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Police opened fire on protesters in rioting that erupted in downtown Rotterdam

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detective force law enforcement man badge bear blue bluecoat bobby bull constable constabulary cop copper corps fed flatfoot fuzz gendarme gumshoe heat law narc officers oink patrolman pig boy scout county mounty arrange align array class classify clear the decks dispose file fix up form group line up methodize organize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights range rank regulate sort spruce spruce up systematize tidy whip into shape destroy disarrange disorder disorganize displace jumble mismanage mix up scatter confuse derange disperse disturb arranges adapts adjusts agrees to blueprints charts comes to terms compromises concerts constructs contrives decides designs determines devises directs drafts establishes frames gets acts together gets ready hammers out a deal harmonizes irons out lies out makes a connection makes ready manages maps out negotiates organizes prepares projects promotes provides pulls a wire pulls things together quarterbacks resolves 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preserves rides shotguns for safeguards saves screens secures sees after shelters shepherds shields shotguns stonewalls superintends supervises tends forgets lies bare leaves abandons let goes loses gives up hurts disregards uncovers deserts injures harms endangers ignores Police free not closed aired opened oxygenated ventilated closed concealed secret stuffy undisclosed discovered ascertained detected disclosed disinterred espied explored exposed famous happened upon identified invented learned observed originated perceived presented real recognized revealed searched out shown sighted spotted unearthed unlocked unveiled well-known hidden lost through constant nonstop one-way rapid regular straight straightforward unbroken unhindered uninterrupted incomplete indirect stopping unfinished unpacked assembled emptied removed unloaded boxed packaged packed wrapped wide-open open open wide shut Open opener opening blaze bonfire heat inferno campfire coals combustion conflagration devouring 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give the boot remove throw out axes chops cuts cuts down falls hews hires axing chopping cutting cutting down falling hewing hiring Fire dissident heckler militant radical rebel agitator obstructionist revolutionist beatnik bohemian demonstrator dropout flower child free spirit hippie iconoclast maverick nonconformist peacenik protester complainer bellyacher crab crybaby faultfinder fusser growler grumbler grump moaner nagger nitpicker objector troublemaker dissenter heretic separatist skeptic misbeliever recusant schismatic schismatist sectary yes-man firebrand guerrilla instigator malcontent rabble-rouser activist belligerent combatant fighter partisan rioter warrior Protest protesters protestant anarchistic contumacious defiant disloyal disobedient disorderly dissident factious iconoclastic insubordinate insurgent insurrectionary radical rebel revolutionary riotous subversive traitorous treasonable ungovernable unmanageable mutinous alienated disaffected fractious recalcitrant restless turbulent unruly warring attacking bellicose difficult incorrigible individualistic intractable obstinate pugnacious quarrelsome refractory resistant sabotaging seditious threatening happy obedient compliant governable manageable rebellious chaos complication disturbance lawlessness trouble unrest agitation anarchism anarchy brawl bustle clamor convulsion discombobulation discord disorganization distemper dither entanglement fight flap fracas fuss hubbub hullabaloo imbroglio insurrection mayhem misrule quarrel rebellion revolution riot ruckus rumpus static strike terrorism tizzy tumult turbulence turmoil unruliness uproar mob rule reign of terror calm harmony order peace quiet agreement calmness arrangement conformity health method orderliness organization system disorder clutter confusedness confusion derangement disarrangement disarray disorderedness disorderliness jumble mess mix up muddle muss scramble tumble topsy-turviness rioting Rioting Riot a certain a particular a well known one such this in order that in that so that which who that fact that one that other the one in question another a distinct a further a separate added else farther fresh further more new one more other some other that aforesaid akin alike analogous comparable corresponding equivalent like parallel said similar such a one such a person such a thing suchlike the like aforementioned already stated here previously mentioned the indicated the present the aforementioned one the thing indicated this one this person what if but imagine supposing appear blow up break out burst detonate explode flare up go off spew belch boil discharge emit eruct extravasate gush hurl jet rupture spit spout spurt vent vomit cast out pour forth throw off touch off be quiet Eruption eruption Erupt central main metropolitan urban business midtown country minor secondary residential rural suburban center city asphalt jungle concrete jungle downtown inner city mean streets metropolis municipality urban complex cities boom towns boroughs burgs capitals centers conurbations downtowns megalopolises metropolises metropolitan areas municipalities places polises ports urban places urbs boom town borough burg capital conurbation megalopolis metropolitan area place polis port urban place urban sprawl barrio center city central city condemned buildings core core city ghetto public housing district skid row slum slums urban city urban ghetto Rotterdam rotterdam Rotterdam Junction
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