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PSX 2016: Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - Trailer

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The trailer that was shown for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy remaster at the 2016 PlayStation Experience. Be sure to subscribe to be notified when new ...


Gaming Target Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Naughty Dog Vicarious Visions Activision PlayStation 4 PS4 PlayStation 4 Pro PS4 Pro PlayStation Experience PlayStation Experience 2016 PSX PSX 2016 psx PSX blast clash boom burst clang clap clatter crack din peal racket slam smash smashing sound thunder thunderclap wham failure loss abort crash bide bunk bunk out dwell hang out inhabit lodge nest perch reside room roost settle squat stay bash beat bump collide hammer hit knock pound pummel rap strike thump whack bang blow-up detonation discharge dynamite eruption outbreak outburst salvo volley impact accident collapse wreck debacle pileup shock crunch concussion ram jar jolt percussion total ditch thud smashup washout sideswipe splashdown crack-up fender bender fender tag rear-ender stack-up abend head crash program crash program error program failure system crash system error fragment disintegrate splinter shatter dash shiver fracture crack up bang into pile up smash up wrack up help fix assist aid mend combine plunge hurtle tumble dive drop slip meet topple overturn sprawl upset lurch pancake pitch bite the dust overbalance prang crash-land drive into fall flat fall headlong fall prostrate give way go in plough into splash down rise straighten increase ascend abide continue carry on stop quit pass depart move leave refuse migrate shun resist reject dispute despise tap lose praise banged banging stillness quiet breeze C.R.A.S.H. c.r.a.s.h CRASH saigon greatest front coward rapper euro kangaroo koala opossum possum wallaby wombat bandicoot marsupial Bandicoot crash bandicoot tap-tap finger portable play loco high hyper crazy rampage balanced fair-minded healthy intelligent levelheaded logical lucid normal prudent rational sensible sober wise all there both oars in water commonsensical compos mentis discerning fit having all marbles judicious moderate of sound mind oriented playing with full deck right right-minded sagacious sage sapient self-possessed sound steady together well foolish irrational stupid unbalanced unintelligent unrealistic unreasonable unwise crazy insane unsound unstable astute cool down-to-earth hard-headed matter-of-fact practical realistic sane shrewd common commonsense easy hard hardboiled hardheaded mundane no-nonsense plainspoken pragmatic unfantastic unidealistic unsentimental able-bodied alive and kicking blooming fit as a fiddle flourishing hearty husky in fine fettle in the pink robust stout strapping strong trim vigorous well-conditioned wholesome accurate acute calculating careful cautious circumspect clear-sighted considerate considered diplomatic discreet discriminating efficacious enlightened expedient far-sighted informed judicial keen perceptive perspicacious politic profound quick-witted reasonable seasonable seemly sharp skillful sophisticated thorough wary well-advised well-judged worldly-wise collected composed coolheaded dependable even-tempered farsighted unflappable cool as cucumber with all marbles common-sense unsensible impractical excited excitable hale sick small thin weak unhealthy unfit skinny unsuited unsuitable inappropriate uncareful thoughtless careless senseless reckless nonsensical injudicious idiotic hasty inattentive rash ignorant incautious imprudent indiscreet level-headed upset nervous SANE S.A.N.E Šane loco crackbrain ideosyncratic gauche psychotic vodka drink vodka alcoholic beverage best drink ever vinegar & vodka v&v small penis šane leash set of three ternion threesome trey triad triangle trine trinity triplet triplicate triptych triumvirate triune troika menage a trois ternary third trichotomy trilogy trio tripartition triplets triplex triplication triplicity trivium three triple triunity trio\u002Ftriple Trilogy multiple movies star wars brown turd ménage à trois sexual relations love triangle fart ass smelly shit synonyms: split separated unnecessary random stupid antonym: complete thorough merit worthy planned party fiesta awesome chim chim fun drinking smoking weed chilling pussy mobile home doublewide motor home climber creeper trailer abode address apartment asylum boarding house bungalow cabin castle cave co-op commorancy condo condominium cottage crash pad diggings digs domicile dormitory dump dwelling farm fireside flat habitation hangout haunt hearth hideout hole in the wall home plate homestead hospital house hut joint living quarters manor mansion nest orphanage pad palace parking place place residence resort roof rooming house roost shanty shelter turf villa where the hat is camper house trailer recreational vehicle trail car camp trailer caravan clip advertisement teaser prevue promo grapevine home office homes Trailer honky redneck ghetto whitetrash poor white loser tornados poor poverty the south the midwest tornado alley tacky rude obnoxious trash paranoia macguyver paranoid barney fbi leg length fetal position scared of shadow seriously only jokes game match sport caper dalliance delight disport diversion foolery frisk frolic fun gambol happiness humor jest joking lark