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Obama surfaces in Manhattan and is treated like a rock star as hundreds cheer.

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Obama surfaces in Manhattan and is treated like a rock star as hundreds cheer him leaving a meeting the day after he is seen catching up with daughter Malia over dinner.Barack Obama was spotted in Manhattan on Friday, marking the first time the former president has been seen since he took his wife on a post-White House vacation to the Caribbean. The former president was treated like a rock star, with a crowd of hundreds cheering him on as he left a meeting at an office building in the Flatiron District. Mr Obama looked to be in full retirement mode, forgoing a tie with his black suit. It's still unclear what Mr Obama is doing in the city. The Simons Foundation, an organization that funds research in mathematics and basic sciences, has an office in the building. The foundation's founders, Marilyn and James Harris Simons, have donated $670,000 to the Obama Foundation and were invited to several events at the White House during his time in office. Photos surfaced last night, showing the former president having dinner with his daughter Malia at Emilio's Ballato, an Italian restaurant in Soho. Malia is currently living in the city while she interns at the Weinstein Co. The restaurant is a hot spot for celebrities such as Rihanna, Billy Joel, Naomi Campbell and David Bowie. The restaurant is known for its club-like feel, and a New York magazine reporter said that newcombers are 'scritinized' by owner Emilio Vitolo from his corner table. Michelle Obama does not appear to have joined her husband for this trip. On Thursday, the former first lady was pictured leaving a Soul Cycle class in Washington, DC.Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/


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