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[OC] A quick selection of precise freestyle skateboarding, Enjoy!

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Sometimes you just have to get up and make it happen.Filmed on a RX100 M3.I've developed a free course to help passionate individuals develop their personal brand and become remarkable professionals.https://goo.gl/8CkWyB


freestyle skateboarding mentor determination motivation rodney mullen bandana mode decomposed underflip rail primo abrupt active agile brief brisk cursory energetic expeditious hasty hurried immediate instantaneous keen nimble rapid sudden swift alert express fleet flying going prompt ASAP a move on accelerated animated breakneck curt double time expeditive harefooted headlong impatient impetuous lively mercurial move it on the double perfunctory posthaste pronto snappy spirited sprightly spry the lead out winged clumsy delayed idle inactive later lazy leisurely slow sluggish unhurried ignorant stupid uneducated vigorous effective deft able wise ready sharp knowing acute slick adept whiz savvy adroit apt astute bright canny capable clever competent dexterous discerning effectual intelligent on the ball perceptive perspicacious quick-witted receptive shrewd skillful wired all there nimble-witted quick on the draw quick on the trigger quick on the uptake sharp as a tack smart as a whip dull blunt inept weak unintelligent useless ineffective impotent jerky precipitate precipitous quick rushing surprising unanticipated unceremonious unexpected unforeseen expansive at ease nice calm expected gradual deliberate kind increased aggressive alive assiduous bold bustling busy chipper daring dashing determined diligent dynamic eager engaged enlivened enterprising enthusiastic eventful fireball forceful forcible fresh frisky hard-working high-spirited hyper industrious intense inventive jumping on the move perky persevering purposeful pushing resolute zealous afraid unenthusiastic lifeless quiet quiescent inert immobile dormant abeyant cowardly irresolute dispirited disinterested apathetic indifferent lethargic meek accomplished ace brainy clean crack crackerjack expert hot hotshot know stuff masterful masterly no dummy no slouch nobody's fool on the beam practiced proficient skilled smooth there up to speed versed wizard rough coarse green awkward indefinite inexperienced incapable unskillful unable incompetent unskilled athletic buoyant easy-moving limber lithe sportive spright stirring supple twinkle toes vivacious zippy brittle stiff down depressed rigid all ears cagey careful circumspect fast on the draw good hands heads up heedful hip jazzed observant on guard on one's toes on the job on the lookout on the qui vive psyched up switched on vigilant wary watchful wide-awake with it thoughtless careless weary drowsy asleep unobservant unaware indiscreet incautious foolish negligent inattentive Pipehitter Quick choice collection draft election excerpt option pick alternative druthers picking choosing culling refusal rejection adoption acceptance approbation appropriation approval assumption confirmation embracement embracing enactment endorsement espousal following maintenance ratification selection support taking on taking over taking up repudiation pass opposition disapproval back-up opportunity other other fish in sea other fish to fry preference recourse redundancy sub substitute take it or leave it restraint constraint obligation necessity compulsion alternatives opportunities options other fish in seas other fish to fries others picks preferences recourses redundancies selections subs substitutes take it or leave its restraints constraints obligations necessities compulsions rejections anthology album analect compendium compilation digest garland omnibus treasury appointment allotment assigning authorization certification commissioning delegation deputation designation empowering installation naming nomination ordination promotion appointments allotments approvals assignings authorizations certifications choices choosings commissionings delegations deputations designations elections empowerings installations namings nominations ordinations promotions refusals Selection actual clear-cut correct decisive definite explicit literal narrow particular proper rigid rigorous specific strict absolute categorical circumscribed determinate express fixed individual limited nice on the button on the money on the nose restricted right stringent unequivocal very well-defined ambiguous easy-going flexible general imprecise improper inaccurate incorrect indefinite inexact lenient loose obscure tolerant uncertain unsuitable vague yielding careless false negligent questionable slipshod