pastime pleasure prank recreation relaxation romp sportiveness teasing depression gloom labor melancholy misery pain profession sadness seriousness sorrow task trouble unhappiness work extreme action gaming laying odds speculation bet betting disposition draw drawing flier gambling game of chance long odds lots numbers numbers game pool random shot stake sweep sweepstake tossup wager play raffle gamble hazard risk give odds rough neglect take lift lay put set maneuver speculate jockey finesse chance exploit manipulate lay money on direct watch leave alone displace remove listen jeopardize back grubstake bankroll venture finance capitalize imperil pledge put on stake down discourage plan design guard dissuade put up shoot plunge adventure hedge parlay hustle spec lay a wager play the market put on the line shoot the works take action rise ascend ante trust pony up dice buy in on lay down lay odds play against play for play the ponies put money on tempt fortune toss up brave challenge face lot endanger defy dare cast lots buck the odds cut the cards flip the coin go for broke make a bet put faith in put trust in shoot the moon take a flyer trust to luck be careful save safeguard insure ensure hide Gaming playing frying eyes not a sport loading please wait gamer games mental social nerd loser cool mlg nfl tom brady alex rodrigez halo 3 own pwn noob choob console computer online process hypocrite scam deceive lying cheating exploiting exploiation hack con social engineering destination mark object objective point purpose spot ambition duty end function intention use ground zero aspiration course desideratum design desire direction intent plan scheme target where one is heading wish address angle aspire attempt cast concentrate contemplate covet direct endeavor essay fix focus intend level mean propose sight slant steer strive train try want zero in on zoom in aim dream enterprise goal hope victim byword scapegoat quarry game prey butt scorn sport sitting duck pigeon neglect thoughtlessness avoidance hatred hate dislike look away forget ignore aiming aims satisfaction laziness indifference humility diffidence contentment apathy targets Target red and khaki hell corporate abuse cesspool annoying buzzwords a christmas carol slave labor corruption micro management belittlement sadists fags rich mans wal-mart guests? weirdos retail stores targie team cafe lods work Naughty Dog Naughty Dog naughty dog blow job milky puppy load bitch nasty headstrong impish mischievous playful rowdy wicked annoying badly behaved contrary disobedient disorderly evil exasperating fiendish fractious froward indecorous insubordinate intractable obstreperous perverse rascally raunchy recalcitrant refractory rough sinful teasing tough ungovernable unmanageable unruly wanton wayward willful worthless wrong calm good moderate nice obedient clean controlled moral pure ill-behaved misbehaving naughty bawdy dirty indecent lewd obscene off-color racy risqué salty shady smutty spicy suggestive contumacious noncompliant nonobservant resistive uncompliant undisciplined delicate devilish elfish frolicsome little minute petite prankish puckish puny slight sprightly tiny ribald adult blue hot improper lascivious loose pornographic purple steamy decent chaste bad undecayed true just upright right profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous worthy virtuous reputable honest badder baddest happy gay upbeat lighthearted joyous joyful submitting behaving accepting observant elfin Naughty Naughties naughties Naughtys naughtyes sex yum babes chikas hotties ladies females pup puppy bitch cur doggy hound mongrel mutt pooch stray tyke bowwow fido flea bag tail-wagger associate with attend chaperon come along conduct consort convoy date dog draft drag escort follow go along guard guide hang around with hang out keep company lead look after shadow shlep along show about show around spook squire stick to string along tag along tailgate take out usher be at be on the back of bother bug bum drive up the wall exasperate gall get get to give a hard time grate hack irk irritate nag needle nettle peeve pester pick on pique provoke tease vex wig plague haunt pursue track trail tail tag trouble bedog let go leave alone run away accompanied withdraw lose leave abandon neglect desert ignore disregard accompanies accompany aggravate relieve make happy please help improve alleviate soften mollify gladden appease soothe calm delight aid aggravated aggravates Dog Dogs love iloveyou by proxy commissioned delegated deputed empathetic eventual imagined indirect pretended secondary substitutional surrogate sympathetic closing conditional consequent contingent dependent down the pike down the road ending endmost ensuing final hindmost in the cards inevitable last later latter overall possible prospective resulting succeeding terminal ulterior ultimate vicarious auxiliary borrowed derivate derivational derived developed proximate resultant second-hand subordinate subsequent subsidiary acting additional alternate another artificial backup counterfeit dummy ersatz experimental false imitation makeshift mock near other provisional proxy pseudo replacement representative reserve second sham simulated spurious stopgap substitutive supplemental supplementary supposititious symbolic temporary tentative vicarial amenable appreciative approving companionable compatible congenial congruous consistent