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Parkour robot overlord has 'Terminator' written all over it

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Boston Dynamics have finally revealed the highly anticipated 'Handle' robot. We all got a sneak peak of its capabilities after a video was leaked online but now we are getting a fuller picture of the wheeled robot overlord and the extent to its incredible agility.READ MORE: http://mashable.com/FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/mashable/TWITTER: https://twitter.com/mashableINSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/mashable/


parkour Say Less Parkour automation cyborg bionic person mechanical person machine agent automaton clone drudge grind laborer mechanical puppet robot zombie Robot Say Less robots chief czar despot emperor ruler suzerain autocrat Hitler authoritarian caesar fascist overlord totalitarian tyrant captor conqueror conquistador defeater holder jailer master owner subduer subjugator emancipator deliverer liberator president big cheese big gun big wheel bigwig boss captain chieftain commander dictator director foreperson general governor head head honcho head person honcho key player leader manager monarch overseer principal proprietor ringleader sovereign superintendent supervisor top brass top cat worker underling subordinate servant apprentice employee follower king baron caliph crowned head gerent imperator kaiser khan magnate maharajah majesty mikado mogul pasha potentate prince rajah rex shah sultan tycoon lord aristocrat bishop commandant count dad don duke earl liege man upstairs marquis nobility noble nobleman old man parliamentarian patrician peer royalty seigneur superior viscount inferior commoner administrator commanding officer controller employer guide guru instructor judge matriarch patriarch pedagogue preceptor pro skipper slave driver spiritual leader swami taskmaster teacher top dog tutor wheel amateur pupil student Overlord Say Less OverLord accept acquire admit bear carry enjoy gain get hold include keep obtain own pick up possess receive retain take annex compass corner hog land occupy procure secure chalk up get hands on get hold of have in hand latch on to lock up sit on take in teem with abandon avoid deny disallow dispossess dispute dodge drop exclude fail forfeit forsake free give lack let go lose miss misunderstand need neglect offer pass refuse reject release spend stop surrender throw away yield kill want undergo consider feel experience leave see know allow permit become suffer let tolerate sustain entertain must be compelled to be forced to be up to fall on meet with ought put up with rest with should think about be one's duty to halt forget ignore involve subsume embrace embody encompass comprehend comprise fix fool outsmart outfox outwit undo dupe overreach outmaneuver deceive swindle buy off tamper with deliver beget bring forth give birth has Say Less H.A.S. HAS ha's drafted penned recorded reported authored dictated spoken unwritten typed printed signed lettered scriptural copied transcribed in black and white clerical accounting bookkeeping clerkish clerkly office pink collar scribal stenographic subordinate typing white collar written covered accounted for examined explored included investigated marked noted observed regarded scrutinized surveyed passed over unfurnished empty bare revealed open exposed unnoticed unheeded unknown cut-and-dried definite destined familiar fated fixed in the cards old hat ordained ordinary plotted prearranged precise routine set settled specific trite vague examination assay audit battery blue book breakdown canvass catechism checking checkup cross-examination diagnosis dissection exam experiment exploration final grilling inquest inquiry inquisition inspection interrogation investigation legwork make-up observation once-over oral perlustration perusal probe quest questioning questionnaire quiz raid reconnaissance research review scan scrutiny search study survey the eye third degree trial tryout view neglect ignorance hard-and-fast absolute binding carved in stone compulsory conclusive decisive exacting inflexible irrevocable mandatory set in concrete unalterable unbending literal accurate actual apparent authentic bona fide close critical faithful genuine gospel methodical natural not figurative plain scrupulous simple strict to the letter true undeviating unerring unexaggerated unvarnished usual veracious verbal verbatim veritable loose embellished decorated difficult complex uncommon different false imaginative figurative exaggerated extraordinary ornate unclear intricate complicated inaccurate abnormal falsified dishonest unreal counterfeit Say Less Written complete entire full greatest gross outright perfect total utter incompletely none zero whole any every sum totality bar none barring no one each and every every bit of every single alone only solely nothing but fully exactly quite purely entirely totally altogether wholly just utterly all in all partly partially everything everyone group accumulation aggregate aggregation collection ensemble entirety jackpot mass quantity unit utmost works sum total across the board integer lock stock and barrel wall to wall whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show zip zilch a lot all considerably emphatically exceedingly extremely highly immensely incredibly infinitely intensely largely markedly notably powerfully substantially tremendously wholesale rarely mildly insignificantly inconsiderably barely hardly across-the-board all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive blanket broad broad in content comprehensive encompassing extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic sweeping wide widespread agglomerate agglomeration amount assemblage body bulk combination conglomerate conglomeration heap lump mixture pile the works one fraction part individual aggregates accumulations agglomerates agglomerations alls amounts assemblages bodies bulks combinations conglomerates conglomerations grosses heaps lumps masses mixtures piles quantities sums totalities totals whole ball of waxes whole enchiladas whole schmears whole shooting matches wholes ones fractions parts individuals gathering all things considered all told bodily by and large collectively conjointly en masse everything considered everything included for the most part generally in all in sum in toto on the whole taken together ALL Say Less bygone past ancient history at an end closed completed concluded done done with ended finished gone settled failed fewer incomplete less unfinished ever too more overmuch surplus extra additionally beyond excessively extremely overly remaining superfluous unduly unused immensely in excess inordinately left over over and above necessary essential off upstairs overhead covering aloft farther up higher than in heaven in the sky on high on top of overtop straight up traversely under above exceeding greater than larger than over inferior deficient below across athwart cross crossed crosswise opposite transversely afresh again anew de novo lately newly of late once again once more over again recently anon bis by and by come again encore freshly one more time over and over recurrently reiteratively repeatedly amid amidst among amongst between during mid surrounded by throughout separate outside away from Say Less Over OVER
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