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Precinct Caucuses 2010

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KeithEllison Minneapolis DFL Democrat Progressive Minnesota MN Politics Campaigns GOTV PrecinctCaucuses 2010 Grassroots district neighborhood ward area community department development division province quarter section tract zone whole belt block city county domain dominion enclosure field kingdom locality neck of the woods parcel patch plot precinct principality sector sphere square state stretch territory township turf vicinity circuit course march path patrol route walk way boundary compass confine edge end environs extremity fringe limit limitation line margin pale periphery rim term termination verge abuttals ambit barrier beginning border borderland borderline brink circumference circumscription confines extent frame frontier hem horizon limits line of demarcation mark mere mete outline outpost perimeter radius side skirt terminal terminus areas beat borough bound\u002Fbounds minimum interior inside boundaries start opening center middle cop reagan convention gathering meeting session assembly conclave council parley get-together association caucus chamber club committee conference convocation delegates government guild league legislative body legislature order parliament senate society the Hill the house union band bloc bunch cabal camp cell circle clan clique coalition combination combine combo concern confederacy conspiracy contingent coterie crew crowd design division entente gang insiders intrigue junta knot lobby machine minority mob network offshoot outfit partnership party pressure group ring schism sect section sector set side splinter group team unit wing acquisition affair aggregate aggregation body clambake collection company concentration concourse congregation congress crush drove flock function gain group heap herd horde huddle junction levy mass meet muster pile powwow rally roundup social function stock stockpile swarm throng turnout lawlessness separation faction peace conformity agreement unity total entirety individual whole factions one scattering loss dispersal 20-10 2010 2010s 50-11 80-10 bottom woman leakin keep in check five six seven eight nine ten decade time no style hard 3rd millenium 2011 decades gen y gen x the world deaths news music movies 2010. year end of life goddamn it bush obama nasa Minneapolis minneapolis mpls city lakes. mill-city twin-cities lakers minnesota st. paul snow winter lake safety crime pop culture mineapolis motion city mcs mini-apple north minneapolis downtown dfl DFL synonyms: idiot dunce jackass brilliant dying from laughter laughter dying haha down for life respect agreement dead fucking last loser slacker buttfucker:) dating love relationship serious commitment dating for sport dating for love dfs d.f.l. monogamy dating game plan lawmaker leader legislator officeholder senator President boss chieftain grandstander orator partisan republican speaker Party member baby-kisser congressperson handshaker member of Congress member of parliament office seeker public servant statesperson whistle-stopper democrat president politician politicians Democrat democrats barrack obama joe biden abortion death penalty socialism donkey welfare politics suck balls hippie redneck demoncrat liberal democratic party comunism fascism racism conservative douchebag leftist wikipedia cool nice funny smart democtrat continuous dynamic enlightened forward-looking gradual modern radical reformist revolutionary tolerant avant-garde broad developing go-ahead left accelerating advanced advancing bleeding-heart broad-minded continuing enterprising escalating graduated increasing left of center lenient ongoing onward open-minded up-and-coming up-to-date wide intermittent conservative moderate alive astir at work bustling effective efficacious exertive flowing functioning going hasty impelling in force in play in process mobile movable moving operating operative progressive pushing rapid restless rolling running rushing rustling shifting simmering speeding speedy streaming swarming traveling turning walking working breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme first foremost forward higher late leading leading-edge liberal precocious state-of-the-art unconventional A to Z consecutive graded indexed logical ordered beat experimental head hip innovative lead new new wave pioneering vanguard cultivated experienced open permissive unbiased catholic cosmopolitan dispassionate flexible free-thinking indulgent receptive responsive unbigoted undogmatic unprejudiced active quiet fixed quiescent indifferent idle disinterested sluggish lazy inert inactive immobile dormant abeyant unmovable inoperative behind after alphabetical conventional empty small narrow small-minded close-minded restricted Progressive retard hypocrite taker freebies obamabot douchebucket modern liberal socialist radical liberal nazi maoist prognazi libtard democrat progressive bluewave al gore bono nader Minnesota minnesota cold atomic motion absolute zero hell freezes over public schools girl scouts minneapolis st. paul lake harriet mall of america lakes decent mosquitos road rage. campaigning government backroom civics electioneering jungle legislature polity statecraft zoo affairs of state domestic affairs foreign affairs government policy hat in the ring internal affairs matters of state political science smoke-filled room stateship address artfulness craft delicacy delicatesse discretion expedience finesse negotiation poise politics savoir-faire skill subtlety administration authority bureaucracy command control direction domination dominion empire execution executive guidance influence jurisdiction law ministry patronage political practice power powers-that-be predominanc Uncle Sam Washington governance predominance presidency regency regime regimentation regulation restraint rule sovereignty state superintendence superiority supervision supremacy sway the feds union art of the possible poli-sci political theory realpolitik statesmanship diplomacy rudeness impoliteness bad manners ignorance yielding impotence opposition surrender weakness incapacity revolution subservience powerlessness revolt mutiny lawlessness insurrection coup chaos anarchy submission inferiority Politics stupidity nonsence politks blah alot of lying going on shit crap poop assholes lying evil liars politicians crusade drive fight movement offensive operation push expedition warfare inaction stump lobby barnstorm run contest tour agitate canvass stand for politick electioneer muckrake mend fences press the flesh contend for go to grass roots hit the trail mudsling ring doorbells run for solicit votes whistle-stop GOTV angry woman man mtv vh1 alternative music tv music video stupid central constitutional crucial elemental elementary essential indispensable integral intrinsic major necessary paramount principal radical significant structural theoretical underlying vital bottom cardinal first key organic original primary prime primitive requisite supporting axiological axiomatic basal bottom-line constitutive foundational grass-roots meat-and-potatoes primordial rudimentary substratal substrative sustaining underived accessory auxiliary extrinsic inessential insignificant learned least lesser minor needless nonessential secondary trivial unimportant unnecessary additional advanced extra subordinate fundamental grassroots grass roots Grass Roots Grassroots grass--roots politics collegiate enviornment society government people 311 hipster movement hippy stoners nonsense grasrots gasroots political roots grass local anus
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