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Passport rules: What you need to know before you travel

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Passport rules: What you need to know before you travel


Passport rules What you need to know before you travel authorization key license permit ticket visa warrant credentials pass safe-conduct travel permit prohibition accreditations authorizations cards certificates characters deeds diplomas dockets documentation documents endorsements letter of credences letter of introductions licenses missives papers passports proofs recommendations sanctions testaments testimonials titles tokens vouchers warrants disapproval refusals green card passport identification apperception assimilation badge bracelet cataloging description dog tag establishment identity bracelet letter of introduction letter of recommendation naming recognition tag testimony blueprint brand cipher clue code core crux cue earmark explanation fulcrum guide hinge index indicator interpretation lead lever marker means nexus nucleus password pivot pointer root sign symptom translation exterior exteriority outside lock question keys blueprints brands ciphers clues codes cores cruces cues earmarks explanations fulcrums guides hinges indexes indicators interpretations leads levers markers nuclei passwords pivots pointers roots signs symptoms tickets translations questions exteriorities locks outsides exteriors paper\u002Fpapers affidavit archive bill certificate certification citation contract data deed diaries diploma dossier file grant identification papers indictment instrument letter letters order plea record subpoena summons token voucher will writ writings they she zie sie him her them ver xem hir zir anyone one you a person all any of any person anybody anybody at all each and every one everybody everyone masses public whole world commitment demand obligation right urgency use wish charge committal compulsion desideratum devoir duty essential exigency extremity longing must occasion requisite weakness ought the urge nonessential comfort fortune have luxury plenty riches wealth lack shortage want deprivation destitution distress impecuniousness impoverishment inadequacy indigence insufficiency neediness paucity pennilessness penury poorness privation abundance enough affluence sufficiency necessity deficiency adequacy call for desire require claim covet crave exact hanker hunger long lust miss necessitate pine thirst yearn be deficient be deprived be down and out be hard up be inadequate be in need of be in want be needy be poor be short be without die for do without drive for feel a dearth of feel the necessity for feel the pinch go hungry have occasion for have occasion to have use for hurt for suffer privation yen for abjure despise dislike give hate absence dearth drought need omission unavailability void excess existence presence ask for inquire involve request suggest called for asked for inquired involved lacked necessitated needed occasioned requested required suggested wanted had disliked calls for asks for inquires involves lacks necessitates needs occasions requests requires suggests wants has dislikes care concern custody deadweight millstone office onus responsibility safekeeping task tax trust ward weight adduce advance allege ask assert believe challenge collect declare defend have dibs on something hit hit up hold hold out for insist justify knock lay claim to pick up pop the question postulate pretend profess pronounce requisition solicit stake out take uphold vindicate abandon answer deny desert disbelieve forsake quit reject repudiate stop conceal hide disclaim question appreciate experience have learn notice perceive realize recognize see apperceive apprehend cognize comprehend differentiate discern discriminate distinguish fathom grasp ken prize undergo be acquainted be cognizant be conversant in be informed be learned be master of be read be schooled be versed feel certain get the idea have down pat have information have knowledge of keep up on on top of ignore miss misunderstand neglect overlook confuse mix up forget misinterpret feel identify associate fraternize savor sustain taste be acquainted with be friends with get acquainted have dealings with abstain acknowledge be aware of be cognizant of be conscious of catch the drift dig know read savvy see daylight sympathize with take account of understand mistake criticize decrease depreciate disparage disregard lose value appreciates acknowledges apprehends catches the drift comprehends digs fathoms grasps is aware of is cognizant of is conscious of knows perceives reads realizes recognizes savvies sees daylight sympathizes with takes account of understands is critical not gets loses value depreciates overlooks criticizes misinterprets neglects misses decreases disregards disparages mistakes ignores misunderstands absorb accept believe catch conceive digest get get the picture imagine sense think exclude fail lose assimilate capiche click envisage envision gotcha make out take in tumble deem account allow appraise assume be afraid calculate conjecture credit daresay divine esteem estimate expect guess hold judge presume reckon set store by suppose surmise suspect view disbelieve mistrust deeming accounting allowing appraising assuming being afraid believing calculating conceiving conjecturing crediting daresaying divining esteeming estimating expecting feeling guessing holding imagining judging knowing presuming reckoning sensing setting store by supposing surmising suspecting thinking understanding viewing forgetting misinterpreting neglecting ignoring disregarding mistrusting misunderstanding disbelieving ahead back previously since sooner afore aforetime ante antecedently anteriorly before present ere fore former formerly forward heretofore in advance in days of yore in front in the old days in the past past precendently previous up to now after afterward behind later ahead of antecedent to anterior to in advance of in front of preceding previous to prior to above before beyond exceeding superior to surpassing below deficient inferior ago ages ago back when from way back from year one gone since God knows when time was advanced advancing along at an advantage at the head beforehand earlier first foremost forwards in the foreground in the lead leading onward onwards precedent precedently progressing to the fore ahead of time before the appointed time early too soon with time to spare belatedly tardily already as of now at present before now but now by now by that time by the time mentioned by then by this time even now just now now once then driving excursion flying movement navigation ride sailing sightseeing tour transit trek trip biking commutation cruising drive expedition hop junket passage peregrination ramble riding seafaring swing touring trekking voyage voyaging walk wandering wanderlust wayfaring weekend globetrotting overnight carry cross cruise fly migrate move proceed roam sail transmit vacation visit wander adventure cover explore jaunt jet motor progress rove scour sightsee traverse wend cover ground get through go abroad go camping go into orbit go riding knock around make a journey make one's way set forth set out take a boat take a plane take a train take a trip discourage dissuade halt remain stay stop back up ignore barnstorm campaign canvass go on tour travel troupe circulate actuate circle fly about get about get around go about gyrate mill around mobilize move around radiate revolve rotate set off block communications information technologies means media public relations publicity routes telecommunications transport make headway make strides boat coast drift fare gad gallivant hie journey keep steady pace meander navigate pass push on repair wander about wait advance bear down bicycle bike burn rubber burn up the road cycle dash direct drag fire up floor it guide handle impel lean on it make sparks fly manage operate pour it on propel push roll run send speed spin start steer step on it step on the gas tailgate tool turn vehiculate wheel hold keep stand mismanage neglect check curb repress retard customs established ways etiquette method mode practice regulations system traditional action do's and don'ts amenities civility code convention courtesy decency decorum deportment dignity form formalities mores politesse propriety protocol seemliness suavities usage good behavior proper behavior p's and q's social graces bad manners discourtesy immorality impoliteness impropriety indecency rudeness attitude codes manners morals policies practices principles rites rituals routines standards social conduct way of life ceremony formality nicety refinement crudeness punctilio rules
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