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photographing a large reflective industrial object [9:00]

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capture illustrate print reproduce shoot Photostat cinematize copy film get lens microfilm mug photo picture record roll snap snapshot take turn x-ray capture on film close-up get a likeness get a shot make a picture photoengrave fail lose misunderstand Photographer Photograph photograph Photographizing photographer broad considerable enormous extensive full generous giant gigantic grand great hefty huge immense massive populous sizable spacious substantial vast wide blimp comprehensive gross liberal roomy super sweeping thumping tidy ample barn door booming bulky capacious colossal copious excessive exorbitant extravagant goodly grandiose humongous immeasurable jumbo monumental mountainous plentiful stupendous voluminous whopping cramped dwarf empty inconsiderable insignificant limited little miniature miniscule minor minute narrow poor restricted short slight small teeny tiny unimportant exclusive Bunyanesque behemoth brobdingnagian elephantine gargantuan gigantesque ginormous herculean hulking humungous large mammoth monster monstrous prodigious pythonic titanic tremendous A-OK adequate admissible all right average big common cooking with gas cool copacetic decent delightful fair fairish goodish hep hip hunky-dory in the swim kosher moderate okay on the ball on the beam passable peachy keen pleasant pleasing respectable right on satisfactory standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional unobjectionable up to code up to snuff welcome abnormal bad extraordinary extreme unacceptable unreasonable unusual acceptable inadequate insufficient intolerable unrespectable unsuitable disagreeable disturbing unsatisfactory unwelcome abounding abundant bounteous bountiful commodious enough expansive galore heavy lavish no end plenteous plenty profuse rich spare unrestricted lacking meager rare scarce sparse wanting not enough amplest appreciable apparent ascertainable clear-cut definite detectable discernible distinguishable estimable evident good-sized healthy manifest marked material measurable noticeable observable obvious perceivable perceptible plain pronounced recognizable sensible significant tangible visible ambiguous imperceptible indistinct invisible obscure unnoticeable unrecognizable vague negligible unnoticed contemplative deliberate meditative studious cogitating pensive pondering reasoning ruminative speculative ignorant unthoughtful cogitative contemplating deliberative excogitative meditating probing reflective thinking conscious affected calculated knowing mannered premeditated rational responsible self-conscious studied willful impassive indifferent senseless unaware unconscious unfeeling unintentional unmindful unresponsive unstudied attentive in brown study intent introspective lost musing rapt reflecting thoughtful disdainful disregarding negligent rejecting scornful shallow unreflective planned purposeful contrivable devisable imitative artful copied copycat copying counterfeit deceptive derivative echoic emulative emulous following forged mimetic mimic mimicking mock onomatopoeic parrot plagiarized pseudo put on secondhand sham simulant different genuine original reflection Reflect Reflection Reflective industrialized mechanical modern technical automated business factory-made in industry machine-made manufactured manufacturing mechanized smokestack streamlined domestic economic bread-and-butter budgetary commercial fiscal industrial material mercantile monetary money-making pecuniary productive profit-making profitable remunerative solvent viable more economic abstruse high-tech methodological occupational professional restricted scholarly scientific special specialized technological vocational article body commodity gadget item matter phenomenon something substance bulk doodad doohickey entity fact gizmo mass reality thingamajig volume whatchamacallit widget nothing nothingness subject design target aim duty end function goal idea intent intention mark mission motive objective point reason view wish end in view end purpose butt focus receiver victim zero ground zero balk complain criticize oppose protest challenge crab cross demur deprecate disapprove disavow discountenance disesteem dispute dissent except expostulate frown gripe grouse inveigh kick rail rant rave remonstrate spurn squawk storm tangle be displeased discommend go one-on-one make a stink mix it up with raise objection sound off take exception take on aid approve help praise agree compliment consent endorse give in go along sanction accept concur ambition aspiration course desideratum desire direction object plan purpose scheme where one is heading dislike hate hatred avoidance neglect thoughtlessness aims ambitions aspirations courses desiderata designs desires directions ends intentions intents marks objectives objects plans purposes schemes targets where one is headings wishes purposelessnesses aimlessness avoidances hatreds dislikes ambitiousness craving dream eagerness endeavor fire in the belly hankering inclination longing passion pursuit push right stuff urge vocation work yearning apathy indifference laziness entertainment fun pastime cravings dreams endeavors fire in the bellies hankerings inclinations longings passions pursuits pushes right stuffs urges vocations works yearnings pastimes entertainments cause attempt conviction creed enterprise faith ideal movement principles consequence development effect fruit issue outcome outgrowth product result asset belonging chattel goods line material produce property specialty stock thing vendible ware Objection objection OBJECTION! 9:00 PM 9:00 sundae Denny's at 9:00 8:30-9:00
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