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Outrage Is Not Enough

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Please #TakeAction now and sign our global petition here: http://amn.st/60088r5E6 Refugees are calling on people to #TakeAction in video responses to tweets ...


'amnesty international' 'human rights' AI is IS ai Amnesty kenya lebanon refugees ogilvy kakuma shatila shock violence abuse affront barbarism damage desecration enormity evildoing harm hurt indignity inhumanity injury insult mischief misdoing offense profanation rape rapine ravishing ruin violation wrongdoing advantage aid benefit blessing compliment favor good help honor kindness obedience pleasure praise respect cheer delight glee happiness joy backhanded compliment brickbat dirty deed left-handed compliment outrage provocation put-down slap slap in the face slight slur vexation wrong anger annoy confront criticize displease dispraise dump on encounter face give a zinger give the cold shoulder hit where one lives meet offend pique provoke put down slander taunt vex acrimony animosity annoyance antagonism blow up cat fit chagrin choler conniption dander disapprobation displeasure distemper enmity exasperation fury gall hatred hissy fit huff ill humor ill temper impatience indignation infuriation irascibility ire irritability irritation mad miff passion peevishness petulance rage rankling resentment slow burn soreness stew storm tantrum temper tiff umbrage acerbate aggravate agitate antagonize arouse bait boil boil over bristle burn burn up chafe craze cross egg on embitter enrage exacerbate exasperate excite fret get mad goad incense inflame infuriate irritate madden make sore nettle raise hell rankle rant rave rile ruffle seethe steam up stir up tempt wrath ruckus flare-up blowup calm scandalize aggrieve defile force ravish maltreat injure jar ravage desecrate persecute spoil mistreat misuse deflower oppress violate whip up raise Cain do violence to fire up kick up a row make hit the ceiling reach boiling point make happy treat well satisfy please flatter gladden assist soothe sanctify right pleasantry appeasement flattery approve placate mollify gratify assuage appease avoid retreat affronted affronting enjoyment peace love ease comfort pleasantness good nature contentment agreeability calmness liking good will be happy discourage bore compose forbear quiet lull tranquilize pacify alleviate Outrage outrages obama mccain election president congress senate media republican democrat outrageous shrouse devonia monsterous covfefe hamberders smocking seperation no more not at all not either not nay never nix neither NOT aint isn't no way forget it as if pyt very ugly girl nasty shit shit and nand nor xor xnor abundant adequate ample full sufficient suitable bellyful acceptable all right already bounteous bountiful comfortable competent complete copious decent enough already fed up had it last straw lavish plenteous plentiful replete satisfactory satisfying sick and tired of unlimited up to here inadequate insufficient lacking unsuitable action capability capacity commensurateness competence enough fairness plenty requisiteness satisfactoriness sufficiency suitableness tolerableness abounding big broad capacious commodious expansive extensive galore generous great heavy large liberal no end profuse rich roomy spacious spare substantial unrestricted voluminous wide abundantly acceptably adequately appropriately bountifully capaciously completely copiously extensively fittingly generously greatly lavishly liberally plenteously plentifully profusely properly richly rightly satisfactorily substantially suitably thoroughly well easy prosperous well-heeled well-off well-to-do adapted all around appropriate au fait being a pistol capable clever crisp dynamite efficient endowed equal fireball fit fool good know ins and outs know the answers know the ropes know the score no slouch on the ball pertinent polished proficient qualified savvy skilled there up to it up to snuff up to speed wicked amply barely fairly moderately rather reasonably so-so sufficiently admissibly averagely commensurately decently passably proportionately tolerably inadequately abundance plenitude adequacy ampleness ample supply right amount insufficiency inadequacy inadequateness not enough limited rare meager poor small short little narrow scarce sparse unimportant insignificant wanting restricted cramped amplest illiberal insufficiently unhappy uncomfortable neglected miserable wretched pitiable needy destitute upset hopeless discontented unqualified inept inefficient incapable impotent unskilled unable incompetent Enough stop quit finish khalas basta halt hot enuff nuff sexy bitch slick sex porn cleavage cheater marriage jerk liar had enough that's it!! shut up i'm finished!! 'nuff loads much forgiveness immunity reprieve absolution condonation dispensation acquittal amnesty compurgation exculpation mercy pardon release clearance deliverance discharge dismissal dismissing exemption exoneration freeing liberation releasing relief from vindication condonance absolve acquit clear condone disculpate dismiss excuse exonerate explain free justify let off rationalize remit vindicate wipe slate clean accept apology allow for bear no malice bear with bury the hatchet commute dismiss from mind efface exculpate exempt extenuate forget kiss and make up laugh off let bygones be bygones let it go let off easy let pass let up on make allowance overlook palliate pocket purge relent respite spring think no more of turn other cheek wink at conviction blame retention hiring employment sentence doom denunciation censure hold charge engage employ maintain keep incarcerate incriminate hire accuse punish damn convict condemn forgave increase forgive Amnesty alien amnesty international asylum seeker bushism immigration illegal alien moron refugee village idiot laught cat milk chesse fatty dong booty pretty smart perfect understanding Kenya kenya awesome beautiful smart funny cool impatient fantastic person girl name woman bae wifey ride-or-die chick boo thang bad bitch Lebanon lebanon culture middle east lebanese beautiful hezbollah stupid slackers cocks dicks cunts cockgobblers jack barakat all time low funny atl barakitty j-man nashville tennessee cracker barrel wilson county fair lhs alien displaced person emigrant evacuee exile expatriate foreigner castaway defector derelict deserter escapee foundling fugitive leper maroon outcast outlaw prodigal renegade runaway boat person expellee homeless person stateless person émigré citizen national native Refugees Refugee refugee refugees war flee fled katrina new orleans refuge 2005 jesse hijackson jesse jackson naacp liberals crime lebanon camps escape run Ogilvy retard clumsy oglivy ogelvy drunkard ungainly [spaztard].
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