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Police Sergeant BARKS orders gets owned - corporal + firearm safety!

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detective force law enforcement man badge bear blue bluecoat bobby bull constable constabulary cop copper corps fed flatfoot fuzz gendarme gumshoe heat law narc officers oink patrolman pig boy scout county mounty arrange align array class classify clear the decks dispose file fix up form group line up methodize organize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights range rank regulate sort spruce spruce up systematize tidy whip into shape destroy disarrange disorder disorganize displace jumble mismanage mix up scatter confuse derange disperse disturb arranges adapts adjusts agrees to blueprints charts comes to terms compromises concerts constructs contrives decides designs determines devises directs drafts establishes frames gets acts together gets ready hammers out a deal harmonizes irons out lies out makes a connection makes ready manages maps out negotiates organizes prepares projects promotes provides pulls a wire pulls things together quarterbacks resolves schedules schemes sets stage settles shapes up tailors works out works out a deal not plans disturbs disagrees unfits upsets confuses neglects scatters mixes up disperses deranges disarranges ruins wavers hesitates disorganizes disorders destroys officer patrolwoman peace officer policeman policewoman finest guard attend baby-sit bulwark chaperon chaperone conduct convoy cover cover up defend escort fend keep keep an eye on keep in view keep under surveillance look after lookout mind observe oversee patrol preserve ride shotgun for safeguard save screen secure see after shelter shepherd shield shotgun stonewall superintend supervise tend abandon desert endanger forget give up harm hurt ignore injure lay bare leave let go lose neglect uncover disregard guards attends babysits bulwarks chaperones chaperons conducts convoys covers covers up defends escorts fends keeps keeps an eye on keeps in view keeps under surveillance lookouts looks after minds observes oversees patrols polices preserves rides shotguns for safeguards saves screens secures sees after shelters shepherds shields shotguns stonewalls superintends supervises tends forgets lies bare leaves abandons let goes loses gives up hurts disregards uncovers deserts injures harms endangers ignores Police agent informer police officer private eye private investigator prosecutor reporter sleuth spy analyst bloodhound bull constable cop dick eavesdropper eye fed fink flatfoot gumshoe nark peeper roper scout shadow shamus shoofly snoop tail P.I. Sherlock Holmes bird dog plainclothes officer slewfoot detective enforcer authoritarian bully despot master stickler sundowner teacher trainer tyrant drill sergeant formalist strict teacher disciplinarian captain deputy police arm badge centurion noncom sheriff black and white mounty officer sergeant detectives P. I.S Sherlock holmes agents analysts bird dogs bloodhounds bulls constables cops dicks eavesdroppers eyes feds finks flat feet gumshoes informers narks peepers plainclothes officers police officers private eyes private investigators prosecutors reporters ropers scouts sergeants shadows shamuses shooflies sleuths slewfoots snoops spies tails sergeant sergeant Sergeant crust husk skin case casing coat cortex peeling rind shell core bay growl grunt howl roar snarl woof yap yip cry gnarl snap arf clamor grumble mutter yell bawl bellow bark bluster call cheer holler rout scream screech shout shriek vociferate be quiet ululation wail yelp beller blare bray low whoop yawp whimper bellowed barked bawled bayed bellered blared blustered brayed called clamored cried howled lowed roared routed screamed shouted shrieked wailed whooped yawped yelled yelped was quiet whimpered bellows barks bawls bays bellers blares blusters brays calls clamors cries howls lows roars routs screams shouts shrieks wails whoops yawps yells yelps is quiet whimpers blast boom clang honk hoot peal resound sound out toot trumpet minister's rank priest's rank rite of ordination sacraments Holy Orders orders Order in that order The Order Orders Order In bring draw earn gain grab have land make obtain pick up pull realize receive score take win access accomplish acquire annex attain bag capture clear compass cop educe effect elicit evoke extort extract fetch glean hustle inherit net parlay procure reap secure snag snowball wangle bring in build up buy into buy off buy out cash in on chalk up clean up come by get hands on lock up make a buy make a killing rack up snap up succeed to avoid drop forfeit give lose offer refuse reject release throw away abandon free give up let go push away relinquish surrender