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Queen Elizabeth Officially Approves of Brexit, Gives T. May Royal Assent to Start EU Negotiations

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UK Telegraph: While Queen Elizabeth has refrained from discussing the Brexit debate, Prime Minister Theresa May said earlier this week the queen would give her Royal Assent and allow the negotiations to proceed.Queen Elizabeth has cleared the way for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. The queen gave her Royal Assent Thursday for the so-called Brexit, a move that allows Prime Minister Theresa May to move forward with official negotiations with the EU.British lawmakers approved a notification of withdrawal bill Monday that allowed London to alert Brussels that the break-up is really happening after nearly a year of debate and delays. The notification means the U.K. now has two years to negotiate the terms for its departure. May has called London's exit from the EU a "defining moment" for the country. It's unlikely to be a smooth process. The U.K. wants a free trade deal with the remaining 27 members of the EU, but economic powerhouses such as Germany and France could put up a fight in order to deter other European leaders, including politicians at home, from considering their own exit.


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