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Pruitt: The U.S. has 'nothing to be apologetic about' after leaving Paris climate deal

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EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt defended President Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate accord on June 2 at the White House.


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  Pruitt: The U.S. has 'nothing to be apologetic about' after leaving Paris climate deal   Pruitt: US has nothing to be apologetic about   Pruitt: U.S. Has Nothing To Be Apologetic About   Trump administration defends Paris pullout amid outpouring of support for the climate pact   EPA chief defends Paris decision (entire event)   EPA chief defends Paris decision (entire event)   FULL: EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Addresses Paris Climate Deal at White House Press Briefing FNN   Trump administration officials says Paris climate deal hampered U.S. economy   Scott Pruitt: American Carbon Reductions Predate Paris Deal (Full) | Meet The Press | NBC News   President Trump announces U.S. will withdraw from Paris climate deal   "Aren't You and Trump Protecting Horse & Buggy Business Instead of Cars"?   Five effects of US pullout from Paris climate deal   EPA Scott Pruitt Paris climate agreement   Pruitt: U.S. Has Nothing To Be Apologetic About   EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: 'Absolutely' be concerned about climate change   Pruitt: U.S. Has Nothing To Be Apologetic About   EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: 'Absolutely' be concerned about climate change   EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt addresses press after climate pact pullout   White House defends decision to back out of Paris climate deal   Sean Spicer Scott Pruitt White House press briefing Paris Climate Trump   EPA Head Scott Pruitt Refuses To Answer If Donald Trump Believes In Climate Change | NBC News   Paris Climate Deal: US officially tells UN it wants out of accord   Trump pulls U.S. out of climate pact   EPA Chief Pruitt: Trump put America’s interests first   Pruitt, Tapper spar over climate deal decision   Scott Pruitt Refuses To Say Whether Trump Believes in Climate Change 6/2/17   EPA Chief Scott Pruitt still won't say if President Trump believes climate change is a hoax   Trump to withdraw US from Paris pact on global warming   EPA chief: Paris climate withdrawal is about putting 'America First'   New US environment boss does not believe carbon dioxide contributes to global warming   Scott Pruitt White House Press Briefing 6/2/17 Paris & Climate Change   Pruitt on withdrawing from the Paris climate deal   Donald Trump dumps Paris climate deal   Leaving Paris climate deal would be 'damaging' to Trump's legacy: US negotiator   George Stephanopoulos GRILLS Trump EPA Chief Scott Pruitt on Climate Change and the Paris Accord   🔴See Who Still Has Secretly Active House Email Account After Leaving Office, You’ll Be Surprised   Montini: That guy with the colander is onto something   EPA's Pruitt: Paris deal was bad business for America   Fighting 'Islamist terror' France's top priority: Macron   EPA's Pruitt: Paris deal was bad business for America   Fighting 'Islamist terror' France's top priority: Macron   Scott Pruitt: Paris Climate Deal Put US At Economic Disadvantage (Full) | Morning Joe | MSNBC   Chuck Todd GRILLS Trump EPA Chief Scott Pruitt on Climate Change and the Paris Accord   Trump pulls US out of Paris climate change deal   The arguments for and against Trump pulling from the climate deal   Trump says US to withdraw from Paris climate deal   EU's Juncker vows 'no backsliding' on Paris deal   EPA chief Scott Pruitt praises Trump for climate pact pullout   EPA chief: US has nothing to apologize for   Paris climate deal: Donald Trump pulls US out of 2015 accord   California, China Sign Climate Deal   EPA Chief Scott Pruitt still won't say if President Trump believes climate change is a hoax   Highlights: EPA Admin. discusses withdrawal from Paris climate accord   Van Jones: 'So, so much wrong' with EPA chief's explanation   Modi tells Macron India will 'go beyond' Paris climate accord   Macron Reacts To President Trump Paris Climate Agreement Pull Out (FULL)   Mining group to support pulling out of Paris after meeting with Pruitt   Does Trump Believe Climate Change Is A Hoax   G7 Summit: World leaders divided on climate issue   White House Admits Trump Makes His Decisions Like A Child   US faces isolation as Donald Trump readies Paris pact pullout   World reacts to Donald Trumps Paris Agreement pullout   Sean Spicer Press Conference on Trump's Withdrawal From Paris Climate Agreement 6/2/17   Climate Change Report vs. EPA Chief Scott Pruitt | The New York Times   Joe And Willie Press Scott Pruitt On Climate Change And Human Impact | Morning Joe | MSNBC   LIVE: Trump poised to pull the U.S. out of Paris climate deal   Trump decides to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement   LIVE: Trump poised to pull the U.S. out of Paris climate deal   Former UN climate chief: Green energy here to stay   Climate action 'unstoppable', nations should stay the course: UN   Climate change: What you need to know about the Paris Agreement   "Does Trump believe if climate change is real or a "HOAX" EPA Director Pruitt answers questions   Trump announces US is pulling out of Paris climate deal | All InOne News   France Continues to Rip US Over Climate Deal   EPA Chief Scott Pruitt says that people exaggerate climate change

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