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Pandemic could kill up to 150 million

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SHOTLIST 1. Doctor David Nabarro, World Health Organisation, seated at press conference with UN official 2. SOUNDBITE (English) Doctor David Nabarro, ...


AP Archive 463039 25427c646ae3c57e7ce524e38a3c564e UN Flu Kofi Annan George W. Bush broad catholic common comprehensive cosmopolitan empyrean general generic regular sweeping total whole accepted all all-embracing all-inclusive all-over astronomical celestial cosmic customary diffuse ecumenical extensive global multinational mundane omnipresent planetary prevalent stellar terrestrial ubiquitous undisputed unlimited unrestricted usual widespread worldly worldwide abnormal exclusive extraordinary incomplete individual infrequent narrow partial particular rare specific uncommon unusual communicable dangerous endemic epidemic epizootic infectious infective miasmatic pandemic pestiferous pestilential taking transferable transmittable catching communicative contagious expansive prevailing rampant rife wide-ranging all-around all-out blanket earthly encyclopedic exhaustive grand international overall spherical thorough unbounded universal world across the board all over the place boundless current far-flung far-reaching on a large scale outspread pervasive popular public regnant ruling wall-to-wall wholesale affliction contagion curse hydra infection infestation influenza invasion outbreak pestilence rash ravage scourge limited local more widespread concentrated plague good fortune good luck advantage Pandemic hits different keep bottle put up employ hire be capable of be equal to be up to can do commit could cut the mustard have it made make it make out make the grade manage may take care of expel terminate dismiss boot sack bounce cashier discharge kick out give the heave ho let go engage hold allow welcome permit can Could assassinate drown execute get hit massacre murder poison slaughter slay wipe out annihilate asphyxiate crucify dispatch dump electrocute eradicate erase exterminate extirpate finish garrote guillotine hang immolate liquidate lynch neutralize obliterate off sacrifice smother snuff strangle suffocate waste zap X-out do away with do in polish off put away put to death rub out bear create fail give birth leave lose miss save build construct free help hold keep let go loose maintain preserve start begin initiate turn on abate abrogate annul call off cancel destroy disestablish dissolve end expunge extinguish inhibit invalidate kill negate nix nullify overthrow overturn prohibit put an end to put kibosh on put the kibosh on quash repeal repudiate rescind revoke scrub set aside squelch stamp out subvert supersede suppress terminate undo vacate vitiate void break one up charm cheer crack up delight divert fracture gladden grab gratify interest knock dead make roll in the aisles occupy panic please regale tickle wow abolish blot out countermand declare delete discharge efface get off the hook recall render null and void retract reverse stop forbid cease counteract still ruin negative halt veto deaden stifle refuse quell defeat recant Scotch turn out shut off encourage irritate disturb agitate support continue light authorize approve push allow validate assist aid sanction permit promote enact confirm fix establish pass uphold ratify legalize revive set up schedule commence institute abolished abolishing amuse dull bore depress upset tire anger displease pain offend disappoint annoy retain restore enforce annulled hits different Kill Kills 150 hits different bank lot much sum thousand ton total trillion abundance agglomeration aggregation assemblage batch bulk bunch bundle cargo clump cluster collection concentration congeries deposit fullness gathering gobs harvest haul hill hoard jillion jumble load lots lump mass mint mound mountain multiplicity ocean oodles plenty pot profusion quantity ream scad stack stock stockpile store volume whole a lot amassment great deal little part debt ditch individual lack need one valley want heap loads million pile scads wad absolute all-embracing bottomless boundless enduring enormous eternal everlasting illimitable immeasurable immense incalculable incessant inestimable inexhaustible interminable measureless never-ending no end of no end to 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catalogue catalogues depository Archive age ale ape are ate ave awe aye ace axe a 1 a t a z i.e i.e. unglue inflow unfold onfall in full un glue unduly unveil unfurl in flow uncle unfed unfit unify sinful tuneful ungula inflatu until useful infold un fold unfair anvil unruly info on file only manful annul awful unfurls un duly enfold un fit in fun anal un gula un veil in fold un fair heartburn nausea acidosis dyspepsia flatulence gas pain acid indigestion digestive upset dyspepsy gaseous stomach ache bug complaint condition disease disorder dose flu illness indisposition infirmity malady syndrome Cancer affection attack blight breakdown canker collapse contagion contamination debility decrepitude defect distemper endemic epidemic feebleness fever fit hemorrhage ill health infection inflammation misery pathosis plague seizure sickliness sickness spell stroke temperature unhealthiness unsoundness upset virus visitation affliction ailing ailment confinement convalescence disability diseasedness disturbance failing health malaise poor health prostration relapse unhealth indigestion pollution impurity poison corruption defilement germs communicability contagiousness insanitation septicity sterility sanitation imperfection deficiency frailty failing debilitation decay fault vulnerability shortcoming unwellness robustness good health strength ability healthiness soundness improvement strong point advantage perfection health cancer comfort relief fragility flimsiness frailness weakness delicacy puniness delicateness fragileness unsubstantiality weakliness insubstantiality blessing happiness boon wellness well-being order aid ailments diseases illnesses hits different Flu join in canaan cannon givingin funning joining coffins coffin fanning coffin nail fining gain on confining confine canning coining conning fawn on fawning kenning kilning canon covin covenant giving in giving on going in going on goofing go on on joining in coming in coming on goning on got in on keying in keying on moving in moving on caving in keen on fogging in going one gone on going on on 401k fund Kofi Annan hits different coif kod kef kifs hifi kos kif off kefs boff doff kepi ko'd ko's kook sofa toff hi fi t off Kofi hits different kofi annal aeonian ana inane anuran unman anneal annual anon awning inning onning anal anas canaan cannon ancon annoy annul asian avian in on inurn on on union un man and on on own Annan hits different annan gorger corge gouge gorged gorges gewgaw gouger georgic gorge forge gore grew gorgers gorse merge verge gauge kedge corges go get gorgon gorked gouged gouges George W. Bush hits different george w. bush gorger corge gouge gorged gorges forge gouger gore gorge georgic gage gogo gorse merge verge gauge go go kedge George hits different george backwoods bramble briar brush chaparral creeper forest hedge hinterland jungle outback plant scrub scrubland shrubbery thicket vine wilderness backcountry boscage the wild boondocks boonies bush farm country back country countryside cow country farmland forests green belt middle of nowhere outdoors province up country wide open space wilds woods bedraggle burn out conk out debilitate deplete disable drain droop drop enervate exhaust fag fizzle flag jade knock out languish overtire peter out poop prostrate sag sink succumb take tucker weaken wear down weary backwater outskirts unknown countries urbanity metropolis city fatigue add give help fill strengthen rise refresh activate invigorate energize assist aid pour increase grow frontier Bush hits different
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