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Prejudiced Feminists want to Eat Their Cake

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edit: And he's taken down his account, gentleman. I don't consider this the same kind of victory as laughing witch was, I consider this a defeat because he ...


You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Soul Music (Musical Genre) Steve Shives Sargon of Akkad Sargon Of Akkad (Monarch) Feminism Feminism (Literary School Or Movement) Anti-Feminism Men's Rights MRA SJW Social Justice (Political Ideology) Prejudice (Quotation Subject) Chocolate Want All You Want Know steve Steve awesome aussie name power sweet nice loving kind caring soulmate hottie moody sex appeal love booty prowess hot charisma irresistable passion sexy passionate promisicous unforgiving intelligent intimidating perfect awesomeness smart steven stephen genius tammy gorgeous brilliant guitar plug stop seal oak start bobber close float phellem shive spike stopper stopple cork Shive shives cool tight shybe shibe lazy bum terri schiavo laziness seclusion secluded anti-social nutshot stinger drilled powned slapped knife stab wound blade kill feminist Feminist egalitarian egalitarianism equality women men intelligent progressive open-minded understanding freedom fighter feminism gender equality politics historical pro-girl guys hangin out chauvinist anti-sexist square straight feminist movement sexism women&39;s rights the great cause bitch feminazi message jennie lesbian whore face reproduction rights equal pay for equal work bigot trickster impostor phony crook charlatan cheat faker hook fake decoy actor mountebank informer pretender malingerer poser quack humbug fraud deceiver swindler con artist playactor smoothie sophist pharisee bluffer backslider dissembler two-timer casuist lip server two-face bluff chiseler confidence operator conniver cozener defrauder dodger double-crosser double-dealer enticer hypocrite inveigler jockey masquerader rascal rogue scammer shark sharper shyster beguiler empiric four-flusher imitator impersonator mimic mocker pettifogger pseudo scorner sham beggar black sheep blackguard bully bum cad cardsharp delinquent devil disgrace felon good-for-nothing grafter hooligan idler imp liar loafer mischief-maker miscreant opportunist prodigal profligate recreant reprobate robber rowdy ruffian scamp scoundrel sinner skunk sneak tough tramp varmint villain wastrel wretch Benedict Arnold Judas apostate back-stabber betrayer conspirator defector deserter fink intriguer quisling rebel renegade snake snitch snitcher spy squealer stool pigeon tattletale traducer treasonist turncoat whistle-blower wolf imposter poseur snob traitor Hypocrite hypocrisy dumbass hypocritical arrogant smelly exposed nude bald raw bare barren natural open unclad bared denuded peeled clothed hidden covered adorned strong private secret dry overt patent plain pure sheer simple stark baldheaded depilated glabrous hairless head naked shaven skin head smooth uncovered bareskinned disrobed divested in one's birthday suit shorn stripped unclothed undressed unrobed apparent arrant audacious blatant blunt bold brash brassy brazen candid clear flagrant frank glaring immodest impudent insolent manifest obvious palpable temerarious transparent unabashed unconcealed beggared bereaved cut off deprived destitute devoid dispossessed fleeced impoverished left without minus parted from robbed wanting without barefaced conspicuous crying flashy flaunting garish gaudy glitzy loud meretricious obtrusive ostentatious outright overbold prominent pronounced protrusive screaming shameless showy snazzy unblushing unmitigated caught endangered hands tied helpless in line of fire indefensible like a clay pigeon like a sitting duck on the line on the spot out on limb pigeon poor unarmed unguarded unprotected up the creek weak wide open bereft defenseless Naked clothes jewlery bling bling hold up robbery how brain-teaser closed book enigma mystery mystification poser problem puzzlement riddle why Gordian knot bewilderment cliffhanger conundrum crux cryptogram grabber knot mind-boggler mind-twister parable perplexity puzzle puzzler question question mark secret sphinx sticker stickler stumper teaser tough nut to crack twister account antecedent argument base bedrock call cause chapter and verse demonstration determinant dope evidence excuse factor footing foundation goods groundwork inducement info information infrastructure justification motive numbers occasion pretext proof rationale reason root seat straight stuff substratum test testimony trial underpinning wherefore whyfor abstruseness brainteaser braintwister charade chiller difficulty inscrutability inscrutableness mindboggler occult oracle rebus rune secrecy subtlety thriller whodunit affidavit attestation averment case certification clincher clue confirmation corroboration credentials criterion cue data deposition documents establishment exhibit facts grounds lowdown nitty-gritty paper trail picture reasons record scoop score skinny smoking gun substantiation testament trace validation verification warrant witness basis consideration design end goal idea impetus incentive motivation object purpose spring target ulterior motive why and wherefore Why questions outlets time condums albinos not beer touché define I'm 'im i&39;m words dictionary inject slam bang imessage text message sms mms apple bbm iphone ipad itouch skeptic pagan heathen infidel believer agnostic atheist gentile heretic nonworshiper unbeliever doubter freethinker iconoclast idolater idolist paganist pantheist polytheist scoffer apostate cynic disbeliever dissenter doubting Thomas materialist misanthrope misbeliever nihilist pessimist profaner questioner rationalist libertine nonbeliever Atheist athiest atheism infidels non-believers logic religion belief science philosophy dogmatic bigoted racist blind inclined