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Parasite Inc. - Follow the Blind

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bloodsucker bootlicker deadbeat flunky freeloader groupie hanger-on idler leech scrounger sponge stooge sucker sycophant taker extortioner parasite sanguisuge tick vampire bum debtor loafer moocher drone lounger slug sluggard sponger overachiever quiet silence workaholic follower addict adherent admirer advocate apostle attendant backer believer buff client cohort companion convert copycat devotee disciple fan fancier freak habitué helper imitator lackey member minion participant partisan patron promoter proselyte protégé pupil representative satellite sectary servant sidekick supporter toady vassal votary worshiper zealot adversary antagonist enemy manager opponent opposition owner leader barnacle germ antibody bacterium bug disease microbe microorganism pathogen virus what's going around pursue chase displace ensue postdate replace result succeed supersede supervene supplant be subsequent to come after come from come next go after go next proceed from spring from precede avoid disregard go before lead misunderstand neglect pass over scorn shun slight accompany attend seek track catenate concatenate convoy dog draggle escort freeze hound hunt persecute search shadow shag spook stalk tag tail tailgate bring up the rear come with dog the footsteps of give chase go with onto put a tail on run after run down schlepp along stick to string along tag after tag along take out after ignore leave alone let go run away adhere to adopt keep observe reflect serve support watch accord comply conform copy cultivate emulate harmonize heed imitate match mimic mind mirror note obey regard abide by be consistent with be devoted to be guided by be in keeping be interested in do like follow suit give allegiance to hold fast keep abreast of keep an eye on live up to model on pattern oneself upon take after take as an example overlook refuse reject release clash deny differ disagree disobey fight oppose accept get see appreciate apprehend catch comprehend dig fathom grasp realize catch on get the picture take in lose comply with follow abided by complied with followed observed abode by absorb assimilate digest get into incorporate latch onto learn sense soak up understand miss disperse dissipate distract eject emit exude spew vomit accompanies adds appears with appends be connects belongs to characterizes co-occurs coexists coincides with comes with completes follows goes together happens with joins with occurs with supplements takes place with withdraws leaves abandons deserts subtracts add appear with append be connected belong to characterize co-occur coexist coincide with complete go together happen with join with occur with supplement take place with subtract abandon desert leave withdraw every the dark groping unsighted amaurotic blind as a bat destitute of vision eyeless in darkness purblind typhlotic undiscerning unseeing visionless aware seeing sighted ignorant insensitive nearsighted oblivious unconscious careless heedless imperceptive inattentive inconsiderate indiscriminate injudicious myopic neglectful thoughtless unaware unmindful unobservant unperceiving unreasoning concerned conscious mindful sensitive sharp understanding irrational mindless rash wild hasty impetuous reckless senseless shortsighted unthinking violent controlled cunning open quick impassable blocked closed concealed dim disguised obscured obstructed secluded closed at one end dead-end leading nowhere unmarked without egress without exit bare bright clear distinct light plain revealed uncovered curtain blinder blindfold blinker camouflage cloak cover facade front mask trap veil aimless accidental any which way bits and pieces blind capricious casual chance desultory directionless drifting erratic fanciful fickle fits and starts flighty fortuitous frivolous goalless haphazard hit-or-miss indecisive irresolute objectless pointless purposeless random shiftless stray unavailing undirected unguided unplanned unpredictable vagrant wandering wanton wayward definite methodical particular sensible specific systematic determined directed goal-oriented motivated pointed purposeful resolute appearance aura beard countenance dream guise idea illusion image impression mirage phenomenon reflection screen seeming semblance sound specter vision actuality certainty fact reality truth absence departure disappearance leaving bedazzle astound bewilder confuse daze dazzle dumbfound enchant overwhelm stagger stun bore clear up explain binge bacchanal bacchanalia bender blast bout carousal compotation fling jag orgy saturnalia spree tear toot blur becloud bedim befog blear darken glare make hazy make indistinct make vague muddy obscure shade soften brighten illuminate lighten clarify clean cleanse purify concealment coverup deceit deceptive marking disguise dissimulation faking false appearance masking masquerade mimicry paint plain brown wrapper protective coloring red herring shroud smokescreen
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