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Projecting the 2017 MLB season

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USA TODAY Sports has released its projected win totals for the 2017 MLB season.


5314266516001 SMGV Cleveland Indians San Diego Padres American League los angeles dodgers New York Mets boston red sox new york yankees texas rangers al smgvyoutube san francisco giants Toronto Blue Jays Chicago Cubs National League USA Today Sports wibbitz nl astros mlb jutting proud salient gibbous prominent extruding protruding protrusive bulging busy forward impertinent importunate interfering intrusive meddlesome meddling nosy noticeable officious presumptuous prognathous projecting protuberant prying sticking out arresting beetling easily seen embossed extended extrusive eye-catching flashy hanging out hilly in the foreground marked obtrusive obvious outstanding pronounced raised relieved remarkable rough rugged shooting out signal standing out striking to the fore unmistakable arrestive conspicuous famous impressive moving notable pertinent significant weighty drooping fastened to overhanging pendent pendulous suspended swaying swinging aligning banding bounding charting circumscribing delimiting delineating depicting designing diagramming drafting drawing drawing up girdling mapping planning plotting tracing coincidental extending overlying super-imposed hanging outlining overlapping Projecting comic sudden tense affecting breathtaking climactic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking suspenseful the histrionical The 2017 MLB mlb summer fall period winter time term spring spell autumn while lace pep salt cook plain inure fit steel train soften weaken flex acclimatize accommodate acculture accustom climatize conform get used to habituate harden season toughen acculturate acquaint adapt familiarize brush with liquid drip grease lard adjust awaken to become adept in become aware of break the ice bring into use case check out coach come to know condition enlighten gain friendship get in get lay of land get lowdown on get to know 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sermonizer ancestor begetter forebearer origin parent predecessor procreator progenitor source clergyman confessor churchman/woman clergyman/woman clergyperson father confessor man of God man of the cloth bible thumper churchman devil dodger harp polisher sky pilot sky scout turn-around collar Padre PADRE Padres American League American Americans -American americans group club union gang ring unit bunch crew circle outfit band mob pool guild order loop disunion class status level grade rank tier concur unite ally divide part alliance association council federation foundation fraternity institute league amalgamation banding together cahoots clan coalition combination confederation conjunction connection crowd hookup incorporation joining merging partnership relationship syndicate tie-in accord affiliation affinity betrothal bond coherence collaboration collusion communion compact concord concurrence confederacy congruity consanguinity cooperation engagement entente fraternization friendship interrelation kinship marriage matrimony membership mutuality pact participation relation support tie treaty affiliate blend bracket combine conjoin correlate couple identify join link lump together mix pair relate think of together yoke clique combo company congress cooperative corporation family fellowship organization rat pack society sodality sorority tie-up tribe troops troupe zoo amalgamate belt coadjute consolidate federate gather merge team academy associate League Los Angeles Dodgers flat line LOS imaginary line scrimmage line line of scrimmage Los løs L.O.S. los Angele angeles Angeles Ángeles hypocrite trickster impostor rascal crook swindler rogue charlatan quack decoy jockey bluff sharper shyster deceiver chiseler defrauder fake pretender cozener enticer inveigler shark scammer dodger conniver defector runaway deserter refugee outcast escapee exile recluse outlaw stray waif vagabond derelict truant hermit émigré runagate evacuee walkout bolter escaper loafer idler forger thief cheater clip cheat operator sharp grifter rook fraud mechanic gouger slicker philanthropist smoothie leaflet flier bilk con artist confidence operator double-crosser double-dealer masquerader escaped prisoner hunted person jail-breaker displaced person fly-by-night transient goof-off shirker absconder confidence artist counterfeiter falsifier four-flusher mountebank scoundrel crafty fellow crafty rascal opportunist fugitive malingerer Artful Dodger Dodgers dodgers New York Mets late modern unusual current strange unique recent latest modish novel now topical unknown unlike untried unused virgin dewy like usual future worn old normal common past fresh other more another else extra farther further added improved altered changed renewed revived newly anew affixed appended increased new on the side option over-and-above padding perk spare supplementary afresh another time come again de novo from scratch from the beginning in a different way in a new way lately once again once more one more time over over again recently a distinct a further a separate one more some other that beat experimental head hip innovative lead leading-edge liberal new wave pioneering progressive radical state-of-the-art vanguard dubious flaky mostly working pre-release suspect testing unready bare barren clean empty pale plain spotless uncompleted unfilled unmarked untouched vacant vacuous virginal void white additional avant-garde beta blank N.E.W. york York mets Mets met suck choke phillies mlb history new york city nyc collapse new york city shit yankees Boston Red Sox Boston Red-Sox boston red sox Beantown Puritan City the Hub boston Boston bahston collegetown amazing eastern wind tunnel best city new york nyc beantown barston bosox little ireland anti-ny the best place ever eastern wind tunnel massachusetts usa band rock roll hard arena 1970 1980 cold north red sox irish tourist haters rose maroon pink cherry brick blush rust florid rosy ruddy coral wine copper russet puce 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warden trooper Mounties army bowlegs chasseurs cuirassiers dragoons horse horse soldiers hussars lancers mounted troops rangers squadron uhlans Green Berets commandos elite troops guerrilla troops paratroops rapid deployment force shock troops storm troops adventurer beachcomber bum drifter explorer floater gad gadabout gallivanter globe-trotter gypsy itinerant meanderer nomad pilgrim rambler ranger roamer rolling stone straggler stray