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Officer disciplined after mistaking doughnut glaze for meth

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Cpl. Shelby Riggs-Hopkins of the Orlando Police Department has been disciplined after making a false arrest based on an incorrectly-administered drug test ...


Orlando Sentinel (Newspaper) News (TV Genre) Newspaper (Website Category) Florida (US State) Orlando orlando police krispy kreme donut drugs meth official deputy executive manager agent director chief leader head dignitary bureaucrat magistrate President appointee functionary employee captain police cop sheriff badge arm noncom mounty CEO ambassador authority boss chair chairperson commander consul controller custodian dean exec front office governor head honcho head person inspector judge mayor minister officer organizer overseer person upstairs premier prez producer superintendent supervisor abettor actor advocate assignee assistant attorney broker commissioner delegate doer emissary envoy executor factor factotum go-between handler intermediary lawyer mediary middleperson mover negotiator operative operator principal proctor promoter proxy representative salesperson servant steward substitute surrogate ten percenter worker capitalist croupier dealer financier house investor money-lender teller treasurer usurer CFO cap chieftain four-striper guide higher up master mistress number one owner pilot royalty skip skipper top top dog administrator big cheese commandant czar don guru high priest/priestess kingfish kingpin lead-off person mastermind point person ruler top banana top brass VIP administration big wheel brass businessperson directorate entrepreneur government heavyweight hierarchy higher-up industrialist key player leadership management tycoon banker addicted seasoned trained adapted familiar given to inured grooved abnormal unusual austere spartan strict diligent thorough earnest orderly serious careful correct direct intent regular routine sedulous skillful workaday flippant trivial amateur unserious genial amiable mellow quiet tame benign placid tender affable soft humane cool taught bland docile easy kindly lenient meek pacific pliable hateful surly cruel unkind excited callous healthy odorous putrid unhappy mean hard harsh loud violent wild 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school train penalize criticize pummel chastise excoriate scold censure berate upbraid lambaste rebuke reprimand lash punish flog blister discipline cane chasten scourge beat flay drub rail baste scarify rate scorch ream thrash whip bawl out chew out dress down lay out scathe lean on laud aid guard help lose denounce chide admonish reproach rebuff asperse reprove attack lecture backbite cavil impugn blame judge knock contemn abuse cut up tell off carp at read out praise permit agree defend allow subdue soften curb repress abase afflict restrain cow humble try extol honor boost cheer dominate handle lead oversee manage rule command govern run regulate conduct head bully overlook boss domineer instruct regiment call advise subject guide steer pilot head up comply obey resign risk follow submit yield serve let go chance rush bolster nourish develop enrich encourage refine cherish promote improve advance court better elevate nurse further polish nurture civilize bring on brownnose butter 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register reminder reminiscence scandal sheet statement tabloid bimonthly biweekly booklet broadside brochure circular digest glossy joint journal manual newsletter pamphlet pulp quarterly semiweekly slick throwaway agency agent channel device element forum implement instrument medium member ministry mouthpiece part process structure unit vehicle voice way mag number serial columnist correspondent editor fourth estate interviewer journalism journalist media newsperson photographer publicist publisher reporter writer black-and-white book characters composition copy edition engraving face font impress impression imprint indentation issue lettering letters lithograph newsprint photograph printed matter stamp type typeface typescript typesetting writing print Newspaper Website website web site category Category Florida florida Flo Rida U.S. you together math united states abreviations yourself people apples mexico america rio grande yeah sure uhha too right absolutely alright aye mon then 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