scrupulous careful exact formal ceremonious choosy finicky fussy genteel inflexible persnickety picky priggish prim prissy punctilious stiff stuffy uncompromising stickling uncareful unscrupulous conclusive consummate decided factual genuine infallible positive precise sure unambiguous undeniable unmitigated unquestionable flawed partial dependent conditional submissive compliant complaisant tractable accountable unsure imperfect equivocal all right accurate good great wrong unhealthy sick unsatisfactory analytic\u002Fanalytical cogent detailed diagnostic discrete dissecting explanatory expository inquiring inquisitive interpretive investigative judicious logical organized penetrating perceptive perspicuous problem-solving questioning ratiocinative rational reasonable scientific searching solid sound studious subtle systematic testing thorough valid well-grounded analytical analytic reasonably synthetical unsystematic illogical disorganized chaotic cursory blow-by-blow complete exhaustive in-depth minute step by step alert apprehensive assiduous attentive chary circumspect concerned conscientious conservative cool deliberate discreet exacting fastidious going to great lengths guarded heedful leery meticulous mindful observant playing safe protective provident prudent regardful religious selfdisciplined shy sober solicitous thoughtful vigilant wary thoughtless unconcerned uncaring unwise irrational idiotic reckless rash indiscreet incautious foolish inconsiderate inattentive heedless lax Precise Pipehitter Pre-cise bathe crawl dive float glide paddle submerge wade move practice race skinny-dip slip stroke breast-stroke dog-paddle go for a swim go swimming go wading high-dive take a dip stop swim swam bathed breast-stroked crawled dived dog-paddled floated freestyled glided high-dived moved paddled practiced raced skinny-diped slipped stroked submerged took a dip waded went for a swim went swam went waded stopped freestyle Freestyle Pipehitter free style Skateboarding Pipehitter skateboarding adviser coach guide instructor teacher trainer tutor counsellor pupil student counsel instruct teach explain educate edify sponsor champion help aid inhibit hinder adviser\u002Fadvisor Dutch uncle aide attorney authority backseat driver buttinski clubhouse lawyer confidant consultant counselor director doctor expert friend helper judge kibitzer lawyer mentor monitor partner priest quarterback referee righthand person second-guesser advisers Dutch uncles aides attorneys authorities backseat drivers buttinskuses clubhouse lawyers coaches confidants consultants counselors counsels directors doctors experts friends guides helpers instructors judges kibitzers lawyers mentors monitors partners priests quarterbacks referees righthand persons second-guessers teachers tutors advisor righthand man tipster tout foe enemy advisors drill instructor educator skipper player drill instructors educators skippers trainers players students pupils Pipehitter Mentors Mentor assurance boldness bravery conviction courage decision dedication energy fortitude grit persistence resolve self-confidence steadfastness tenacity valor willpower backbone certainty certitude constancy dauntlessness doggedness dogmatism drive fearlessness guts hardihood heart independence indomitability intrepidity nerve obstinacy pluck purpose purposefulness resoluteness resolution single-mindedness spine spunk stubbornness firm-ness stiff upper lip cowardice diffidence fear idleness indecision indifference timidity wavering weakness irresolution beginning disinterest doubt hesitation spinelessness start vacillation judgment perception solution verdict measurement opinion settlement result visualization trouble question problem adjudication conclusion determination finding pronouncement ruling arbitration adjustment agreement compromise mediation disagreement ascertainment detection find uncovering unearthing assessment appraisal computation estimate estimation rating reckoning valuation value judgment assessments appraisals charges demands duties estimates fees levies rates ratings tariffs taxation taxes tolls valuations assignment allocation allotment appointment apportionment appropriation ascription assignation attribution authorization choice consignment delegation designation distribution giving grant nomination selection specification stipulation keeping Determination Pipehitter DETERMINATION catalyst desire encouragement impetus impulse incentive inclination interest motive reason wish action actuation angle disposition drive fire gimmick goose hunger impulsion incitation incitement inducement instigation kick persuasion predetermination predisposition provocation push spur stimulus suggestion get up and