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Plane crashes into two homes in Riverside, California

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28/02/2017 News...Plane crashes into two homes in Riverside, California.Three people are killed and two injured after a family traveling home from a cheerleading competition at Disneyland crashes their small plane into two houses in California.A small plane crashed Monday afternoon and sparked a fire in a residential are in Riverside, CaliforniaIt appears that a family of two adults and three teenagers from San Jose were aboard the Cessna 310Officials had only spoken to one surviving victim who was on the aircraft, according to the fire chief It's unclear if the other victims from the crash were from the plane or from one of the residences The plane crashed shortly after taking off headed for San Jose, where the passengers were from.Three people are dead and two are injured after a plane crashed into two homes and sparked a huge fire in Riverside, Southern California on Monday, officials have said. It appears that two adults and three teenagers were on the plane, Riverside Fire Chief Michael Moore said. Rescuers had only spoken to one surviving passenger as of Monday night - a teenager who was being treated as critical even though she had only minor injuries.Moore had said earlier that four people had died following the crash. Authorities later amended that number to three.It is believed that none of the dead or injured were on the ground at the time of the crash. Two homes were completely destroyed in the collision.The passengers, which comprised two other teenagers as well as a husband and his wife, appeared to be a family returning to San Jose after a weekend cheerleading conference at Disneyland.The three teenagers, possibly all females, appeared to all be on the plane for the cheerleading conference, according to Moore.The teenager who was on the plane and survived the crash was ejected from the aircraft during the impact. She was able to talk to firefighters about what had happened as she was taken to a hospital. An unconscious victim from one of the homes was in surgery. Moore said Monday night that there were no injuries from the homes, and everyone who might have been inside is accounted for. Rescuers previously believed three to five people were still missing.There was minor damage to some neighboring homes. Two witnesses previously told TV stations that a woman crawled from one of the houses with her clothes on fire, saying she had been flying the plane.The Cessna 310 crashed shortly after taking off from Riverside Municipal Airport headed for San Jose, having flown about half a mile northeast.Video from a news helicopter showed plane wreckage and at least one home engulfed in flames near the intersection of Central and Streeter Avenue.The video also appeared to show a person being loaded onto a stretcher and removed from the home.Residents in nearby homes were being evacuated and taken to a community center.The fire department responded to reports of a plane crash in a residential area near Central and Streeter Avenues around 4:45 pm, NBC Los Angeles reported. The intersection is located at the limit of Magnolia Center, Riverside's commercial hub.The reason for the crash wasn't immediately known. Reynolds did say weather could have been a factor but did not elaborate.Witnesses described the moment the crash rocked the residential neighborhood, telling NBC Los Angeles they'd heard what sounded like a massive explosion.'It just sounded like a bomb,' resident Ana Duran said. 'I heard people screaming and yelling.' One man told CBS2 how he helped rescue the pilot but struggled to locate the passengers.  'It was a girl, it was a lady,' the man, identified only as Ernesto, told the network. 'She was speaking. She said there was three others on the plane… We looked inside and couldn't see anything, the plane was just gone.'The pilot was able to walk and talk, according to Ernesto.For More News Subscribe This Channel...THANK YOU


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  4 dead, 2 injured as plane hits California homes   4 killed, 2 injured after small plane crashes into houses in California   Terrifying moments as small plane crashes in California   FOOTAGE: Plane CRASHES into two houses in California   One person is dead and five are injured after a plane crashes into two homes.   Plane Crashes Into Houses in Riverside, California   Victims in deadly Riverside plane crash identified   Plane crashed into two homes, several victims   DEADLY: 3 People Killed As Plane Crashes into Riverside Home - Press Conference (FNN)   Small Plane Crashes Into Two California Homes   Small Plane Crashes Into Two California Homes   Plane crashes into Riverside homes   DEADLY: 3 People Killed As Plane Crashes into Riverside Home - UPDATE   Small plane crashes into two California homes   Light aircraft crashes into California home, killing three on board   Small plane crashes into homes in California   USA: One dead and houses ablaze as plane crashes into California residential area   USA: Four dead as plane crashes into Californian residential area setting houses ablaze   FOOTAGE: Plane CRASHES into two houses in California | Three dead   Plane smashes into home Riverside CA #BREAKING Cesna 310   4 killed, 2 injured after small plane crashes into houses in California   Plane crashed into two Riverside, California homes - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)   Four dead, two injured as light plane crashes into two homes in California   Plane Violently Crashes Into 2 Homes In California   Plane crashes into two homes in California Daily Mail Online   Small plane crashes into homes in California   PLANE Violently CRASHES Into 2 Homes In California!   Pilot Among 3 Killed In Plane Crash That Destroyed 2 Homes   Small plane crashes in residential area in California, 4 dead   Plane Crashes Into 2 Houses In California 3 Dead   PRESS CONFERENCE: Plane Slams Into Home - Riverside California (FNN)   Plane crashes into house in US, Pilot Killed   PRESS CONFERENCE: Plane Slams Into Home - Riverside California   2 women survive deadly plane crash in Riverside   3 Dead & 2 Injured After Plane Crashes Into Residential California Neighborhood   Plane ‘with five passengers’ crashes into shopping centre in Melbourne   A plane slams into a house in California   Plane smashes into home Riverside CA #BREAKING   Plane smashes into home Riverside #BREAKING   OFFICIAL FOOTAGE: Riverside, California Plane CRASHES into houses | Three killed   ORIGINAL FOOTAGE: Riverside, California Plane CRASHES into houses | Three killed   Plane Crashes into Massachusetts building, pilot dies   Fatal plane crash in southern California   Dramatic pictures: Small plane crashes into house in Colorado   Two injured after plane bursts into flames in crash on motorway   FOOTAGE: California plane CRASH | Hits two houses   Tragic moment plane crashes into two houses in California   3 dead after small plane crashes into Riverside, California homes - LoneWolf Sager(◑_◑)   Plane crashes into homes in Southern California: 3 dead, 2 injured   Riverside, California.A small plane crashed into two houses in a bad accident.February 27, 2017   Video shows plane crash into Riverside homes   1 dead after plane crashes, destroys house in Georgia   Plane Crash, Cessna 310 Into House Riverside California   4 Dead After San Jose-Bound Plane Crashes In Riverside   Disneyland crashes their small plane into two houses in California   Three Killed When Small Plane Crashes Into California Homes   Three dead after small plane crashes into California homes   Three dead after small plane crashes into California homes   Plane Crash, Cessna 310 Into House Riverside   Plane Crash at a neighborhood in Riverside CALIFORNIA - CAUGHT ON CAMERA - 3 killed 2 injured   LIVE: Plane Slams Into Home - Riverside California   Melbourne plane crash: Five on board killed   NEW: Footage from plane that crashed into Gilbert home   Small plane crashes in Hawthorne Los Angeles USA 2016   Plane crashes into building in Methuen, Massachusetts   Small Plane Crashes into Car   At least 3 killed after small plane crashes in Riverside neigh...   3 dead, 2 injured after California plane crashes into home   TOTAL DESTRUCTION: Plane Slams Into Riverside Family Home   Plane Crashes Into DFO Shopping Centre Near Melbourne's Essendon Airport   2 dead after plane crashes into Rock River in Jefferson County   Plane Crashes Into DFO Shopping Centre Near Melbourne's Essendon Airport   NTSB investigation into small plane crash that killed at...   Los Angeles Crash Plane Leaves at Least One Dead and Four Hurt   Melbourne plane crash In Australia 21/02/2017 VIDEO

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