leave miss pass yield catch contract sicken succumb be afflicted with become infected with be given be smitten by come down with get sick apprehend arrest collar defeat nab nail occupy overcome overpower trap lay hold of lay one's hands on liberate fail unfasten become grow run turn achieve wax come over develop into halt stop follow hear know learn look at see comprehend fathom memorize notice perceive catch on to figure out get into one's head take in work out misunderstand misinterpret misconstrue advance come come to reach show converge blow in draw near make it show up turn up depart recede retreat get in touch order adjust contrive dispose dress fit fix prepare ready straighten succeed make up disallow prevent destroy disarrange disorder disorganize discourage dissuade give in mismanage coax compel influence persuade press pressure prevail upon prompt provoke sway urge argue into beg bring around talk into wheedle win over hinder affect amuse arouse bend bias carry away entertain excite gratify impress inspire predispose move satisfy stimulate stir touch stir up strike produce beget breed generate procreate propagate sire kill aggravate annoy bother bug exasperate gall irk nettle peeve pique rile try vex burn get someone's goat put out rub the wrong way appease delight make happy mollify please soothe calm baffle beat bewilder buffalo confound discomfit disconcert distress disturb mystify nonplus perplex perturb puzzle stick stump upset clarify clear up comfort enlighten explain explicate abscond beat it bolt break clear out cut and run decamp disappear dog it duck out escape fade flee fly the coop get go AWOL go south hightail jump make a break make off make scarce pull out quit run off scram skedaddle skip out slip sneak away split steal away take off vamoose vanish appear arrive continue face join remain stay strengthen wait abide endure absorb assimilate digest get into grasp incorporate latch onto sense soak up understand disperse dissipate distract eject emit exude spew vomit accept welcome blackball decline demur deny disagree discard dispute renounce repudiate actualize bring about bring off bring to pass cap carry out carry through close complete conclude consummate deliver discharge dispatch earn wings effectuate enact end execute finish follow through fulfill get done manage negotiate perfect perform resolve seal see through settle sign solve wind up begin commence ignore neglect question spend start unsettle wonder bear create detain forget hold imprison keep open retain unseal amass buy collect corral gather get hold of promote scare up take possession of divide scatter forgo be at be on the back of dog drive up the wall get on one's nerves get to give a hard time grate hack irritate nag needle pester pick on tease aid help alleviate gladden improve relieve soften Get purchased bought enjoyed had held inherited kept retained in hand lost inhabited colonized developed lived-in owned peopled pioneered populated populous possessed rented settled tenanted own endemic hers his individual inherent intrinsic its mine particular peculiar personal private resident theirs very own yours ownest confined contained detained held-back included maintained received remembered reserved restrained saved secured sustained treasured withheld extroverted outgoing disengaged let go refused unemployed wasted Owned anatomical gross human material objective carnal corporeal fleshly fleshy phenomenal sensible somatic substantial tangible partial cerebral immaterial intangible mental spiritual bodily actual animal corporal natural normal organic physical sensual unspiritual soulful earthly genital impure lascivious lecherous lewd libidinous licentious lustful prurient salacious sensuous temporal unchaste venereal voluptuous vulgar wanton worldly clean decent moral chaste intellectual pure mortal mundane of this world secular terrestrial mentally religious kinesthetic sensory tactile brute incarnate personal visceral psychological The Corporate corporication corporation handgun musket pistol revolver rifle shotgun weapon heat Saturday night special cheap handgun firearm rod six-shooter carbine fusil forty-five gun piece thirty-eight ammunition anlace arbalest archery arrow assegai atlatl axe backsword ballista banderilla barong bat baton battle-ax bayonet bazooka billy club blackjack blade blowgun bludgeon bomb boomerang bow and arrow bowie knife brass knuckles cannon catapult cleaver club crossbow cudgel cutlass dagger dart dirk flamethrower harpoon hatchet howitzer hunting knife knife lance machete machine gun missile nerve gas nuclear bomb nunchaku saber scythe slingshot spear spike stiletto switchblade sword tear gas firearms Safety safety safetied
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