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President, DP Tell Off Governor Ruto And Other Jubilee Dissenters

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has moved in to tame the raging disquiet within the Jubilee coalition in the South Rift by reading the riot Act to Bomet governor Isaac ...


BOMET APOLLO KAMAU Rift valley Isaac Ruto Uhuru Kenyatta Uhuru kenyatta in Bomet CEO boss leader premier chief executive officer chief of state commander in chief head of state person in charge prime minister president Nussy President advise announce confess declare disclose explain express inform instruct mention notify order report reveal say speak state summon acquaint apprise authorize bid command direct divulge enjoin impart leak level proclaim recite represent require utter break the news call upon clue in fill in give facts give out keep posted lay open leave word let in on let know let slip make known open up put before reel off spit it out ask be quiet conceal deny disavow hide keep secret question secrete suppress withhold deceive keep mislead estimate figure guess listen misunderstand portray recount relate depict rehearse chronicle give an account of set forth see identify know learn discriminate recognize clinch discover perceive comprehend deduce differentiate determine ascertain distinguish divine find out make out be sure know for certain misinterpret miss confuse overlook mix up count weigh register militate have effect have force make presence felt make presence known take effect take its toll ignore compute reckon tally number tale enumerate numerate count one by one subtract accustom bring out clue come out with enlighten familiarize fix up get together habituate intro introduce knock down make familiar post present tell warn misrepresent hold back falsify delude acquainting admit accept accord acquiesce adopt affirm agree allow approve avow bare bring to light communicate concede concur confide confirm consent cop a plea credit expose go into details grant indicate let let on narrate own own up permit profess spill subscribe to talk tolerate uncover unveil yield repel expel dismiss cover argue differ disagree decline oppose gainsay confute shut oust exclude eject debar prevent disown object sell protest dissent disallow dispute reject refuse disapprove repudiate invalidate contradict veto admits admitted admitting Tell Nussy Tells outside absent finished postponed slight slim inoperative negligible not employed not on duty on vacation slender small unavailable here present slack quiet disappointing sour displeasing bad poor putrid rancid rotten substandard unsatisfactory low-quality disheartening decomposed turned mortifying not up to par not up to snuff unrewarding elsewhere ahead far over aside below out vanishing removed above afar behind beneath beside divergent up front disappearing away from farther away gone away in the distance not here to one side turning aside close astray adrift afield amiss awry gone lost off off course off the mark roaming straying vanished wandering wrong straight right away abroad apart beyond distant far afield far away far off far remote forth from here hence not present out of out of the way moldy spoiled undecayed true just upright good profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous worthy virtuous reputable honest pleasant badder baddest begone depart hightail leave scat scoot scram shoo skiddoo vamoose Nussy OFF Off administrator boss chief commander comptroller controller director executive head leader manager overseer ruler superintendent supervisor chief of state gubernatorial leader guv head honcho presiding officer employee follower worker CEO president ambassador authority bureaucrat captain chair chairperson consul custodian dean exec front office governor head person inspector judge mayor minister officer official organizer person upstairs premier prez producer authorities bible arbiter aristocrat big cheese big shot big wig brains brass buff city hall connoisseur czar egghead establishment expert feds guru ivory dome kingfish kingpin law power elite pro professional professor pundit scholar specialist textbook top brass top dog top hand upstairs veteran virtuoso whiz wizard greenhorn rookie student amateur proletariat ignoramus big gun big wheel bigwig chieftain dictator foreperson general honcho key player monarch overlord principal proprietor ringleader sovereign suzerain top cat underling subordinate servant apprentice big person executive officer helmer player skipper top person directors Governor Nussy governors rut ruts auto ruth run to Ruto Nussy rutoes Rutoes ruto along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with additionally and plus again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Nussy And? And's alternative more new another auxiliary else extra farther fresh further spare supplementary coinciding included related same similar diverse separate contrasting disparate dissimilar distant distinct divergent opposite otherwise remaining unequal unlike unrelated variant unalike additional added affixed appended increased on the side option other over-and-above padding perk necessary back-up druthers opportunity other fish in sea other fish to fry pick preference recourse redundancy selection sub substitute take it or leave it restraint constraint obligation necessity compulsion rejection alternatives a distinct a further a separate one more some other that different another story atypical bizarre discrete especial express extraordinary individual novel original out of the ordinary particular peculiar rare several singular something else special specialized specific startling strange uncommon unconventional unique unusual various conventional correspondent uniform general ordinary regular normal familiar common united unified harmonious resembling homogeneous alike like unimportant commonplace indefinite usual standard in addition Other others Others shindig bash blowout ceremony convention festival gathering hoopla party rally revelry wingding jamboree joy pride celebration festivity merriment exultation elation rejoicing jubilance jubilation exultance reveling failure unhappiness loss forfeit disaster sorrow sadness triumph carousal frolic merrymaking joviality hullabaloo gala spree blast wassail fair circus rout fete exposition heyday bacchanal masquerade fiesta saturnalia conviviality orgy Mardi Gras amusement park jollification ragbag feasting carny grind show side show street fair carnival observance anniversary birthday performance gaiety remembrance recognition magnification hilarity glorification keeping honoring memorialization solemnization feast competition holiday commemoration entertainment treat festivities field day recurrence red-letter day feast day recess vacation break layoff leave liberty holy day day of rest few days off gone fishing long weekend continuation anniversaries jubilee celebrations Jubilee Nussy protester skeptic heretic nonconformist objector rebel separatist apostate backslider defector deserter dissenter rat recreant renegade turncoat faithful loyalist adherent demonstrator agitator boycotter disrupter marcher picketer radical revolter revolutionary rioter striker troublemaker dissident misbeliever recusant schismatic schismatist sectary yes-man free spirit New Ager beatnik bohemian eccentric flower child free thinker gonzo hippie maverick original iconoclast critic cynic denouncer image-breaker non-conformist nonbeliever questioner revolutionist ruiner sceptic unbeliever believer insurrectionary anarchist antagonist demagogue disectarian experientialist experimenter frondeur guerrilla independent individualist innovator insurgent insurrectionist malcontent mutineer nihilist opponent overthrower 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trench Valley Nussy Valleys ascared alacrity ascot is carried sacred secret is true to acarid discrete inaccurate accrued secrete is accord insecurity dis crete escort escrow is cross security agorot scared is curious in secret accurate aspire to is afraid in accurate is erect ascribe to is a guest is married is racked ask about in security is inaccurate is equal to is going to sac usage is at is sick sic usas sack saga usa ask is back is sad asap us a disc aas arc sag sec abaca abc adc atc basic inc ism isp mosaic assay essay is air issue esq is awe is par isobar asea sage sake sark scar soak isle is same visage estoc is in is of is on is to is up u s a is case is a par is ease is akin is mark u.s.a. is eager is ears ice age is near is big is edge u s a s u.s.a.s u. s. a. u. s. a. s Isaac Nussy unregenerate un regenerate hackneyed originate originator originated arrogant are kind to usury hurry augury hire uhhuh uh huh hairy hurray inure usurer aura euro hare here hero hora uhoh ecru 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