stroller traveler vagabond vagrant voyager administrator bodyguard caretaker curator custodian deacon dogcatcher gamekeeper governor guard guardian jailer/jailor janitor keeper officer overseer prison head skipper superintendent watchdog watchkeeper detective flagger lookout observer patrol picket police officer scout security guard security officer sentinel sentry signaller spotter spy ward watch watcher forest manager forester cavalry special forces wanderer forest ranger Ranger Rangers San Francisco Giants san Sans sans without pseudo-hip mundane trite popular Francisco francisco titan ogre hulk bulk whale jumbo runt Gargantua Godzilla Hercules Samson behemoth cyclops giant goliath leviathan mammoth Frankenstein abnormality barbarian beast brute centaur colossus demon devil dragon fiend freak hellion horror lusus naturae miscreation monstrosity mutant phoenix savage villain werewolf monster specter troll dwarf gnome goblin hobgoblin kobold leprechaun mythical creature giants Giant Giants toronto blue jays Toronto Blue Jays toronto Toronto royal azure navy indigo cobalt beryl teal joyful joyous upbeat gay happy clean decent low moody dismal fed up gloomy glum unhappy rich dirty bawdy lewd racy salty shady smutty spicy wicked blue cheap coarse erotic gross indecent indecorous indelicate lascivious lecherous libidinous licentious lustful obscene off-color prurient ribald risqué rude salacious suggestive alkali brackish water deep drink marinade ocean pickling solution preservative saline salt water sea water sodium chloride 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prize sap pushover scapegoat sitting duck soft touch trusting soul easy mark Jay Jays beast haus hotstuff awesome amazing j-ay jai jayson sexy funny gorgoeus hilarious loyal hot perfect boy lovely sweet handsome love gentleman Chicago Cubs chicago cubs Chicago Cubs constantly 1908 success team cubs chicago white sox mlb baseball bears bulls blackhawks fans wrigley wrigley field wrigleyville loop bars old style waveland avenue major league baseball lou pinella boss world series win lovable losers 2009 cubbies curse goat bartman windy city lakeview ernie banks starlin castro Chi Chi-town Second City the Loop Chicago chicago whelp adolescent anklebiter babe baby bairn bambino brat cherub chick cub descendant dickens imp infant innocent issue juvenile kid kiddie lamb little angel little darling little doll little one minor mite moppet neonate nestling newborn nipper nursling offspring preteen progeny pubescent shaver small fry sprout squirt stripling suckling tadpole teen teenager 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novice Cubs cubs Cub baseball chicago fans loyal obsessed best chicago cubs potent win great blue pinstripes pimps winners whit sox world series champs best team in chicago cougar relationship cougars younger older dating cooger cougr sex hot cubb dateing embarrass humiliate chagrin &39;barrassed &39;barr little &39;barr national league National League communal civil ethnic domestic internal social public royal general state sweeping home imperial native inland politic societal federal local John/Jane Q. 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US of A Columbia Land of Liberty New World USA land of opportunity the States United States usa new recent mod now latest extant future old past current stylish novel present fresh last word late modish prevalent contempo neoteric with-it passe away pronto soon PDQ at once later coeval prompt being modern started begun instant ad hoc already immediate topical existent commenced nowadays even now going on just now former far absent nonce shortly anon directly never latter young newborn advanced timely hot trendy newest existing abreast au courant hot off press in fashion in vogue just out leading-edge newfangled present-day red-hot state-of-the-art today ultramodern up-to-date up-to-the-minute voguish with it à la mode avant-garde coincident concomitant concurrent contemporary cutting-edge latter-day modernistic modernized new-fashioned prevailing any more at the moment at this moment at this time first off forthwith here and now immediately in a minute in a moment in nothing flat instanter instantly like now momentarily on the double promptly right away right now straightaway these days this day contemporaneous for the time being in duration in process under consideration present moment the time being this time before long before you know it by and by down the line down the pike down the road in a short time pretty soon without delay presently Today fun pastime game play ball picnic disport gaiety action frolic games work teasing jest scorn jesting mockery banter joke jollity mirth kidding mummery praise gloom target buffoon butt mock jestee don model distraction diversion entertainment hobby interest lark prank recreation sport amateur animal challenger competitor contender contestant games player gorilla iron person jock jockey muscle person player professional shoulders sportsperson superjock come on strong display exhibit expose flash gesture parade raise shake show show off swing threaten throw weight around trot out warn wield escapade gag gambol high jinks hop hot foot jump leap mischief monkeyshines practical joke put on revel rib rollick shenanigan stunt tomfoolery trick caper caracole carry on cut loose cut up dance fool around frisk go places and do things horse around horseplay monkey around romp roughhouse antagonism athletic event bout candidacy championship clash concours contention controversy counteraction do or die dog eat dog emulation encounter engagement event fight go for it go for the gold horse race jungle match matchup meeting one on one one-upping opposition pairing off puzzle quiz race racing rat race rivalry run strife striving struggle tilt tournament trial tug-of-war warfare amusement athlete brandish cavort competition sports Sports spahts spots football basketball baseball hockey nascar Astro Astros astro ASTRO chill cool astra-hoes you want to be us get over yourselves astros baseball houston texas stros berkman bagwell biggio national league kpop fantagio moonbin jinjin rocky eunwoo sanha tight raw sick ill fresh dope sweet wicked gnarly awesome fly phat dance dance moves pointy finger dance drunken finger dance mad dance skillz asstros third rate mismanaged no excuse pitiful mlb MLB baseball major league fun americas pastime friendly nice summer sunny real teams: angels indians rockies devil rays twins royals etc. professional baseball baseball league world series fall classic
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