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Pima County to consider sales tax

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Pima County to consider sales tax


Pima County Supervisors Road repair gasoline tax property tax Richard Elias Steve Christy craig Smith Allie Miller Chuck Huckelberry sales tax canton constituency division shire area belt block city county domain dominion enclosure field kingdom locality neck of the woods neighborhood parcel patch plot precinct principality quarter section sector sphere square state stretch territory township tract turf vicinity ward zone whole areas breadths compasses distances expanses fields operations ranges sizes spaces spheres stretches widths billet corner part subdivision balloters body of voters body politic citizenry district electorate electors faction nation people system voters voting area commonwealth country crown dynasty empire lands monarchy possessions province realm reign rule scepter sovereignty suzerainty sway throne arena bailiwick business calling capacity champaign charge colony concern demesne department dependency duty employment function jurisdiction line office orbit post pursuit region role terrain walk work avocation entertainment fun recreation retreat unemployment acknowledge contemplate deal with examine favor grant look at recognize regard scrutinize see study cogitate concede consult deliberate envisage excogitate inspect meditate muse ponder reason reflect revolve ruminate scan speculate allow for assent to chew over dream of flirt with keep in mind mull over perpend provide for reckon with see about subscribe to take into account take under advisement take up think out think over toss around disregard forget ignore look away neglect refuse abandon discard dismiss leave reject analyze believe deem feel hold respect think view appraise count credit estimate judge remember sense suppose bear in mind care for hold an opinion keep in view look upon make allowance for set down take for think of disbelieve adjudge adjudicate arbitrate award consider decide decree determine rate referee rule settle defer hesitate advert attend notice observe miss overlook assay beat a dead horse confab evaluate figure figure out get down to brass tacks hash interpret investigate kick around rehash resolve sort out spell out talk game test think through assemble combine synthesize analyzes assays beats a dead horse chews over confabs considers estimates evaluates figures figures out gets down to brass tacks hashes inspects interprets investigates judges kicks around rehashes resolves scrutinizes spells out studies tests thinks through assembles neglects forgets synthesizes combines ignores assume accept ascertain be afraid be inclined to think conclude conjecture count upon deduce divine expect fall for fancy find gather get the idea guess have a hunch have sneaking suspicion hypothesize imagine infer posit postulate predicate presume presuppose surmise suspect theorize understand abstain misunderstand calculate know prove doubt let alone not do assumes accepts ascertains concludes conjectures counts upon deduces deems divines expects falls for fancies finds gathers gets the idea guesses has a hunch have sneaks suspicion hypothesizes imagines infers is afraid is inclined to thinks posits postulates predicates presumes presupposes speculates supposes surmises suspects theorizes thinks understands not takes not believes lets alone leaves not does knows calculates doubts proves abstains disbelieves misunderstands disregards rejects discards economic financial monetary profit-making profitable wholesale commissary exchange market merchandising retail retailing supplying trade trading across the counter bartering fiscal for sale in demand in the market marketable mercantile pecuniary popular saleable wholesaling not-for-profit commercial deal industry manufacturing transaction affairs bargaining barter commercialism contracts dealings game industrialism racket selling traffic undertaking buying and selling capital and labor business commerce contract enterprise clientele custom customers dealing interchange patronage public swap truck merchantry disagreement idleness indolence misunderstanding unemployment entertainment fun pastime free enterprise sales businesses Mom and pops cartels concerns corporations establishments factories firms fly-by-night operations houses institutions markets megacorps mills monopolies organizations outfits partnerships setups shoestring operations shops stores syndicates trusts ventures recreations avocations contribution cost duty expense fine levy price rate tariff assessment bite brokerage capitation custom dues excise giveaway imposition impost obligation salvage tithe toll towage tribute pork barrel charge albatross demand difficulty drain load millstone onus pressure strain task weight deadweight advantage aid benefit blessing ease help peace pleasure assess enact impose exact extract charge duty demand toll exact tribute lay an impost require contribution give exonerate release unburden exhaust overtax weaken cumber encumber enervate lade oppress overburden overuse overwork push saddle sap stress stretch tire try weary weigh make demands on press hard on prey on put pressure on wear out weigh down weigh heavily on activate assist compress concentrate delight energize invigorate strengthen arraign blame censure criminate impeach impugn impute incriminate inculpate indict reproach reprove approve exculpate free praise accuse allege apprehend arrest attack attribute betray blow the whistle brand bring charges cite complain denounce