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"Outer Space" - A CineSpace 2015 Film

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Finalist "Outer Space" Sander van den Berg Pijnacker, Zuid-Holland NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society offered filmmakers around the world a chance ...


CineSpace 2015 NASA Space Film Competition Outer Space Inspiration Exploration outer space out space outer spaces sunspace in space one space cyberspace ins space ones space one's space cines 2015 Coup Clutz Clan blur cloud coat covering dusting fabric foil fold gauze haze haziness integument layer leaf membrane mistiness nebula opacity partition pellicle scum sheet skin transparency veil web brume obscuration flick picture cinema show motion picture moving picture silent footage dailies rushes talkie photoplay picture show shoot photograph record take roll put in the can blanket afghan carpet cloak coating comforter coverlet envelope film fleece mat puff quilt rug sheath throw wrapper big screen bijou cine drive-in movie house movie theater nabes pictures playhouse silver screen billow darkness dimness fog fogginess frost gloom mist murk nebulosity obscurity overcast pea soup pother rack scud sheep smog smoke smother steam thunderhead vapor woolpack understanding light brightness cognizance clouds bloom crust encrustation finish glaze lamination patina varnish veneer band border caking concretion edge hull incrustation outside rind scab shell surface verge center inside middle interior core Film Coup Clutz Clan nada casa anas nausea nadas baas maas nays bass mass aas asea ass bas mas nabs nags naps ness n's nos nasty base lass mesa naiad pass sass tass dnas rnas cas das gas has jas nab nag nap nar nay nms pas qas usa vas was naze nazi nisi nose nosy gnash nest case ease easy haza nabe naif nail name nape narc nark nave navy nosh nova vase visa n2os da's us a c as q as u s a u.s.a. u. s. a. 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