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Open Police Complaints Simulation: Stop and Frisk

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wide clear free exposed cleared bare rent removed patent gaping agape rolling airy ajar naked emptied yawning vacated peeled ringent unshut locked vague lying shifty closed shut sure vacant public fit general on tap proper usable getable on deck visible frank avowed overt plain blatant evident hidden moot arguable doubtful dubious fair sincere candid natural innocent mellow artless unbiased up-front biased unfair unjust cloudy dark tricky launch initiate start convene meet commence jump embark bow sit kick off ring in hide end stop bury jimmy tap burst vent pop gape untie split sever crack lance slot undo gap yawn hole yawp slit unbar sew fasten wrap unite mend marry block hinder hold close fix cover join finish forthright honest open right on square straight straight from shoulder straightforward true trustworthy truthful up front veracious attainable available door's always open employable getatable handy near obtainable operative possible practicable reachable susceptible unrestricted aerate aerify air-condition circulate cool eject expel expose fan oxygenate purify refresh ventilate unclosed unlatched acquiescent agreeable biddable docile influenceable manageable obedient persuadable pliable responsive tractable barefaced big as life clear cut conspicuous crystal clear discernible distinct glaring indubitable make no bones manifest marked noticeable observable open and shut out in the open palpable perceivable self-evident transparent unambiguous under one's nose understandable unequivocal unmistakable aboveboard accessible air amenable apparent Open force man corps pig blue law badge bear heat bull cop bobby fuzz gumshoe copper fed oink narc align array class classify clear the decks dispose file fix up form group line up methodize organize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights range rank regulate sort spruce spruce up systematize tidy whip into shape attend baby-sit bulwark chaperon chaperone conduct convoy cover cover up defend escort fend keep keep an eye on keep in view keep under surveillance look after lookout mind observe oversee patrol preserve ride shotgun for safeguard save screen secure see after shelter shepherd shield shotgun stonewall superintend supervise tend Sherlock Holmes agent analyst attorney auditor detective examiner hound inquirer inspector plainclothes officer private detective private eye prosecutor researcher reviewer sleuth snooper spy tester undercover cop arm black and white captain centurion deputy flatfoot mounty noncom police officer sergeant sheriff cruise inspect keep guard keep vigil keep watch make the rounds mount pound ride shotgun walk the beat watch clean frame get act together groom neaten order pull together put in shape shape up straighten straighten up tauten arrange guard investigator officer gripe charge stink grouse rap moan beef wail clamor kick cavil squawk guff rumble lament whine plaint praise flattery silence applause health approval pleasure 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cease lull close check finish stay ending plug letup closing cutoff aid start help halt stage rest depot quit end drop stand kill hold stall scrub conclude tarry refrain desist cut out draw up pull up wind up wrap up be over blow off cool it sign off bear avoid arrest stem clog hush seal still fill muzzle fix hinder impede gag choke bottle abet open free abdicate back out bail out bow out chicken out cop out cut loose desert discard discontinue ditch drop out duck dump dust flake out fly the coop give up the ship kiss goodbye leave leg it let go opt out pull out run out on screw ship out stop storm out surrender take a powder take a walk throw over vacate walk out on wash hands of withdraw yield anticipate bide expect linger remain sojourn stick around wait abjure abnegate constrain curb decline deny oneself do without eschew evade fast fence-sit forbear forgo give the go by give up go on the wagon keep from pass pass up refuse renounce shun sit on one's hands sit on the fence sit out 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deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider And? AND play romp skip jump leap hop lark trip face fan check bob caper frisk gambol hurdle pounce prance recoil ricochet saltate spring vault blow the lid off bounce bound cut capers cut loose dance go on a tear horse around kick up one's heels let loose raise hell rollick whoop it up caracole carry on cut up fool around go places and do things horseplay monkey around revel roughhouse sport analyze ascertain audit balance account candle case compare confirm correct count enquire about eyeball find out go through investigate keep account look at look over look see make sure monitor note overlook probe prove quiz review scout out scrutinize study take stock tell test try verify appraise assay canvass check out chew over consider criticize delve into dig into explore eye finger go into go over gun inquire inspect parse pat down peruse pick at ponder pore over prospect read reconnoiter research scan scope screen scrutinate search into sift size up survey sweep take stock of turn over vet view weigh winnow apperceive caress clasp clutch fondle fumble grapple grasp grip grope handle manipulate maul palm palpate paw perceive pinch ply poke press run hands over sense squeeze thumb tickle twiddle wield cavort examine feel Frisk frisks
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