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Puppy found with muzzle taped, weighted chain wrapped around his neck



FOX 26 News reporter Randy Wallace.


animal dog pup canine coxcomb dandy fop whelp boy buck cadet chap child dude fellow gamin guy half-pint junior lad little guy little shaver master punk puppy runt schoolboy shaver small fry sonny sprout squirt stripling tadpole whippersnapper youngster youth girl boys bitch bowwow cur doggy fido flea bag hound mongrel mutt pooch stray tail-wagger tyke cub wimp baby caitiff chicken chicken heart chicken liver coward cream puff crybaby daisy featherweight fraidy-cat jellyfish lily liver loser milksop namby-pamby pansy pantywaist pushover scaredy-cat schlemiel sissy wuss wussy yellow belly chick fledgling juvenile juvenile delinquent kid lass little kid moppet pupil sapling snotnose kid student teenager teenybopper urchin young adult young person elder teacher professor adult Puppy puppies begin construct create erect establish form initiate launch organize plant raise settle start commence constitute endow fashion fix inaugurate institute originate get going ring in settle up start the ball rolling start up break complete conclude confuse demolish destroy die disestablish disorder disorganize end finish ignore neglect raze ruin stop unsettle upset cease support stay build predicate bottom rest sustain root rear ground decrease base depend derive found hinge locate prop set up station move leave basing bed embed implant insert bedded began activate actualize break ground break the ice bring about bring to pass cause drive effect embark on enter on enter upon eventuate generate give birth to give impulse go ahead go into impel induce instigate introduce lay foundation for lead make make active motivate mount occasion open plunge into prepare produce set about set in motion trigger undertake discourage check halt close lose fail consummate repress dissuade prevent Found along alongside amidst among beside for including near plus upon accompanying concomitant with additionally also as companion as well at same time besides coupled with furthermore in addition to likewise moreover side by side simultaneously too far separate apart by all of by the whole of in association with in connection with in the class of in the company of mutually out of together with with one another outside away from a step from abreast of adjacent to adjoining aside at the edge of at the side of bordering on cheek by jowl close at hand close to close upon connected with contiguous to fornent in juxtaposition nearby neck and neck neighboring next door to nigh opposite overlooking round verging on at the hand of in the name of over supported by through through the agency of through the medium of under the aegis of via with the assistance of along with among other things as well as counting in conjunction with inclusive of made up of not to mention rejecting excluding W.I.T.H. 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NECK Necks
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