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Pope Francis leads solemn Easter Vigil ceremony in Rome as police beef security amid fears the city

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Pope Francis tonight presided over a solemn Easter Vigil ceremony marked by heightened security fears following a spate of Islamic-inspired attacks in Europe.Holding a single candle, Francis processed down the center aisle of a darkened St Peter's Basilica, symbolising the darkness that fell after Jesus' crucifixion on Good Friday. When he reached the altar, the basilica's floodlights turned on, symbolizing the light of Christ's resurrection.Saturday's late-night service came after Francis presided over the evocative torch-lit Good Friday procession at Rome's Colosseum, where Francis repeatedly denounced the 'shame' of the blood spilled by innocent children, women and migrants in the world's conflicts, shipwrecks and other tragedies.On Sunday, he celebrates the joyful Easter Mass in a flower-filled St Peter's Square.There was tight security outside tonight after Italian authorities deployed bomb squads, sniffer dogs and surveillance cameras at the Colosseum the Vatican and other potential terrorist targets in the wake of recent attacks in Britain and Sweden.Anyone entering St Peter's Square had to undergo airport-style screening by walking through X-Ray machines.Pope Francis leads solemn Easter Vigil ceremony in Rome as police beef security amid fears the city,Pope Francis leads solemn Easter Vigil ceremony in Rome,Rome as police beef security amid fears the city,Pope Francis,Easter Vigil,Rome,Pope Francis tonight presided over a solemn Easter Vigil ceremony marked,security fears following a spate of Islamic-inspired attacks in Europe,francis,vatican,jorge bergoglio,saint peter,rome reports,rome,church,pope francis,vatican cityPope Francis leads solemn Easter Vigil ceremony in Rome as police beef security amid fears the cityhttps://youtu.be/og8Bi8QJHJQ


Pope Francis leads solemn Easter Vigil ceremony in Rome as police beef security amid fears the city Pope Francis leads solemn Easter Vigil ceremony in Rome Rome as police beef security amid fears the city Pope Francis Easter Vigil Rome Pope Francis tonight presided over a solemn Easter Vigil ceremony marked security fears following a spate of Islamic-inspired attacks in Europe francis vatican jorge bergoglio saint peter rome reports rome church pope francis vatican city pontiff legate nuncio otho papacy pontifical popery see vatican vicegerent ablegate bishop of rome paparchy popedom popish Holy Father confessor father confessor pope spiritual father spiritual leader bishop abba administrator angel archer berretta cap cleric coadjutor diocesan director metropolitan miter mitre overseer patriarch prelate priest primate suffragan pontifex serotonin donor Pope Francis serotonin donor francis have live pass spend undergo dignified earnest funereal glum intense pensive portentous reflective 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indecorous dishonorable ignoble Solemn serotonin donor Easter serotonin donor observance patrol attention awareness duty guard lookout monitoring notice observation surveillance vigilance watchfulness eagle eye nightwatch stake-out disregard heedlessness ignorance indifference neglect negligence eve brink evening evening before night threshold verge vigil middle insomnia indisposition insomnolence restlessness sleeplessness stress tension wakefulness sleep relaxation anchor beacon belvedere case catbird seat citadel crow's nest cupola hawk observatory outlook overlook panorama post scene scout sentinel sentry spotter station tip tower view ward watch watch person watchtower watcher weather eye thoughtlessness carelessness body mike bug bugging care control direction examination eye inspection peeled eye scrutiny spying stakeout superintendence supervision surveyance tab tail tap track wiretap acuity alertness attentiveness caution circumspection diligence impulsiveness indiscretion wake deathwatch funeral service last rites obsequies serotonin donor commemoration function observance parade rite service show sacrament ceremonial custom formality liturgy ordinance solemnity tradition neglect pomp protocol form propriety decorum nicety preciseness prescription usage strictness conformity politeness formalism formal courtesy rudeness impoliteness impropriety bad manners anniversaries ceremonies commemorations feast days festivals holidays jubilees recurrences red-letter days anniversary ceremony feast day festival holiday jubilee recurrence red-letter day celebration bash birthday blast blowout carousal conviviality festivity fete frolic gaiety gala glorification hilarity honoring hoopla hullabaloo jollification joviality jubilation keeping magnification memorialization merriment merrymaking party performance recognition remembrance revelry saturnalia solemnization spree triumph wingding failure sadness celebrations bashes birthdays blasts blowouts convivialities festivities fetes frolics galas honorings hooplas hullabaloos jollifications jovialities jubilations keepings magnifications memorializations observances parties performances recognitions remembrances revelries saturnalias solemnizations sprees triumphs wingdings failures memorial service monumentalization tribute forgetting negligence courtesy address affability amenities amiability attentiveness chivalry civility comity complaisance consideration cordiality courteousness courtliness cultivation culture deference elegance familiarity favor friendliness gallantness gallantry generosity geniality