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On being traded for DMC: ‘No pressure’

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Buddy Hield had his introduction to the Sacramento Media and shared his thoughts on the experience of being traded and about his expectations with the Sacramento Kings. Visit Don Weir’s Reno Dodge dealership and ask for the CK Special. They will match your downpayment up to $1000! Take advantage of this great deal. For more information, visit: http://www.renododgetruckdealer.com/c...Make sure to download the Valley Tire Center mobile app, register and turn on your notifications to get free tire balancing. Check our their website for details: http://www.valleytirewoodland.com/If you are looking for NBA Autographs, NBA Memorabilia, or NBA Trading Cards, HoopCats.com has it all! They also do giveaways on their Instagram page all the time so follow them to keep up! You can also visit their online store for more information: http://stores.ebay.com/TheHoopCatsFollow Cowbell Kingdom on all social media platforms:Follow us on Twitter (Cowbell_Kingdom)https://twitter.com/Cowbell_KingdomFollow us on Instagram (Cowbell_Kingdom)https://www.instagram.com/cowbell_kin...


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