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Pink Lake Mystery Solved!

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Remember that episode we did on Australia's Pink Lake? Well, we have a follow-up! Hank explains in this episode of SciShow News. This episode brought to ...


SciShow science Hank Green Lake Hillier eXtreme Microbiome Project metagenomic analysis Dunaliella salina Lake Retba Salinibacter ruber Dechloromonas aromatica Homo erectus Audible blush coral flush fuchsia rose salmon roseate poor health sickness trim prime verdure acme height summit peak fitness bloom best perfection good health base bottom nadir perforate prick punch incise score notch scallop clean bill of health bill of health full pratique navicert pink pratique florid blowzy glowing high-colored rubicund sanguine undecorated plain natural inelaborate white pallid pale burn color color up crimson flame glow go red mantle pinken redden rouge suffuse be suffused blare blaze brighten fill flare gleam glimmer glisten glitter ignite kindle light shine smolder thrill tingle twinkle put out extinguish dull glowed haleness clean bill complexion constitution energy eupepsia euphoria fettle fine feather form good condition hardihood hardiness healthfulness healthiness heartiness lustiness robustness salubriousness salubrity Pink steezy pinks basin lagoon pond pool reservoir creek loch mere millpond mouth sluice spring tarn inland sea lakelet bath lake mud puddle natatorium puddle splash swimming pool tank want lack backlog cistern container fund holder nest egg receptacle reserve source stock stockpile storage store supply zilch nothingness sea abundance blue bounding main brine briny briny deep deep drink expanse main multitude number ocean plethora profusion sheet surf swell waves land 'La 'ke steezy Lake lakes conundrum enigma problem question riddle secrecy subtlety thriller abstruseness charade chiller cliffhanger crux cryptogram difficulty grabber inscrutability mystification occult oracle perplexity poser puzzlement rebus rune sphinx stickler stumper teaser twister whodunit why brainteaser braintwister closed book inscrutableness mindboggler tough nut to crack known understanding brain-teaser mystery conundrums huggermugger clandestineness clandestinity concealment confidence confidentiality covertness dark darkness furtiveness hiding huggermuggery hush isolation privacy reticence retirement seclusion secretiveness secretness silence solitude paradox catch-22 absurdity ambiguity anomaly catch error inconsistency mistake nonsense oddity opposite reverse correction certainty truth same standard normality accuracy success usualness regularity paradoxes bugaboo cliff-hanger example illustration intricacy mind-boggler puzzler query solution Mystery steezy scissor chow show sideshow scow noshow sash seiche swish scion reshow sickish chows sashay shows ciao schmo shoe shows how showy swisher no show re show ciaos sis says hi schizo squish side show chaw chew chou shoo sigh quiz show for show art discipline education information learning skill system technique branch erudition lore scholarship wisdom body of knowledge disorder disorganization ignorance culture ability accomplishment address aestheticism capacity civilization class courtesy cultivation delicacy dignity discrimination dress elegance elevation enlightenment experience fashion finish gentility good taste grace improvement kindness manners nobility perception polish politeness practice proficiency refinement savoir-faire science tact training urbanity ineptness tactlessness rudeness impoliteness inelegance roughness crudeness bad manners clumsiness hurt harm incompetence coarseness inexperience inability cultures apprenticeship background book learning brainwashing breeding catechism coaching direction drilling edification guidance inculcation indoctrination learnedness literacy nurture pedagogy preparation propagandism proselytism reading rearing schooling study teaching tuition tutelage tutoring neglect destruction bookishness brains intellectuality knowledge letters pedantry savvy scholarliness studiousness advice ammo break chapter and verse clue confidence counsel cue data dirt dope dossier earful illumination info inside story instruction intelligence leak lowdown material message network notice notification orientation propaganda report scoop score tidings tip whole story word question silence accomplishments acquaintance apprehension awareness cognition comprehension consciousness discernment doctrine dogma expertise facts familiarity goods grasp insight judgment know-how light observation philosophy picture power principles recognition substance theory misunderstanding stupidity impotence unbelief weakness inanity SCIENCE! Science curve flourish arc bend braid coil convolution curlicue helix jerk meander plug ply pull roll spiral swivel torsion turn twine undulation warp wind wrench yank zigzag line twist hank Hanks steezy Hank hanks fresh grassy leafy lush raw tender verdant budding burgeoning developing flourishing foliate growing immature infant juvenile maturing recent supple unripe bosky callow half-formed pliable puerile undecayed undried unfledged ungrown unseasoned verduous youthful experienced healthy adult dying mature old shrinking withering expert skilled withered new tenderfoot young innocent credulous gullible ignorant inexpert ingenuous naive unpolished unskillful unsophisticated untrained unversed unpracticed unconversant wet behind the ears worn fir sap jade sage moss pine forest sea grass olive blue-green peacock apple spinach willow verdigris malachite beryl chartreuse kelly aquamarine pea lime bice greenish-blue vert viridian ecological biodegradable environment-friendly environmental 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