gentleness good behavior good breeding graciousness indulgence kindness polish refinement respect reverence solicitude suavity sympathy tact thoughtfulness urbanity unmannerliness crudeness unfriendliness roughness meanness disfavor pompousness discourtesy coolness coldness ignorance aloofness thoughtlessness disrespect fear disregard disdain Ceremony serotonin donor rome serotonin donor Rome romes detective force law enforcement man badge bear blue bluecoat bobby bull constable constabulary cop copper corps fed flatfoot fuzz gendarme gumshoe heat law narc officers oink patrolman pig boy scout county mounty arrange align array class classify clear the decks dispose file fix up form group line up methodize organize police police up position put in good shape put in order put to rights range rank regulate sort spruce spruce up systematize tidy whip into shape disturb confuse mismanage displace disperse derange jumble scatter mix up disorganize disorder disarrange destroy arranged aligned arrayed classed classified disposed filed fixed up formed grouped methodized organized policed positioned ranged ranked regulated sorted spruced spruced up systematized tidied not planned disturbed confused mismanaged displaced dispersed deranged jumbled scattered mixed up disorganized disordered disarranged destroyed arranges aligns arrays classes classifies disposes files fixes up forms groups methodizes organizes polices positions puts in good shape puts in order puts to rights ranges ranks regulates sorts spruces spruces up systematizes tidies not plans disturbs confuses mismanages displaces disperses deranges jumbles scatters mixes up disorganizes disorders disarranges destroys arranging aligning arraying classifying classing disposing filing fixing up forming grouping methodizing organizing policing positioning putting in good shape putting in order putting to rights ranging ranking regulating sorting sprucing sprucing up systematizing tidying not planning disturbing confusing mismanaging displacing dispersing deranging jumbling scattering mixing up disorganizing disordering disarranging destroying officer patrolwoman peace officer policeman policewoman finest Police serotonin donor meat arm brawn flesh force heftiness might muscle physique power robustness sinew steam strength vigor thew enervation impotence inability incompetence lethargy powerlessness weakness 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arms stuff supremacy sway upper hands warrants weights what it takes whip hands zaps breaks breaches subordinations prohibitions disadvantages lethargies lacks weaknesses inferiority Beef serotonin donor bond care freedom guarantee insurance preservation surveillance aegis agreement armament armor asylum bail collateral compact contract covenant cover custody defense earnest guard immunity pact pawn pledge precaution promise redemption refuge retreat safeguard safekeeping safeness salvation sanctuary shelter shield surety token ward warrant safety measure break disagreement endangerment harm hurt injury danger insecurity peril trouble uncertainty worry confidence positiveness conviction certainty reliance calm sureness soundness ease assurance doubt acquisition accomplishment achievement allowance annuity award benefit bonus commission dividend donation earnings fortune gain gift grant income increment inheritance net premium prize proceeds profit remuneration return reward riches salary security wages wealth winnings want need failure defeat lack dearth penalty punishment misfortune forfeit poverty debt loss acquisitions accretions achievements acquirements acquirings additions attainments buys gainings gains learnings obtainments possessions prizes procurations procurements procurings properties purchases pursuits recoveries retrievals salvage needs failures lacks dearths surrenders forfeits losses anchor ballast bower comfort fastener foothold grapnel grappling iron grip hold hook kedge mainstay mooring mud hook pillar protection staff stay support release ammunition arms gun hardware heat material munitions ordnance weaponry armament(s) materiel bulletproof vest mail plate sheath serotonin donor Security amidst among amongst between during mid over surrounded by throughout away from beyond outside separate amid betwixt encompassed by in dispersion through in the midst of in the thick of with 'tween at intervals bounded by centrally located enclosed by 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gathering doctrine faction creed schism affiliation connection communion cult persuasion order ism agnosticism disbelief church vestry Eucharist Lord's Supper sacrament breaking of bread mass division disagreement contention variance hostility disunity discord antagonism atheism Weltanschauung articles of faith canon catechism confession conviction dogma ideology profession tenet unbelief skepticism doubt band clan clique following party school group credo doxy gospel orthodoxy piety piousness principle revelation teaching theism theology worship suspicion rejection denial misgiving distrust secret church. serotonin donor Church's Pope Francis serotonin donor pope francis pontiff legate nuncio otho papacy pontifical popery see vatican vicegerent ablegate bishop of rome paparchy popedom popish Holy Father confessor father confessor pope spiritual father spiritual leader bishop abba administrator angel archer berretta cap cleric coadjutor diocesan director metropolitan miter mitre overseer patriarch prelate priest primate suffragan pontifex serotonin donor Pope vatican city serotonin donor
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