go right stuff block deterrent discouragement dislike hate hatred hindrance dullness prevention depression ax to grind agenda driving force hidden agenda motivation score to settle adjuvant agitator enzyme goad incendiary radical stimulus reactant reactionary spark plug stimulant synergist wave maker blockage catalysts adjuvants agitators enzymes goads impulses incendiaries incentives incitations incitements motivations radical stimuli reactants reactionaries spark plugs spurs stimulants synergists wave makers preventers blocks preventions blockages hindrances cause account agency aim antecedent author basis beginning causation consideration creator determinant doer element end explanation foundation genesis ground grounds leaven mainspring maker matter object occasion origin prime mover principle producer purpose root source spring stimulation outgrowth issue fruit development consequence neglect finish conclusion effect product outcome thoughtlessness result causes accounts agencies aims antecedents authors bases beginnings causations considerations creators determinants doers elements ends explanations foundations geneses inducements instigations mainsprings makers matters motives objects occasions origins prime movers principles producers purposes roots sources springs stimulations outgrowths issues fruits developments consequences finishes conclusions discouragements effects products outcomes results ambition clout effort energy enterprise fire in belly get-up-and-go goods gumption guts impellent initiative momentum moxie pep pressure punch spunk steam stuff vigor vitality what it takes zip enervation apathy lethargy laziness inactivity idleness cowardice Motivation Pipehitter Rodney Pipehitter Mullen Pipehitter Mullens mullen scarf hankie neckerchief handkerchief hat cap lungi turban bandana Bandana Pipehitter approach condition fashion form mechanism method posture procedure process quality situation status style system technique tone book channels course custom plan practice rule state vein wise modus nuts and bolts disorganization look rage cry thing mainstream convention chic now furor craze vogue dernier cri last word latest thing latest wrinkle appearance air attitude bearing blind carriage cast character countenance demeanor dress expression face feature figure front guise image looks manner mannerism mien mode outline pose presence presentation screen semblance shape stamp leaving departure absence reality disappearance rear back appearances auras beards blinds countenances dreams facades fronts guises ideas illusions images impressions mirages phenomena reflections screens seemings semblances sounds specters visions leavings departures absences truths facts certainties disappearances actualities realities concept crack fling idea lick means modus operandi new wrinkle offer program shot stab way whack wrinkle distancing approaches accesses accessions advances advents avenues comings drawing nears entrances gates landings nearings passages paths reachings roads ways distancings exits behavior act action address bag code comportment conduct dealings decency decorum deed delivery deportment ethics etiquette habits management morals nature observance performance propriety ritual role routine savoir-faire seemliness social graces speech tact talk taste tenue way of life what's done listening immorality rest impropriety silence quiet bad manners indecency thoughtlessness carelessness stoppage repose inertia inactivity idleness cessation behaviors actions acts addresses airs attitudes bags bearings carriages codes conventions courses deeds deliveries expressions forms managements miens modes natures observances performances practices presences proprieties rituals roles routines savoir-faires speeches styles talks tastes tenues tones way of lifes what's dones listenings rests improprieties silences indecencies stoppages inactivities cessations Mode Pipehitter mo'de break down decay disintegrate dissolve fall apart molder crumble fester putrefy spoil taint turn putresce unite combine develop grow improve join put together anatomize resolve separate dissect distill atomize break up decompound decayed addled bad carious carrion corroded decomposed effete gangrenous overripe perished putrescent putrid rank riddled rotted ruined spoiled wasted withered developing improving growing flourishing malodorous fetid foul frowzy funky fusty gamy high infested lousy mephitic musty nasty nauseating noisome noxious off offensive pestilential poisonous polluted rancid reeking rotten smelly stale stenchful stinking strong tainted vile sweet savory perfumed fragrant aromatic disappointing disheartening displeasing low-quality mortifying not up to par not up to snuff