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Partly sunny, windy, warm

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Tuesday light rain, 60's


at least partially slightly somewhat at best at most at worst bit by bit by degrees carelessly halfway in a general way in bits and pieces in part in some measure in some ways inadequately incompletely insufficiently little by little measurably not entirely not fully not strictly speaking not wholly notably noticeably piece by piece piecemeal relatively so far as possible to a certain degree to a certain extent up to a certain point within limits completely totally wholly half bisected divided even-steven fifty-fifty fractional incomplete limited moderate partly whole total unlimited badly deficiently incompetently ineffectively ineffectually inefficiently ineptly meagerly not enough perfunctorily scantily by installments fractionally moderately quasi apparent apparently fake mock near nominal pretended pseudo- seeming seemingly semi- sham so-called supposedly synthetic virtual would-be entire Mouthfeel Partly brilliant luminous pleasant radiant sunlit clarion cloudless fine light rainless shining shiny summery sunshiny unclouded undarkened dark dim dull cloudy gloomy rainy sorrowful stormy sullen unhappy upset cheerful genial buoyant cheery lighthearted beaming blithe joyful optimistic chirpy lightsome smiling sunbeamy heavy depressed heavy-hearted unfriendly Panglossian assured bright cheering confident encouraged expectant happy high hopeful hoping idealistic keeping the faith merry on cloud nine on top of world positive promising ray of sunshine rose-colored roseate rosy sanguine sunny trusting upbeat utopian animated grinning sparkling ugly sad frowning carefree gay gladsome gleeful jaunty jocund jolly jovial mirthful sprightly vivacious troubled morose heavyhearted worried lethargic blithesome convivial joyous breezy airy casual debonair easy-going effervescent free and easy informal lively low-pressure peppy racy relaxed spicy spirited unconstrained difficult quiet calm lifeless serious still peaceful inactive apathetic ablaze aglow alight argent auroral blazing burning burnished coruscating dazzling effulgent flashing fulgent fulgid glaring gleaming glistening glittering glossy golden illuminated incandescent intense lambent limpid lustrous mirrorlike moonlit phosphorescent polished relucent resplendent scintillating shimmering silvery twinkling vivid normal unpromising black obscure pastel pale typical doleful threatening horrible depressing unintelligent unaware stupid murky dusky somber dreary Sunny Mouthfeel sunnies blustery boisterous brisk gusty stormy windswept airy blowing blowy blustering drafty fresh raw squally tempestuous wild calm quiet uncommunicative unresponsive bombastic diffuse empty garrulous inflated lengthy long-winded loquacious meandering pompous prolix rambling redundant turgid verbose wordy palaverous aerial atmospheric breezy exposed fluttering gaseous light lofty out-of-doors uncluttered vaporous ventilated well-ventilated windy heavy stuffy oppressive closed close burdensome gusting howling inclement raging roaring rough turbulent violent still aureate balderdash big-talking declamatory euphuistic flowery full of hot air fustian grandiose high-flown highfalutin histrionic loudmouthed magniloquent orotund ostentatious overblown ranting rhapsodic rhetorical sonorous stuffed shirt swollen tumid windbag reserved humble restrained oratorical circumlocutory copious diffusive digressive discursive dull exuberant lavish long loose profuse random vague waffling short brief abridged abbreviated limited concentrated compressed compact clear succinct restricted confined Windies Mouthfeel windies Windy balmy heated hot lukewarm mild pleasant sunny sweltering temperate tepid broiling close flushed glowing melting perspiring roasting scorching sizzling sweating clement snug summery sweaty thermal toasty warmish calm cold cool cooled freezing stormy unhappy violent aloof indifferent uncaring unenthusiastic unfeeling unfriendly uninterested unkind cordial cheerful affectionate heartfelt happy warmhearted hearty hospitable tender loving sincere gracious compassionate affable amiable amorous ardent fervent genial kindhearted kindly responsive softhearted sympathetic wholehearted empathetic mean nasty disliking sad depressed disagreeable hateful insincere unpleasant effusive nutty lively intense spirited keen animated excited angry earnest emotional excitable fervid irascible passionate vehement vigorous zealous gung-ho dull moderate toast thaw prepare melt heat bake chafe cook fix microwave warm up put on the fire warm over chill freeze amicable approachable benevolent benign breezy civil clubby congenial courteous gentle good-humored good-natured nice obliging polite sociable urbane warm reserved miserable unrefined rude surly grumbling grouchy disdainful complaining discourteous unsociable unsophisticated unmannerly uncivilized uncivil impolite irritable all over attached caring crazy over dear devoted doting fond friendly huggy kind lovey-dovey mushy nutty about partial soft on undemonstrative antagonistic amative amatory anacreontic brotherly enamored erotic impassioned indulgent overindulgent sisterly platonic attractive buddy-buddy charming complaisant copacetic cozy delightful downright neighborly easy engaging home cooking lenient lovable mellow palsy-walsy pleasing princely pussycat right righteous sweet-tempered swell tight winning gloomy bad testy quarrelsome crabby repulsive hostile agog avid blazing burning desirous eager fierce fiery horny hungry lusty thirsty frigid unexcited disloyal cold-blooded apathetic dispassionate arouse agitate alert animate awaken call challenge electrify enliven fire up foment foster goad heat up incite inflame instigate kindle move provoke rally rouse send spark spur stimulate stir thrill turn on wake up waken whet whip up work up receive bore put out stop halt discourage disenchant quiet lull ignore dishearten dissuade cease prevent Mouthfeel Warm warms
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