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Pokemon Brilliant diamond Shining pearl All starter pokemon locations

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pokemon bright dazzling flashy intense luminous radiant scintillating sparkling vivid ablaze clinquant coruscating effulgent fulgent gleaming glittering glossy incandescent lambent lucent lustrous refulgent resplendent showy cloudy dark dim dull gloomy obscure dulled normal stupid typical unaware unintelligent distinguished excellent exceptional glorious magnificent splendid superb celebrated eminent illustrious prominent bad common inferior insignificant ordinary poor regular second-rate unnoteworthy usual accomplished astute gifted ingenious inventive sharp smart talented acute brainy clever discerning eggheaded Einstein expert genius intellectual knowing knowledgeable masterly penetrating profound quick quick-witted whip whiz kid ignorant inept slow unstylish aflame aglow brilliant flashing glowing unexcited able adroit agile artful au fait capable deft dexterous effective effectual efficient equal to experienced facile intelligent keen know one's onions know the ropes learned masterful powerful practiced prepared proficient qualified responsible savvy skilled skillful there trained up to it up to snuff up to speed with it idiotic impotent incapable incompetent ineffective unable weak delicate feeble infirm powerless useless ablest ace champion first-rate great master outstanding virtuoso amateur unskilled august baronial exalted grand grandiose high-minded high-ranking highfalutin honorable imposing impressive lofty lordly majestic monumental pompous regal stately venerable undignified aureate golden ornate overblown yellow gem jewel rhinestone allotrope corundum ice lozenge paragon rhombus rock solitaire zircon bort brilliant jager arena amphitheatre boards bowl circus coliseum course diamond field gridiron ground gym gymnasium hippodrome park pit platform ring rink square stadium stage amphitheater battlefield circuit court fairground golf course green grounds landing strip lot playground playing area race track racecourse range terrain theater track turf stadia athletic field garden stade strand Diamond gleaming glistening luminous radiant shimmering effulgent dark dim dull gloomy brilliant glorious splendid distinguished eminent remarkable bright conspicuous incandescent lustrous scintillating shiny sparkling beaming coruscating glazed glossy sleek agleam iridescent irradiant lambent lucent nitid noticeable opalescent phosphorescent refulgent relucent resplendent rutilant splendent splendorous cloudy matte normal obscure stupid typical unaware unintelligent rough animated cheerful genial grinning joyful shining smiling sunny sad unhappy frowning sullen ugly clean blank cleansed clear delicate dirtless elegant faultless flawless fresh graceful hygienic immaculate laundered neat neat as a button neat as a pin orderly pure sanitary simple snowy speckless spick-and-span spotless squeaky clean stainless taintless tidy trim unblemished unpolluted unsmudged unsoiled unspotted unstained unsullied untarnished vanilla washed well-kept cluttered dirty disorderly disorganized filthy foul sloppy slovenly soiled tainted unclean untidy complicated contaminated adulterated besmirched incomplete indefinite muddled polluted stained tarnished cleanest apple-pie order spic and span squeaky white imprecise unvirtuous corrupt unchaste defiled impure uncertain aware unintelligible unclear clarion crystal fair fine halcyon light pleasant rainless sunshiny unclouded undarkened undimmed rainy stormy blocked clogged closed clouded foggy indistinct shadowy smudged clearer responsible hindered fuzzy guilty culpable obscured congested vague mysterious ambiguous clearest Shining SHINee jewel nacre seed margarite drop bead bit bubble crumb dab dash dewdrop driblet drip droplet iota molecule morsel nip ounce particle pearl pinch sip smidgen speck splash spot taste tear teardrop trace trickle glob lot mound gem bauble glass hardware jewelry masterpiece nonpareil ornament paragon pick prize rock sparkler stone gems baubles glasses jewels masterpieces nonpareils ornaments paragons pearls picks prizes rocks sparklers stones trumps charm find genius ideal nonesuch phenomenon phoenix prodigy rarity specialty treasure wonder charms finds geniuses ideals nonesuches phenomena phoenixes prodigies rarities specialties treasures wonders pearly fair frosted iridescent ivory milky nacreous off-white opaline silver Pearl complete entire full greatest gross outright perfect total utter incompletely none zero whole any bar none barring no one each and every every every bit of every single sum totality entirely exactly fully purely quite totally across the board altogether wholly all in all just utterly partially partly alone only nothing but solely everyone everything group accumulation aggregate aggregation collection ensemble entirety integer jackpot lock stock and barrel mass quantity sum total unit utmost whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match whole show works zilch zip a lot all considerably emphatically exceedingly extremely highly immensely incredibly infinitely intensely largely markedly notably powerfully substantially tremendously wholesale barely hardly inconsiderably insignificantly mildly rarely across-the-board all-embracing all-encompassing all-inclusive blanket broad broad in content comprehensive encompassing extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic sweeping wide widespread agglomerate agglomeration amount assemblage body bulk combination conglomerate conglomeration heap lump mixture pile the works fraction part individual one aggregates accumulations agglomerates agglomerations alls amounts assemblages bodies bulks combinations conglomerates conglomerations grosses heaps lumps masses mixtures piles quantities sums totalities totals whole ball of waxes whole enchiladas whole schmears whole shooting matches wholes ones fractions parts individuals gathering ALL All of it! All of it! Alle opener initiator innovator inventor originator pioneer adherent follower successor apprentice amateur beginner flunky greenhorn heel neophyte new kid on block newcomer novitiate probationer pupil rook rookie starter student tenderfoot tyro expert professional mentor teacher abecedarian buckwheater catechumen colt fish fledgling greenie initiate learner new kid on the block new person novice recruit trainee old hand veteran beginners abecedarians amateurs apprentices buckwheaters catechumens colts fishes fledglings greenhorns greenies initiates learners neophytes new kid on the blocks new persons newcomers novices novitiates probationers recruits starters students tenderfoots trainees tyros veterans old hands experts professionals teachers hors d'oeuvre antipasto aperitif canape cocktail dip finger food finger sandwich munchies sample convert cub first of May gremlin know from nothing mark plebe postulant prentice proselyte punk converts cubs first of mays gremlins know from nothings marks plebes postulants prentices proselytes punks pupils rookies for starters Starters Starter pokemon area district locale neighborhood part point position region scene section site situation spot station venue whereabouts bearings fix hole locality locus post tract turf neck of the woods whole location location Location cellco location Location Vacation Scenetrally located
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