poor quiet slack sour substandard turned unrewarding unsatisfactory present here contaminated corrupt nidorous rotting whiffy fresh bad-smelling crumbled crumbling decomposing disgusting disintegrated disintegrating fecal feculent festering gross infected loathsome loud moldy purulent pustular putrified smelling touched unsound superior nice uncorrupt decent undecayed new pure good kind trustworthy moral honest wholesome helpful pleasant Decomposed Underflip Pipehitter castigate complain fume inveigh rant scold thunder abuse attack berate blast censure fulminate jaw rate revile upbraid vituperate vociferate whip bawl out chew out objurate tongue-lash be happy compliment flatter praise approve defend protect support surrender balustrade handrail post rail banister baluster bar barricade blank wall block clog deterrent encumbrance fence hindrance hurdle impediment obstacle obstruction pale railing restraint road block snag stop stumbling block traverse wall promotion help opening clearance advantage encouragement assistance aid baste beat blister cane chasten chastise come down on correct criticize discipline drag over the coals dress down drub excoriate flay flog jump down one's throat lambaste lash lay out lean on penalize pummel punish read the riot act ream rebuke reprimand scarify scathe scorch scourge thrash lose guard assist exonerate laud reward forgive declaim bloviate blow hot air declare decry denounce harangue hold forth lecture mouth orate perorate pile it on proclaim recite soapbox speak spiel spout talk big be quiet carpet rake over coals reprove tear into tell off Rail Pipehitter rails bad distinguished dominant eminent exceptional famous great important impressive magnificent phenomenal preeminent special superior superlative well-known A-1 A-number-1 ace boss capital celebrated chief cool crack eventful far-out greatest hundred-proof main major meritorious momentous mostest number one out-of-sight out-of-this-world predominant principal standout star steller super tops world-class common humble inferior insignificant little low normal ordinary poor powerless regular small undistinguished unexceptional unimportant unknown unnotable usual weak average inconspicuous paid resolved settled unnoticeable unremarkable outstanding cardinal crackerjack excellent first first-class heavy highest hot leading paramount state-of-the-art stellar top tough fab top-of-the-line final secondary second-rate supplemental auxiliary latest worst subordinate minor least primary\u002Fprime noteworthy curious wonderful odd singular striking strange notable uncommon significant surprising unique rare noticeable solid miraculous conspicuous marked peculiar prominent salient signal splashy weighty wicked arresting unordinary unwonted arrestive gilt-edged smashing uncustomary world class zero cool familiar unimpressive typical worthless trivial commonplace standard similar like inconsequential remarkable extraordinary unparalleled weird unprecedented anomalous best incomparable inimitable matchless most nonpareil novel only peerless unequaled unimaginable unmatched unreal unrivaled utmost something else unexampled unparagoned trite perfect finest terrific first-rate prime premium champion culminating foremost supreme transcendent unsurpassed optimum beyond compare choicest number 1 sans pareil second to none fewest not right poorest incorrect extra last nice select world high-grade abecedarian basal basic beginning clear duck soup easy elemental essential facile fundamental initial introductory meat and potatoes original plain prefatory preliminary primary primitive rudimentary simplified straightforward uncomplicated underlying ABCs foundational simplest simplex substratal uncomplex child's play rudimental involved hard difficult compound complex intricate complicated abstruse advanced additional elementary astonishing fantastic outrageous spectacular incredible awesome astounding unbelievable superb marvelous breathtaking aces extravagant fictitious groovy immense inconceivable legendary mind-blowing peachy prodigious stupendous A-OK doozie rad top drawer turn-on simple expected plausible credible believable fabulous sensational delicious far out out of sight out of this world best ever like wow cat's meow conventional unpleasant tiny customary head premier sovereign ruling arch top-flight ranking first-string head of the line top of the list unnecessary inessential submissive front heavyweight inaugural at the cutting edge at the leading edge headmost heavy stuff hot stuff hotdog hotshot most important lowest immediately up front first of all first thing firstly in the first place first off primo Pipehitter
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