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Phelps City, MO wind whipped fire - 3/6/2017

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A wind driven fire quickly spread through a recycling facility west of Phelps City, MO as storms formed to the west. Fire crews had their hands full as thick smoke and large flames were pushed northward near railroad tracks and passing motorist on Interstate 29.Shot Descriptionshot 1- Wide shot of fire sceneshot 2- Low angle shot of fire sceneshot 3- Tight shot of fire sceneshot 4- Firetruck at sceneshot 5- tiresshot 6- Wide shot of sceneshot 7- billowing smokeshot 8- tight shot of flamesshot 9- wide shot smokeshot 10- trailer on fireshot 11- Tight shot on more tiredshot 12- Building in fireshot 13- wide shot of smokeshot 14- firetrucks at sceneshot 15- tight shot on trucksshot 16- another wide shot of smokeEdit Shot Sheet


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