file claim finger frame hang something on hold accountable implicate lay at door let have it libel litigate lodge complaint name pin on point finger at prosecute recriminate serve summons slander slur sue summon tax applaud commend defend let go pardon retreat support compliment flatter protect absolve vindicate amount charge evaluate fix value assesses appraises apprises assays checks checks out computes determines digs it estimates figures fixes gauges guesses judges nicks pegs rates reckons sets size up sizes surveys takes measure valuates values weighs helps neglects assists aids ignores assessing appraising apprising assaying checking checking out computing determining digging it estimating figuring fixing gauging guessing judging nicking pegging rating reckoning setting sizing surveying taking measure valuating valuing weighing helping neglecting assisting aiding ignoring appraisal estimate fee taxation valuation assessments appraisals computations determinations estimations judgments ratings reckonings valuations value judgments board bureau cabinet committee department executive legislature management ministry presidency President admiral advisers chair chairperson command commander consulate directors embassy executives feds general headquarters officers officials powers presidium stewards superintendents upstairs chargé d'affaires front office governing body top brass administration supervisors artery avenue boulevard course drive expressway highway lane line parking lot pathway pavement roadway route street subway thoroughfare track trail way alley asphalt byway cobblestone concrete crossroad direction drag parkway passage pike terrace throughway thruway turnpike viaduct back street dragway main drag access admittance approach connection contact door entrance entree entry entrée ingress introduction key open arms open door path road conclusion egress outlet accession advance advent coming drawing near gate landing nearing reaching departure exit distancing leaving approaches attitudes concepts courses cracks flings ideas licks manners means methods modes modus operandis new wrinkles offers procedures programs shots stabs styles techniques ways whacks wrinkles leavings distancings departures arteries avenues boulevards canals conduits corridors ducts highways lines passages pathways roads routes sewers thoroughfares tracks tubes canal conduit corridor duct sewer tube channel promenade refusal adjustment improvement overhaul reconstruction rehabilitation replacement darn mend patch reformation substitution new part breaking damage destruction harm hurt injury neglect wrecking compensate for correct heal improve rebuild recover rectify refurbish remedy renovate retrieve revamp revive debug doctor emend recondition redress reform refresh rejuvenate renew retread right settle sew square do up fiddle with give a face-lift make good make up for patch up put back together put in order put right touch up break decline destroy injure ruin weaken worsen kill upset maintain remain spoil stay wreck remove apply fare hie journey move pass proceed process recur refer resort run travel turn wend withdraw betake oneself head for push on set off for cease halt stop wait adjust align balance bring into line calibrate connect fine-tune fit fix focus grind improve accommodate polish put in working order readjust regulate repair service set sharpen tighten troubleshoot tune up disorganize dull confuse derange disarrange disorder unfit adjusts acclimatizes accommodates 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injuries damages atone absolve answer apologize appease counterbalance do penance expiate make amends make redress make reparation offset outweigh pay propitiate recompense reconcile redeem set off take one's medicine disagree diesel fuel juice oil petrol gasohol propellant petroleum crude oil fossil fuel fuel gas gasoline kerosene naphtha natural gas personal property tax real estate tax equity estate farm goods home house land ownership plot tract wealth worth acreage acres assets belongings buildings capital chattels claim dominion effects freehold holdings inheritance means premises proprietary proprietorship realty resources riches substance title possessorship debt ability affection attribute character hallmark idiosyncrasy mark peculiarity quality trait virtue acquisition accretion achievement acquirement acquiring addition attainment buy gain gaining learning obtainment possession prize procuration procurement procuring property purchase pursuit recovery retrieval salvage winning loss failure forfeit surrender dearth lack need want acquisitions accretions achievements acquirements acquirings additions attainments buys gainings gains learnings obtainments possessions prizes procurations procurements procurings properties purchases pursuits recoveries redemption retrievals winnings needs failures lacks dearths surrenders forfeits losses acre bit grounds manor back forty expanse holding parcel real estate air address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura bearing comportment demeanor deportment effect feel feeling flavor impression look manner mannerism mien mood pose presence semblance tone absence reality background climate color environment local color medium place scene sense space spirit surroundings taste artisan journeyman machinist maker manufacturer master mechanic specialist technician wright skilled worker apprentice unskilled worker craftsman artificer blacksmith journeyperson bumbler unskilled craftsperson smith craftsmen artisans 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