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Pope ignores Rome's rain, greeting crowds in an open popemobile

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http://en.romereports.com Wednesday's weekly general audience began with a bit of rain, but that didn't stop Pope Francis from greeting the crowds in an open ...


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unwrap broach unroll untie split sever crack perforate disrupt lance slot separate lacerate undo gap yawn unfurl unfold penetrate hole yawp rupture reveal pierce slit unclothe uncover display break in break out kick in uncork unbar unbolt bust in come apart throw wide unclose unlatch unstop join close up fix secrete hold suppress marry misunderstand mend unite combine wrap fasten sew withhold conceal aboveboard forthright honest open right on square straight straight from shoulder true trustworthy truthful up front veracious underhanded shady devious acceptant accepting acceptive amenable open-minded getatable handy near possible unhandy useless astonished awestruck confounded overwhelmed shocked staring air aerate aerify air-condition circulate cool eject expel expose fan oxygenate purify refresh be quiet take in airing Open melomaniac Pope mobile melomaniac popemobile Popemobile Benedict XVI melomaniac benedict XVI groom helpmate husband mate newlywed spouse old man bride bridegroom suitor benedict Benedict melomaniac xvi melomaniac Pope Benedict XVI melomaniac groom helpmate husband mate newlywed spouse old man bride bridegroom suitor benedict Benedict melomaniac See of Rome papacy papality the Church Apostolic See pontiff pontifical see legate otho popery vicegerent nuncio ablegate bishop of rome paparchy popedom popish pope vatican Vatican melomaniac Pope Francis melomaniac pope francis Francis melomaniac
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