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Norwegian artist's attempt at a machine of perpetual motion

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Więcej: http://www.vismaya-maitreya.pl/zakryt...


free energy keshe fundacja keshe napisy pl darmowa energia kosmos podróże międzygwiezdne międzyplanetarne paliwo moc wolna energia technologia nikola tesla wynalazki wynalazca Norwegian norwegian artist Artist shot bid try attack lick fling tryout header trial stab crack whack success retreat pursue tackle seek solicit essay aim venture push endeavor strive take on forget address angle aspire attempt cast concentrate contemplate covet design direct fix focus intend level mean plan propose purpose set one's sights on sight slant steer target train want wish zero in on zoom in effort conviction creed enterprise faith goal ideal intention movement object objective principles cast lots draw lots gamble go out on a limb have a fling at hazard jeopardize play with fire plunge put eggs in one basket put it on the line roll the dice run the risk skate on thin ice speculate stake stick one's neck out take shot in the dark tempt fate tempt fortune toss up wager wildcat bandy battle be in the running challenge clash collide contend contest cope with emulate encounter face fence fight go after go for go for broke go for the gold grapple in the hunt jockey for position joust lock horns match strength match wits oppose participate in pit oneself against play rival run for scramble for seek prize spar struggle take part tilt tussle vie wrestle adventure be bold brave endanger go ahead make bold pluck up presume risk take a chance take heart try one's hand undertake cause chance compete dare engine tool motor gadget widget robot end setup party ring clone agent grind puppet drudge zombie accoutrement appliance black box contraption device dingbat doodad doohickey furnishings gaff gear gimcrack gimmick gizmo grabber habiliments idiot box implement jigger job machine machinery means mechanism outfit paraphernalia provisions stuff supplies tackle thingamajig tools utensils whatchamacallit whatsis whosis auto automobile bucket buggy bus clunker compact convertible conveyance coupe gas guzzler hardtop hatchback heap jalopy jeep junker limousine motorcar pickup ride roadster sedan station wagon subcompact touring car truck van wagon wheels wreck Rube Goldberg device apparatus contrivance rig brainchild coinage convenience creation discovery equipment harness instrument invention material thingamabob utensil car carriage carrying communication movement transfer transference transmission transportation vehicle Rube Goldberg invention accessory arrangement article construction expedient makeshift medium resort resource rigging shift whatnot whatsit Machine Mac Hine Machines! ceaseless constant perennial unceasing eternal incessant unending permanent enduring infinite endless abiding immortal recurrent repeated repeating returning undying unfailing recurring continued going on halting bounded finite ceasing ending limited brief continuing everlasting fast indissoluble lasting perpetual persistent persisting steadfast steady best champion amaranthine continual continuous day and night indefatigable interminable nonstop on a treadmill round the clock uninterrupted unremitting untiring world-without-end connected consistent equable even firm habitual homogeneous immutable invariable monochrome monophonic monotonous of a piece regular regularized solid as rock stabile stable standardized together unalterable unbroken unchanging unflappable unfluctuating uniform unvarying chronic relentless sustained unrelenting aeonian around-the-clock consecutive dateless frequent oft-repeated repetitive running staying timeless unflagging unwaning all-time Perpetual act stream move sweep sign travel stir drift wave change sway signal flow flux swing repose rest plan nod flag guide be still activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity action activeness exercise exertion hustle labor advancement headway impetus progress progression addendum adjunct alteration attachment bill clarification clause codicil measure modification revision rider suggestion supplement allure ask attract bid coax command demand draw entice gesticulate gesture invite pull summon tempt circling circuit circumvolution current flowing gyration gyre revolution rotation round turn twirl wheel whirl advance amendment beckon circulation Motion paper freebie handout gratis unpaid comp priced bound costly barred busy mean clear loose able easy open frank casual lax vague closed strict separate freed unused empty spare idle extra vacant eager big poor parole rescue pardon relieve acquit release dismiss save ransom unbind loosen reprieve spring deliver absolve undo redeem untie unleash manumit bail bail out let off turn out unchain let out set free uncage unfetter unfix harm injure damn blame hire fasten burden compel limit hurt hold keep employ engage bind exempt unload excuse unlade rid unpack fill load complete consummate downright entire flat out free full infinite no catch no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached outright plenary pure sheer simple straight out supreme thorough total unabridged unadulterated unconditional unlimited unqualified unrestricted utter bleach blink at discharge exculpate exonerate forgive go easy on launder let off easy let off the hook let up on liberate lifeboat sanitize vindicate whitewash wink at wipe it off wipe the slate clean write off disculpate let go wipe off self-determining self-governing self-ruling sovereign uncontrolled accessible achievable applicable at hand at one's disposal attainable come-at-able convenient derivable from feasible getatable handy obtainable on deck on hand on tap open to possible prepared procurable purchasable reachable ready willing and able realizable securable serviceable up for grabs usable altruistic benevolent bighearted chivalrous considerate gracious greathearted heroic liberal lofty magnanimous noble princely unselfish absolute autonomous available Free FREE win chargeless no fear dismantle scrub weak fighting game video game mendacity subterfuge expensive oppression theft power vim dash juice zing force zip pep might life zest fire ardor punch pluck moxie tuck zeal verve drive steam élan birr lack apathy service heat burn gravity current rays wattage voltage peace activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion deal energy enterprise flurry functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vitality vivacity appetite aspiration avidity craving desire eagerness earnestness emulation enthusiasm fire in belly get up and go hankering hope hunger initiative itch keenness longing love lust passion pretension push right stuff striving thirst yearning action bounce brio briskness buoyancy dynamism ebullience elation esprit excitement exhilaration fervor gaiety high spirits oomph sparkle sprightliness vibrancy zap bound elasticity give rebound recoil resilience springiness beef beefiness clout flesh kick meat muscle muscularity robustness sinews sock thew flourish impressiveness intensity panache strength vehemence éclat ambition brawn ENERGY KOS-MOS Kos Mos kos-mos kosmo MOC M.O.C. mocs Nikola Tesla Nikolas Nikola Tesla tesla
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