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Potato Head OUTRAGE Is Hilarious (& depressing) | A Quick Response

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expected gradual deliberate kind increased aggressive alive assiduous bold bustling busy chipper daring dashing determined diligent dynamic eager engaged enlivened enterprising enthusiastic eventful fireball forceful forcible fresh frisky hard-working high-spirited hyper industrious intense inventive jumping on the move perky persevering purposeful pushing resolute zealous afraid unenthusiastic lifeless quiet quiescent inert immobile dormant abeyant cowardly irresolute dispirited disinterested apathetic indifferent lethargic meek accomplished ace brainy clean crack crackerjack expert hot hotshot know stuff masterful masterly no dummy no slouch on the beam practiced proficient skilled smooth there up to speed versed wizard rough coarse green awkward indefinite inexperienced incapable unskillful unable incompetent unskilled athletic buoyant easy-moving limber lithe sportive spright stirring supple twinkle toes vivacious zippy brittle stiff down depressed rigid all ears cagey careful 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ritornelle song strain theme tune undersong Response melomaniac
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