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Pressure Pass with Steven "King Kong" Keinath @ Leviathan Academy Cleveland,Tennessee

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burden squeeze strain strength stress tension compression crushing encumbrance heaviness load mass shear squeezing thrust relaxation ease facility peace force hardship weight constraint influence power heat trouble adversity requirement distress clout hassle affliction coercion discipline misfortune persuasion sway duress crunch exigency drag confinement necessity press obligation hurry pull albatross compulsion unnaturalness choke urgency inside track pressure cooker full court press freedom comfort help impotence blessing benefit powerlessness unimportance health aid incapacity favor assistance advantage incompetence weakness push constrain compel insist sell rush drive impel come at politick lean on push around twist arm work over leave alone repress dissuade slow retard atmosphere air envelope heavens pressure sky substratosphere troposphere beat cadence cadency flow flutter measure meter oscillation palpitation pound pulsation pulse quake quiver rhyme rhythm ripple shake surge 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Pseudocoup WITH seven striven stern stave staving stein stiffen stive stiving stove art even sloven stamen starve staved staves stived stives stolen stoves gat even seton stone tavern sitten most even sterner wast even set in set on stun get even got even sate in sate on step in step on Steven Pseudocoup king koing long gong bong dong song ko'ing kenthi kent hi kith kent zenith beneath neath ninth be neath jonah inearth king kens kins keynote quinate ken kenthis kin giant kiner koing keen kine genial gent kind kink quinta girth kent his in earth ko'ing take an oath Keinath Pseudocoup colossal enormous gargantuan gigantic immense large massive monstrous monumental prodigious vast giant high behemothic elephantine jumbo long mighty mountainous stupendous titanic common insignificant little miniature miniscule minute ordinary small teeny tiny mammoth huge humongous towering tremendous big whopping heavyweight super-colossal super-duper dwarfed unimportant great magnificent extensive bulky gross immeasurable lusty monster planetary cyclopean walloping mondo outsize oversize narrow limited poor short dwarf minor devil freak behemoth horror demon beast villain whale savage mutant titan ogre colossus brute barbarian abnormality hellion fiend monstrosity dragon centaur phoenix werewolf Frankenstein miscreation lusus naturae angel humanitarian god Loch Ness monster giant squid hydra kraken oarfish sea serpent mountain whopper hulk bulk elephant Hercules cyclops polypheme Goliath Gargantua Samson Godzilla cetacean runt midget leviathan giants Leviathan Pseudocoup boarding school institute prep school secondary school seminary brainery finishing school halls of ivy military school preparatory school foundation federation association league circle alliance fraternity council alma mater academy college institution old school place of graduation place of matriculation university class colloquium course course of study division form grade homeroom lecture group line quiz group recitation room Round Table section seminar session study study group subdivision subject whole classes asylum business clinic company conservatory establishment fixture guild hospital orphanage school society system think tank institutions Academy Pseudocoup levelheadedness level headedness color blindness jack of lanterns
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