leaning narrow extreme partisan sexist fair biased myopic partial angled false falsified jaundiced misrepresented one-sided perverted prejudiced prepossessed tampered with tendentious warped arbitrary arrogant assertive bullheaded categorical cocksure confident definite despotic determined dictative doctrinaire domineering downright egotistical emphatic fanatical fascistic formal high and mighty imperious intolerant magisterial narrow-minded obdurate obstinate overbearing peremptory pigheaded stiff-necked stubborn tenacious tyrannical unequivocal wrong-headed bugged burning contumacious credulous devoted enthusiastic erratic fervent feverish fiery frenzied headstrong high on immoderate impassioned impulsive incorrigible infatuated mad monomaniacal nuts for obsessed obsessive opinionated passionate possessed rabid radical raving single-minded turned on unruly violent visionary wild willful zealous discriminatory unbalanced unequal unethical uneven unjust circumscribed closed confined contracted cut off detached illiberal inward-looking isolated limited parochial petty provincial restricted secluded separate separated sequestered absorbed affected attentive attracted awakened caught drawn eat sleep and breathe engrossed enticed excited fascinated fired gone hooked implicated impressed inspired inspirited intent into involved keen lured moved occupied on the case open predisposed responsive roused sold stimulated stirred struck sympathetic taken touched colored inequitable insular interested feminist Feminist egalitarian egalitarianism equality women men intelligent progressive open-minded understanding freedom fighter feminism gender equality politics historical pro-girl guys hangin out chauvinist anti-sexist square straight feminist movement sexism women&39;s rights the great cause bitch feminazi message jennie lesbian whore face reproduction rights equal pay for equal work need wish yen fancy hate hatred plenty privation defect dearth famine neediness scarcity indigence absence exigency paucity poverty poorness default shortage penury pauperism enough wealth excess require prefer crave choose hunger covet pine hanker lust yearn long aspire ache thirst itch for spurn have call for demand miss starve be poor deficiency drought inadequacy insufficiency lack omission unavailability void want address angle attempt cast concentrate contemplate design direct endeavor essay fix focus intend level mean plan propose purpose set one's sights on sight slant steer strive target train try zero in on zoom in be ambitious be eager desire dream pursue seek struggle ask alms benefit bite brace bum burn buzz cadge call on call upon chisel clamor for dime up ding freeload hit up hustle knock live hand to mouth mendicate mooch nick nickel up panhandle pass the hat put the bite on put the touch on score scrounge solicit charity sponge sponge on tap touch ask for inquire involve necessitate occasion request suggest be crazy about be fond of cherish enjoy find congenial hold dear like love prize respect take to aim beg care Want wan-t wan't choice freewill will schopenhauer wat ant wannt mother mom mum mommy fulfill feed chew dine inhale bite nibble ingest attack devour pick swallow scarf snack cram absorb scoff dispatch graze wolf bolt sup nosh gorge ruminate munch banquet digest fall to pig out put away take in lunch have for peck at pork out abstain open build drain gnaw spill decay melt vanish rot rust hoard unite grow save appear arrive annoy bait bug bully eat give the business goad harass harry hassle heckle hound importune insist on needle nudge pester plague ride tease torment work on champ chaw chaw on chomp clamp crunch crush cut hold lacerate masticate nip pierce pinch rend seize sever snap take a chunk out of taste tooth wound afflict aggravate agitate alarm badger bedevil bore browbeat carp at concern cross discommode disconcert disgust dismay displease disquiet distress disturb embarrass exacerbate exasperate grate on grieve hinder hurt impede inconvenience insult intrude upon irk irritate molest nag pain perplex perturb pick on provoke pursue put out scare spite tantalize taunt trouble upset vex worry annihilate break bulldoze burst crack decimate defeat devastate dilapidate dismantle flatten gobble up knock down level obliterate overthrow overturn pulverize put in toilet raze ruin sink smash take apart take out tear down torpedo total trash undo wax wipe off map wrack wreck Hoover appreciate be engrossed by be preoccupied bolt down chow down delight in destroy do compulsively do voraciously drink in enjoy exhaust feast on feed on gloat over go through gobble gulp guzzle imbibe partake of polish off ravage rejoice in relish revel in scarf down spend stuff take use up waste wipe out wolf down chymify consume dissolve incorporate macerate bother demolish to eat money make money dinero cake cheese cheddar their Their The IRS pronoun grammar his or her his her there they&39;re english irs the irs thief theives theirs its charlie&39;s friendly&39;s loaf mass slab lump bar brick cake chunk cube hunk ingot oblong piece section segment slice solid square candy dainty jam pastry sweet clabber clot concrete condense curdle dry freeze gel gelate gelatinate gelatinize glob up harden indurate jell jellify jelly refrigerate set solidify stiffen thicken confection cookie frozen dessert frozen treat fruit ice cream last course pie pudding sweet course tart amalgamate anneal bake brace buttress calcify callous cement close coagulate compact congeal consolidate contract crystallize densify firm fix fortify fossilize gird nerve ossify petrify precipitate press reinforce settle starch steel strengthen temper toughen vitrify bun dough roll twist block dessert Cake cakes portal orange box half life betty crocker fat juicy ass shawty luke hemmings calum hood 5sos 5 seconds of summer bromance
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