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playing games like Fruit Ninja using Computer Vision

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careless easy fast lax abandoned corrupt debauched dissipated light playing around swinging wanton disreputable dissolute heedless high living immoral imprudent inconstant lewd libertine licentious negligent out of control profligate rash reckless unchaste unrestrained chaste strict clean decent moral pure uncorrupt virtuous loose displaying exhibiting performing assuming characterization depiction dramatics enacting enactment feigning hamming histrionics imitating imitation impersonation improvisation mime mimicry pantomime performance portrayal portraying posing posturing pretending pretense putting rendition seeming stagecraft stooging theatre theatricals showing off acting delay idling loafing poking procrastination toying trifling dabbling delaying dilly-dallying frittering frivoling loitering procrastinating hastening hurrying push rush dalliance achievement execution personation personification representation failure neglect block disallowance hindrance stop veto monologue narration oration recital recounting rendering address appeal delivery discourse discussion exercise lecture passage piece proclamation rehearsal report selection speaking talk telling holding forth narrating soliloquizing denial quiet refusal silence whole recitation playing contest drill events exercises practice recreation workout athletics fun game pastime action amusement ball disport diversion exercise frolic gaiety picnic play pleasure fun and games physical activity work seriousness vocation sport event fight match meeting series test tourney clash duel joust meet tilt peace tournament games alike comparable related agnate allied allying approximating close cognate conforming congeneric consonant corresponding double equal equaling equivalent jibing matching near parallel relating resembling same twin uniform according to akin analogous approximative carbon-copy coextensive commensurate compatible congenerous consistent homologous identical in the manner of much the same not 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dispute reject renounce repudiate affiliated connate cognated incident kindred similar alien disconnected unconnected unrelated Xerox approximate associated carbon copy concurrent correspondent dead ringer ditto duplicate even facsimile indistinguishable look-alike matched mated proportionate same difference spitting image distinct diverse opposite convertible interchangeable disagreeing disparate applaud enjoy extol honor look up to praise rate highly respect think highly of treasure value abhor condemn denounce detest disrespect reproach criticize decrease depreciate disparage disregard lose value neglect overlook berry crop grain nut produce product drupe harvest pome yield advantage benefit consequence effect outcome pay profit result return reward beginning cause origin source start dessert cake candy confection cookie frozen dessert frozen treat fruit ice cream last course pastry pie pudding sweet sweet course tart aftereffect aftermath backlash backwash can of worms causatum chain reaction conclusion corollary denouement development end end product event eventuality fallout flak follow-up issue outgrowth precipitate pursuance ramification reaction reflex repercussion response sequel sequence side effect spin-off upshot waves question commencement foundation culmination finale payoff termination introduction opening parent issues affairs arguments concerns contentions controversies matter of contentions matters point of departures points problems puzzles questions subjects topics origins causes agreements harmonies parents sources kernel atom bit center core crux germ gist heart hub keynote marrow matter meat morsel nub nubbin part piece pith root substance exterior exteriority outside periphery surface whole materialization actualization being realization combatant fighter champion duelist gladiator mercenary pugilist warrior accepting adopting applying employing practicing proving testing working employment assignment avocation awarding business calling carrying commissioning contracting craft employ engaging enlistment enrollment exercise exercising exertion field function game hire hiring job line mission métier number occupation occupying office position post profession pursuit racket recruitment retaining service servicing setup signing on situation taking on thing trade using vocation what one is into work fun unemployment entertainment hobby pastime recreation surrender idleness inactivity misuse enjoyment advantage benefit having indulgence ownership spending disadvantage handicap hindrance loss displeasure dissatisfaction lack misery need sorrow unhappiness want woe exploitation bleeding profiteering operating accomplishing administering at work conducting contriving determining directing driving executing finishing fulfilling guiding maintaining managing manipulating moving ordering performing regulating revolving running serving spinning supervising sustaining transacting turning wielding through as a consequence as a result at the hand of because of by dint of by means of by reason by the agency of by virtue of for in consequence of in virtue of per through the medium of via with with the help of around CPU abacus analog brain calculator clone laptop mac mainframe microcomputer mini minicomputer adding machine artificial intelligence data processor digital electronic brain micro number cruncher personal computer thinking machine computer electronic calculator pocket calculator totaliser totalizer PDA computer hardware central processing unit computer unit disk drive floppy disk hard drive hardware magnetic disk microelectronics device modem output device supercomputer tape drive machine apparatus appliance automaton automobile contraption contrivance engine gadget implement instrument mechanism motor robot thingamabob tool vehicle widget end number account add add up aggregate amount come count heads count noses count off enumerate estimate figure in figure out include keep tabs numerate reckon run run down run into run to sum take account of tale tally tell tick off total tote tote up subtract guess IBM PC Macintosh desktop computer home computer workstation eyesight perception view eyes faculty optics seeing sight perceiving range of view actuality blindness fact reality aspect conception dream fantasy foresight idea ideal imagination insight outlook perspective point of view understanding angle astuteness daydream discernment divination facet fancy farsightedness foreknowledge ideality intuition keenness muse nightmare penetration phantasm prescience retrospect slant standpoint trip breadth of view castles in the air head trip mental picture pie in the sky pipe dream being existence ignorance substance truth presence spirit apocalypse chimera delusion ecstasy ghost hallucination haunt illusion mirage oracle phantom phenomenon prophecy revelation specter spook trance warlock wraith certainty picture angel eyeful spectacle stunner dazzler feast for the eyes perfect picture sight for sore eyes babe beauty cutie cutie-pie knockout looker vision acumen acuity acuteness awareness brains brilliance cleverness comprehension cunning discrimination good taste grasp guile ingenuity intellect intelligence judgment percipience perspicacity perspicuity refinement sagacity sensitivity sharpness shrewdness smartness smarts wisdom wit insensitivity stupidity misinterpretation mistake misunderstanding denseness inability ineptness obtuseness appearance aura beard blind countenance facade front guise image impression reflection screen seeming semblance sound absence departure disappearance leaving beauties adorablenesses allurements allures artistry attractions blooms charms classes comelinesses delicacies elegance exquisitenesses fairness fascinations glamors good looks graces handsomeness loveliness polishes pulchritude refinements shapelinesses styles symmetries winsomenesses ugliness offensiveness homeliness crudeness roughnesses inelegances disadvantages dogs Adonis Apollo Venus beaut beauty queen belle charmer dish doll dreamboat fox good-looker head turner frump schlump coquette debutante queen dog eyesore
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