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Glenn Beck speaks at a fundraiser for the Gush Katif museum in Jerusalem.


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WITH daring courage chutzpah bravery nerve fear aggressiveness aplomb arrogance assuredness audacity boldness certainty certitude conviction coolness effrontery faith firmness impudence poise positiveness presumption security self-confidence self-reliance sureness surety temerity trust adventurousness audaciousness dauntlessness enterprise fearlessness guts intrepidity rashness valor venturesomeness backbone balls brass gall spine assurance brashness cool dash determination elan faith in oneself fortitude grit hardihood heart mettle morale pluck reliance resoluteness resolution self-possession spirit spunk tenacity élan affront back talk big talk bravado brazenness call cartel challenge command confrontation contempt contrariness contumacy dare defy enjoinder factiousness gas hot air impugnment insolence insubordination insurgence insurgency intractableness lip muster opposition order perversity provocation rebellion rebelliousness recalcitrance revolt sass spite stump summons throwing of the gauntlet unruliness constancy decision dedication doggedness dogmatism drive energy firm-ness independence indomitability obstinacy persistence purpose purposefulness resolve single-mindedness steadfastness stiff upper lip stubbornness willpower confidence defiance Glenn Beck glenn beck glennbeck suck shit bull crap ass glennbecking neo-con michael moore madonna rape murder 1990 glenbeck stupid conservative bullshit liar etc. etc. fox news coverage mangina creampie fecal estrogen man-tits fair and balanced cnn media cvoverage fox news cathy cable news glenn Glenn rill run creek burn river brook tide rush flow spate surge flood drift race beck branch rindle rivulet runnel streamlet watercourse course estuary stream tributary current freshet spritz torrent Beck GBTV rush run jet flow spew pour well roll trickle rave effuse prate blather babble chatter prattle jabber enthuse apple polish brown-nose fall all over fawn gush kiss feet praise worship blab blubber blurt burble cackle 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