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PUFFER: Senses obstacles and self-adjusts appropriately.

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nasa adjusts feel impression sensibility sensitivity taste touch faculty function hearing kinesthesia sensation sight smell apathy lot atmosphere intelligence insight mind imagination wit recognition knowledge sentiment common sense ability mentality wisdom appreciation understanding judgment spirit thought aura feeling intuition smarts gumption consciousness sharpness cleverness reasoning capacity discrimination intellect premonition tact prudence quickness reason presentiment soul discernment sanity sagacity cognizance brains clear-headedness thing concrete being stupidity carelessness senselessness inanity reality disbelief inability ignorance physicality significance value matter logic message heart interpretation purport nitty-gritty signification nub use import worth core good nuance gist advantage drift short purpose burden upshot thrust definition substance meat stuff implication acceptation bottom line meat and potatoes name of the game nuts and bolts punch line significancy denotatiton intendment nature of the beast exteriority meaninglessness disadvantage surface outside exterior insignificance notice anticipate appreciate perceive think understand grasp believe realize discern catch divine consider credit read dig apprehend observe suspect know savvy hold deem pick up take in apperceive be with it catch on catch the drift feel in bones feel in gut get the drift get the idea get the impression get the picture get vibes have a feeling have a hunch be numb abandon forget lose let go misinterpret overlook neglect miss release misunderstand disregard disbelieve ignore mother wit commonsense faculties innate common sense intellectual gifts nous senses wits acumen apprehension argumentation brain comprehension deduction generalization induction inference intellection limits lucidity marbles moderation propriety ratiocination rationalism rationality rationalization reasonableness saneness sense sensibleness sound mind soundness speculation misunderstanding body unsoundness mistake misinterpretation reasons bump difficulty disincentive handicap hardship hindrance hitch hurdle interference obstruction restriction snag stumbling block bar block catch check clog crimp encumbrance hamper hang-up interruption joker mountain rub traverse vicissitude catch-22 booby trap monkey wrench advantage aid assistance benefit ease help opening promotion blessing clearance along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less steezy And? AND ascetic automatic autogenous automatous autonomic autonomous endogenous narcissistic narcistic subjective other myself character individuality person ego identity personality narcissism personal egocentrism psyche individual identical own selfhood substantive individualization oneself proprium being entity essence essentia essentiality marrow quintessence self soul spirit substance texture inanimate deadness abstract self-admiration self-pride selfdom egos circumstances coherence distinctiveness existence identification integrity ipseity name oneness particularity selfness singleness singularity status uniqueness opposition difference dissimilarity body child creature dude human being man material matter mortal number party personage singleton somebody something stuff type unit woman one group nothingness nothing individualism steezy accommodate accustom adapt alter conform fine-tune fix modify regulate tailor acclimatize arrange compose dispose doctor fit habituate harmonize order reconcile rectify redress remodel settle suit tailor-make tune do as Romans do fiddle with fix up get act together get it together grin and bear it make conform quadrate swim with the tide disarrange disorganize disturb confuse disagree disorder disperse mix up refuse ruin scatter upset worsen derange unfit tighten balance overhaul correct readjust improve repair set service align focus grind renovate square connect mend polish sharpen tune up calibrate troubleshoot bring into line improve accommodate put in working order dull spoil hurt break destroy damage standardize allocate coordinate sort systematize accord organize grade tally conclude straighten clarify methodize move mismatch differ unsettle nada casa anas nausea nadas baas maas nays bass mass aas asea ass bas mas nabs nags naps ness n's nos nasty base lass mesa naiad pass sass tass dnas rnas cas das gas has jas nab nag nap nar nay nms pas qas usa vas was naze nazi nisi nose nosy gnash nest case ease easy haza nabe naif nail name nape narc nark nave navy nosh nova vase visa n2os da's us a c as q as u s a u.s.a. u. s. a. NASA steezy nasa Nasa
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