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President Trump receives equivalent of $800M in free advertising, report shows

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President Trump received the equivalent of more than $800 million in free advertising during his first month in office, due to the unprecedented media attention surrounding his young and controversial administration, a report released Monday showed.#UnprecedentedMediaAttention #PresidentBarackObama #MediaResearchFirm #OnlineNewsWebsites #PresidentTrump #SenTedCruz #FreeAdvertising #NewYorkTimes #ControversialAdministration #NearestCompetitorIf you don't like my channel, please skip my channel. Thanks very much!Some video random from our channel may you like:►‘Stranger Things’ boasts everything from coughed-up slugs to eerie alternate worlds — so why aren’t you tuning in? : https://youtu.be/Rz6bu5BEGpM►Mississippi police chief kills self moments after getting suspended : https://youtu.be/Cuq6XxPYSDA►Serial bank robber who wears many hats ordered held until trial despite suffering heroin withdrawal : https://youtu.be/Jw9u7P6uunU►SEE IT: Surveillance footage released of Las Vegas murder suspect Alonso Perez escaping police custody : https://youtu.be/8bfifBMt0CM►Las Vegas cops recapture man who escaped after killing father of four outside McDonald's restaurant : https://youtu.be/aEnn2LknDBA►Trump, not ISIS, is America’s greatest existential threat : https://youtu.be/h_TWSyDqKyQ►Chris Rock, Malaak Compton finalize divorce after 20 years of marriage : https://youtu.be/cOZ6CWswoGU►Actress Gina Rodriguez shaves her head — ‘Who I Am Is Not My F---ing Hair' : https://youtu.be/yeez4LLoPZQ►Natalie Portman admits that the French really are snooty : https://youtu.be/G3p6-17hxJ0►EXCLUSIVE: TLC prepares for Taxi TV's termination by testing tablets with Wi-Fi and valuable apps : https://youtu.be/9DXx_aeSzSE


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