consonant cool down encouraging favorably disposed having a heart in sympathy with like-minded on same wavelength open open-minded pro receptive responsive simpatico tuned in well-disposed well-intentioned past beginning unlikely source causative superior necessary important primary first-rate first-class chief substitute true genuine finished real permanent disagreeable cold unsociable unfriendly unsympathetic unfeeling unconcerned uncaring merciless callous Vicarious empathy to in ones path to live 4 one share life botting cheater scammer dentarg eu eyesight perception view eyes faculty optics seeing sight perceiving range of view actuality blindness fact reality point of view outlook conception fantasy insight idea understanding foresight imagination ideal perspective aspect dream intuition angle retrospect daydream keenness phantasm nightmare fancy discernment facet foreknowledge penetration muse slant standpoint astuteness divination trip head trip pie in the sky pipe dream ideality farsightedness prescience breadth of view castles in the air mental picture substance truth being existence ignorance spirit presence phantom ghost phenomenon ecstasy haunt revelation delusion hallucination specter trance chimera warlock spook oracle mirage prophecy apocalypse illusion wraith certainty picture stunner eyeful angel spectacle dazzler feast for the eyes perfect picture sight for sore eyes Activision modern warfare 3 activision money grubbing scrubs monkey fucks fuck guitar hero neversoft vicarious visions rock band videogames videogame video games video game addiction symptom illness intervention loser guitarhero djhero dj hero band hero rockband blizzard world of warcraft douchebags stupidity treyarch black ops call duty Playstation 4 PlayStation 4 ps4 playstation games sony eigth generation xbox 1 microsoft overload tech nuclear shit power hologram cell broadband engine playstation 4 dual shock 4 rsx2 computer game computerized game electronic game video game PlayStation PLAYSTATION Playstation Playstations playstation pot weed marijuana ganja herb ecstacy meth ice sherm percosets piff crystal heroine acid lsd cocaine speed canibis pills crack video game system palaystation psone sony ecstasy drugs love hearts ketamine ps2 play station console best gaming system system gaystation trash communists disbedatdankxboxcountry PS4 ps4 Ps4 xbox playstation four sony game system one microsoft nintento wii xbone gay likedickinass xboxgang PlayStation 4 Pro fuck xbox godliness greatness favoring for with champion genius master pro star virtuoso winner wizard Bible CEO arbiter aristocrat big cheese big shot big wig boss brains brass buff city hall connoisseur czar egghead establishment exec executive expert feds front office governor guru ivory dome judge kingfish kingpin law power elite professional professor pundit scholar specialist textbook top brass top dog top hand upstairs veteran whiz call girl camp follower courtesan doxy harlot hussy lady of pleasure lady of the night scarlet woman streetwalker strumpet tart tramp trollop whore working girl able adept adroit alert apt astute brainy brilliant cagey canny capable competent crackerjack cunning deep dexterous/dextrous discerning foxy gifted good handy intelligent inventive keen knowing knowledgeable many-sided nimble pretty qualified quick quick on trigger quick-witted rational resourceful sagacious savvy sensible sharp shrewd skilled skillful slick sly smart sprightly talented versatile wise witty ace ignoramus clod rookie amateur authorities bible greenhorn student proletariat authority bawd clever dexterous\u002Fdextrous awkward stupid senseless naive ignorant idiotic foolish cleverest Pros Pro mula dundoes yama yays crispy mlgpro por prosaurousrex bro frat frat bro fratty fine algud in this place bitches prostitute mean girls plastic std slut ps4 pro console ps4 pro shit action background contact involvement know-how maturity participation patience practice reality sense skill struggle training understanding wisdom acquaintance actuality caution combat doing empiricism evidence existence exposure familiarity intimacy inwardness judgment observation perspicacity practicality proof savoir-faire seasoning sophistication strife trial worldliness forebearance ignorance heedlessness neglect peace thoughtlessness unfamiliarity immaturity inexperience chance contingency emprise endangerment enterprise experience exploit feat happening hazard incident jeopardy occurrence peril scene speculation trip undertaking venture adventures bio biography confession diary journal letter letters life life story memoir personal history self-portrayal acquaintanceship alertness aliveness appreciation apprehension attention attentiveness bodhi cognizance comprehension consciousness discernment enlightenment information keenness mindfulness perception realization recognition sensibility sentience abide admit allow brook encounter permit put up with stomach suffer tolerate undergo ordeal event adventure test episode affair avoidance truth surety fact certainty assurance plan stillness passiveness latency inertia inactivity inaction protection abstention safety autobiography awareness insensitivity misunderstanding unconsciousness disregard awarenesses bear throw away take stop shun evade dodge avoid deny dispute disallow reject refuse ex-perience. 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