithesis antonym blank cancellation contrary converse counterpart disavowal disclaimer forget it inverse negatory neutralization nonexistence nothingness nullification nullity opposite opposition proscription refusal rejection renunciation repudiation reverse vacuity veto void sanction approval allowance same ratification permission similarity forbidding nothing sprite abnegation ban choice cold shoulder declension declination defiance disallowance disapproval disfavor dissent enjoinment exclusion interdiction knockback nonacceptance noncompliance nonconsent option pass prohibition rebuff refutation regrets renouncement repulse repulsion reversal thumbs down turndown withholding writ agreement acceptance offer grant confirmation endorsement attraction declining dissatisfaction ostracism red light snub yes welcome thumbs up denial acquiescence inclusion admittance whoops oh-oh oops-a-daisy sorry uh-oh la chancla NO! no! cogent conspicuous convincing decisive devastating forceful powerful satisfying striking trenchant marked operative solid sound considerable crucial effectual forcible important impressive influential potent satisfactory valid weighty impotent ineffective weak incomplete insignificant secondary unimportant augural divinatory fatidic fatidical foreshadowing mantic ominous oracular predictive prophetical sibylline telling vatic vatical visionary betrayal blurting out diming disclosure giving away ratting revelation spilling support quiet protection loyalty faithfulness secret chief arch capital cardinal central champion consequential controlling effective especial first foremost grand head highest key leading main major momentous number one outstanding paramount predominant preeminent premier primal primary prime principal ruling significant star stellar superior supreme uppermost vital poor bad inferior unnecessary nonessential inessential lower minor extra auxiliary subordinate chiefest apposite apt compelling conclusive convictive fitting inducing irresistible justified meaningful persuasive pertinent puissant relevant strong suasive urgent well-grounded invalid communication advice advisement announcing articulation assertion communion connection contact conversation converse correspondence corresponding declaration delivery disclosing dissemination elucidation expression intelligence interchange intercommunication intercourse link making known mention publication reading reception talk talking transfer transmission utterance writing withholding cover disagreement suppression concealment silence denial la chancla Telling baby boy child daughter girl infant son teenager youngster youth bairn juvenile lad lass tot little one adult joke bother tease pretend delude flimflam rag razz jest jape hoax josh banter cozen gull jolly dupe trick beguile bamboozle roast fun spoof hoodwink rib mock make fun of make sport of flesh and blood blood relative children clay consanguinean family kids kin kith and kin offspring organism relatives uterine kin progeny begats breed descendants get issue lineage posterity progeniture race seed stock young parent Kids la chancla kid Kid a certain a particular a well known one such this in order that in that so that which who that fact that one that other the one in question another a distinct a further a separate added else farther fresh further more new one more other some other that aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned the indicated the present the aforementioned one the thing indicated this one this person what if but imagine supposing and that whatever whichever la chancla T.H.A.T. thats LGBT community crowd family folk nation population public society bodies bourgeois cats citizens clan commonality folks herd horde humanity humankind humans inhabitants kin masses mob mortals multitude nationality persons plebeians populace proletariat rabble race riffraff tribe John\u002FJane Q. Public body politic common people general public hoi polloi human race person in the street rank and file animals plants Homo sapiens earth flesh human species man mortality people universe world colonize conquer found immigrate migrate pioneer transplant stay colonized colonizing commonwealth citizenry democracy federation polity republic communities association center colony company district hamlet locality neck of the woods neighborhood residents state stomping ground territory turf disagreement dissimilarity la chancla People continue endure happen lie live occur prevail remain stand stay survive abide breathe last move obtain subsist be extant be latent be present cease depart die discontinue leave stop reside go on dwell kick consist inhere get by eke out a living make it stay alive belong accord agree appertain apply associate attach to be a component be a constituent be a part be akin be an adjunct of be connected with be fitting be linked with be related be relevant bear bear upon become befit chime concern correlate correspond exist fit go with harmonize have relationship to have respect to have to do with match permeate pertain refer regard set suit touch vest differ oppose disagree disassociate avoid disconnect refuse disapprove bide bunk crash establish oneself flop hang out hole up inhabit keep house locate lodge nest occupy park perch pitch tent quarter rent rest room roost settle sojourn squat tarry tenant tent advance finish carry on complete dwelt be left be long lived be timeless carry through cling hang on have no end hold hold on hold out keep on linger live on never say die outlast outlive perdure persist ride out run on stay on stick to superannuate sustain wear wear on wear well lose quit halt reject endured endures la chancla ex-ist Exist isnt la chancla Isn't
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