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Prohibit smoking in NHS facility facilities

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Prohibit smoking in NHS facility facilitiesLast week the UK Public Health Executive Chairman Duncan Selbie wrote to all NHS centers urging them to impose total bans on their premises, even though a quarter of patients smoke.The stance of Royal Bournemouth has provoked criticism from anti-smoking groups, which have pointed out that tobacco causes 50 times more deaths each year than road accidents. If we ban smoking in our facilities altogether, as we have tried, it pushes staff, patients and visitors to smoke near major roads throughout the hospital, which endangers their personal safety, especially at night.Nearby Poole Hospital is also allowing smokers to continue lighting a cigarette at their premises in designated shelters away from the main hospital buildings. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which establishes a guideline for clinical practice, states that hospital facilities, including motives, should remain smoke-free.An article in the British Medical Journal last month argued that allowing patients to smoke was a form of collusion and misplaced sympathy on the part of hospital staff. Smoking continues to be the leading cause of preventable premature death in Britain dying more than 100,000 people a year compared to less than 2,000 who die from road traffic accidents.#smoke #weed #marijuana #hookah #smoking #cannabis #high #love #free #pot #for#NHS #patients


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