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President Xi visits PLA base

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(30 Jun 2017) Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the People's Liberation Army base as part of his visit to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China on Friday.He was accompanied by a formidable layer of security as authorities braced for protests.The trip culminates on Saturday with Xi overseeing an inauguration ceremony for the Asian financial hub's new leader, Carrie Lam.You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/you... Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork


AP Archive 4104106 3eb2c50931d2febd50697d703714682f Hong Kong Xi Xi Jinping Carrie Lam Hong Kong China Greater China East Asia Government and politics premier leader boss CEO President admiral advisers board bureau cabinet chair chairperson chargé d'affaires command commander committee consulate department directors embassy executive executives feds front office general governing body headquarters legislature management ministry officers officials powers presidency presidium stewards superintendents supervisors top brass upstairs ambassador authority bureaucrat captain chief consul controller custodian dean director exec governor head head honcho head person inspector judge manager mayor minister officer official organizer overseer person upstairs prez producer superintendent supervisor administrator introducer moderator monitor presider principal prolocutor speaker spokesperson symposiarch big cheese big gun big wheel bigwig chieftain dictator foreperson honcho key player monarch overlord proprietor ringleader ruler sovereign suzerain top cat dignitary doyen ecclesiastic guide lead legislator pilot professor senior tack big shot businessperson capitalist company corporation entrepreneur establishment firm juice kingpin manufacturer meal ticket organization outfit owner patron slavedriver workers big cheese administration employer president stop stay call talk play hit see tour reside crash tarry chat dwell pop in listen ignore attack smite pain avenge afflict wreck punish impose wreak befall inflict assail trouble aid help access alight appear attain barge in blow in bob up breeze in bust in buzz check in clock in disembark dismount drop anchor drop in enter fall by fall in get to hit town land make it make the scene pop up pull in punch the clock reach report roll in show show up sign in sky in take place turn up visit wind up at be a guest be at be present be there catch come to light frequent go to haunt make an appearance punch in ring in sit in on time in appeal bidding command invitation notice order plea proposal request solicitation subpoena summons supplication babble bull session chatter conversation converse gab gas gossip heart-to-heart hot air jabber palaver prattle rap rap session tête-à-tête yak come over drop by look in look up meet pay a call run in step in stop by approach be in touch with check with connect get get ahold of get in touch with interact interface network phone reach out relate speak to telephone touch base write to arrive attend come by contact PLA plas Pla! 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call row screed scroll series statistics tally thesaurus ticket timetable vocabulary affidavit certification citation contract data diaries diploma documentation dossier grant identification papers indictment letter letters order passport plea subpoena summons visa voucher warrant will writ writings annal(s) depository document hong Hong Kong kong Kongs Jinping Carrie emerge depart skip duck elude slip pass vanish disappear blow avoid dodge run abscond decamp bolt shun flee desert fly elope double evade leave bail out break out cut loose get off make off burst out duck out get away run away run off slip away wait aid walk come stay face meet help stand stop AWOL abdication avoidance beat break breakout bypassing circumvention decampment deliverance departure desertion disappearance dodging ducking elopement elusion elusiveness eschewal evasion evasiveness extrication fadeout flight freedom hegira lam liberation out outbreak powder release rescue retreat runaround shunning sidestepping 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more important major Eastasia East Asia oriental eastern west east easterly eastward on the east side of the East Asia easts EAST the East Asia asia power ministry union state rule politics law regime control empire guidance sway regency polity command dominion the feds anarchy chaos coup mutiny revolt administering agency application authority charge conduct conducting directing direction dispensation disposition distribution enforcement execution governing government handling jurisdiction legislation order organization overseeing oversight performance policy provision regulation running strategy superintendence supervision surveillance ascendancy authorization beef clout credit domination edge esteem force goods guts influence juice jump leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizzazz pow powerhouse prerogative prestige punch right ropes say say-so steam strength strong arm stuff supremacy upper hand warrant weight what it takes whip hand word zap administration 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